Monday, August 29, 2005

Black Krishna Gets Bitch-Slapped!


Brother .... I love ya! And I mean that with sincerity and respect !!!

I've been a fan of Alex Jones for 5 years now and when I started telling you about it quite some time ago you blew me off !!! :) I've got all of his movies.

I'm glowing here brother !!!!

But now that I've had that moment ... it's really good to hear you write that email mate!!!

It seems that our paths of truth took different routes, but we're both on our way to the same party :) After all, truth is only that.

Brother .... life is good ... I'm having a good summer, and I'm purifying my mind, body, and spirit just a little bit more every day - Kaizen!

Keep well, keep healthy, and keep me in the loop!

Peace and longevity my friend

"Cowardice asks the question - is it safe? Expediency asks the question - is it politic? Vanity asks the question - is it popular? But conscience asks the question - is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but one must take it because it is right."

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

heya spensei,

love you too brother, good to hear from you.

and yeah, sorry for being a bitch, my bad.

(and indulge or ignore, this is turning cathartically into a blog.)

i'm bowing...

now i'm trying to save other bitches in addition to the world...

i guess being "me" it's the soul of my mission: middle-class cocky motherfucker comes clean about his sins, and reveals the dark secrets of his clique. we get took 'cause we almost never really get shook: life is laid out for us to succeed, so we suck system-dick in a major way that makes us arrogantly ignorant... just like the Red States! :P

honestly, i've been on the Alex Jones tip for a while, but only in a more dedicated way recently with the next "9/11" coming soon - look at Bush's approval numbers, he needs it.

i felt i needed to work my way backwards again to connect-the-dots with others on "The Spectrum of the Left", and worked the soft-mushy-middle for the last election just because i knew the Left "base" had a better shot at reaching him if we put Kerry in power, and that most people were paranoid about anything that might scare off swing-votes.

it was a mistake.

we played into the "smooth-like-a-G.I. Joe" Kerry campaign against Big Bush-Balls in a time of "war"... the fact that it was stolen again notwithstanding. but, i felt i was playing for a team that had a plan so i supported it, and hadn't developed the foundation to argue as effectively as i do now for an overhaul of OUR "intelligence".

i saw 9/11: Road to Tyranny last summer and it messed me up, especially the Oklahoma bombing stuff, which made it superior to this latest flick in a sad way: the media wasn't as consolidated, and Alex had more of their own local "This is complete bullshit!" footage to work with, especially when attacking Clinton was in style. it's a damned shame to see the once proud profession of "journalism" corporately humbled to its knees like this, and local TV's independence and benefit to their respective communities neglible at best. while they've always "lied", today the contrary proof being widely disseminated and appreciated is being shit-on as a major threat: no wonder we are taught to say we "hate" conspiracy theories.


everyone has a few they like.

i only shared it with a very select few, and didn't have the heart to take out on my friends. i was also often playing "kaiser soze with-a-limp" when just kickin' it, acting extree-pussy just to get by and take the edge off the messiah complex, and to equivocate the monkey-poo-poo politics we fling at each other. i know everyone else tailors their info to their audiences, so this was cool with me until the tipping point of justifying demonizing muslims unfairly.

besides corroborating what he said and independently verifying the logic of how potentially evil bad guys could be - both in their current incarnation and historically, i needed to build a body of work before i pimp'd this hardcore stuff anyway.

the corroboration across what i call "The Spectrum of the Left" was needed, and now i know how they all work together in ways that nobody understands: from Jon Stewart, to Michael Moore, to Alex Jones, to everyone not a Neo-Con Nazi hell-bent on ruling the world - or their Brown Shirts'n'Red States. shit is real now, the fascists are moving hella fast, and the "Soft Left" position has moved way to the right.

so, we can either "win" or we can "beef" on some slave shit, and knowing how the "Left" works i'm working on my Emancipation Proclamation right here and right now.

i don't know what the fuck is wrong with people when they think: "you're either in or out" when it comes to so-called "conspiracy theory", save for being brainwashed into thinking it is a unique dichotomy or the potential social stigma.

i know jewish and muslim homiez who eat bacon, and as a hindu i eat beef: so like billions of others, if we can apply freedom of interpretation with our ** RELIGION ** than why can't we be flex with "conspiracy theory"?

what, for a "movie" we've now got to be "orthodox" or ignore it completely?

fuck that shit.

i had a buddy tell me today he watched it based on my email, and was impressed by nearly everything (especially "building 7" stuff) save for the last part - he thought the "Arnie" stuff ruined it and shouldn't have been in there, it was too speculative. but, he was glad he watched it, cool with learning new stuff, and impressed overall with a more open mind to contrary information: it stirred the nagging doubts he had in his mind awake again, which will only help in future interpretations of the "news".

i appreciated that, and countered with the fact that keeping a few "roadmaps to hell" around ain't a bad idea just to make sure we're not driving there, and that he provided crucial information about the character of The Man Who Would Be President we wouldn't get anywhere else to make the best call in 2008.

(i don't wanna call my man out, but after we finish our planned convo his disbelief is going to boil down to the fact that it's the future so we just don't know, and based on a review of the evidence the possibilities are roughly what the movie estimated. even Bush Sr. was quoted as saying "Don't bet against Arnold as our next President", and of all the people who've held influence over the Republican Party over the last 25 years, he would know...)

you can buy into individual fractions 100% and come around to the rest later, or just leave it be. they always jack Michael Moore the same way, by bringing up 5 questionable minits in a 2 hour film to discredit him entirely: you don't think a "smoking gun" wouldn't have been celebrated by the bloodthirsty media hatin' on him anyway?

where was it?

what is it?

friends even echo this shit, like it's "cool" to say he lies despite the fact that they can't "name" a lie, and looking back they can always name a dozen truths...

really, belief is better when it's an individual, educated and gradual process that doesn't spark "fear" at any radical transformation: look at the Fascist Rovebots in the U.S., i dare you to tell me they're "happy", mindlessly barking like rabid GOP attack puppies. i can have a 2 hour convo with a homie and only believe an hour of it, but i can REALLY believe it, because information is in individual chunks - you can add select shit together yourself to theorize, and just because you don't know it yet doesn't automatically mean that it's a lie.

the fascist, "normative", inclusive knowledge-base idea of "should" is creeping into everything we do, and questions like "WHY would you do that?" are becoming more commonplace, so i'm pimping the answer: "because i fucking WANT to."

i hope it works, and i hope i can say it straight or cursing a fucking blue-streak.


i can't think of anyone who deserves to be called "motherfucker" more than the people responsible for this mess - like i did in "Chokin' on Chomsky", even though a veteran dub poet friend of mine lamented it for limiting the song's exposure. i'll probably make a "clean" version for practical purposes, but i don't wanna sanitize these bastards when most people can freely say they're just "shootin' the shit".

that makes no sense: this how swear words are supposed to be used in anger - ripping those who deserve it the most.

i ain't taking no shit anyway: we know the mainstream media lies.

we say it. that's a done deal.

and, this generation now knows they lie now more than ever - in large part thanks to Mr. Moore and Fahrenheit 9/11.

what we may not know is that in 1980 the mass media were owned by 50 companies: now it's 5. with Bush Sr.'s VP hand up his ass, good ol' Ronny Reagan also ripped up the "fairness doctrine" and used it to mop the brow under his fake Stetson.

logically on the Left, after 5 years of lies we've nearly all established that the character of the people we're attacking is absolutely abhorrent - who else could lie like this and get a thousand second chances? they're doing more damage than a thousand child molesters by killing millions of innocent iraqi's - including hundreds of children a day, not to mention the wounded, and the massive destruction of family, culture, and country...

...if this happened here, it would be far worse than anyone's worst nightmare.

and yes... it's millions.

we just gotta wait for it.

unlike the grotesque bodycounts from Vietname, they don't even track how many are killed now - so how do they know it's "insurgents"? how do they carpet-bomb "insurgents"? and what Iraqi worth his flag wouldn't fight when the U.S. military and government has shown they're corrupt and evil as fuck? (see: HALLIBURTON; see: PRIVATE CONTRACTORS; see: GUANTANAMO; see: ABU GHRAIB; see: DOWNING STREET.)

they won't tell us what they're doing, there's no reporters in the field who aren't "embedded", and those guys don't get to go on missions into the field unless they suck green army-dick. in fact, many are sent home if they ask tough questions, and others will pop-off just as they are about to leave to the applause of their press comrades but to no avail. (see: HIJACKING CATASTROPHE, a great flick.)

unlike Vietnam, the U.S. Congress isn't demanding an accounting of how many bombs they drop - and with periodic "$87 billion" increases in defence spending, there's gotta be a lot. there's also no reporting of missions by private contractors who make up 20% of the troops, and hardly any by the army-proper save for maybe one or two a day: with 140,000+ troops there that's categorically insane.

with Vietnam costing THREE MILLION "insurgent" lives 30 years ago vs. 58,000 on "the wall" for the U.S., or a murder rate of 60 to 1, it stands to reason bigger planes with bigger bombs, torture, and free-fire zones will all add up the hidden bigger bodycount quickly. they are disregarding former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara's "Fog of War" learned lessons from Vietnam about proportionality being a guideline, and if you look again: it's many of the same motherfuckers that they ever were.

so: disbelieving ** ANYTHING ** about these motherfuckers without checking it first in the face of an illegal and immoral war, and 5 years of torturing innocent goat-herders that's getting them no intelligence as is currently proven conclusively by the war going terribly...

...makes absolutely no sense.

as a dude in england who checked my blog said, i probably have 200 - 300,000 words written, mostly on this shit, though i have absolutely no idea who's reading it. a few friends/strangers let me know on occasion but comments are rare, and between me just posting whole articles as historic "proof" and the varied styles i've used, it's probably tough for peeps to hang on anyway.

it blows my mind how we allow actions to cancel each other out, like "so-and-so wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't do that" or it detracts from their credibility.

i had a buddy say a while back that "Ralph Nader should stick to what he does best"; and i countered with "have you seen the assholes in politics? shouldn't we encourage anyone who's not an asshole to help clean out the system?" a run for President may be tactically in error and well-beyond his grasp, but the principle is solid, and as other friends put it when i asked: no they wouldn't want any of the politicians we were seeing on TV to join us at the party - so why the fuck we let them be in charge?

as an individual human being, if i can watch Shrek 2, Memento, Fahrenheit 9/11 and Casablanca, and understand and appreciate each: then why can't i create the same? why do any of them detract from the credibility of each other? qualitatively i'm sold on the idea of liking individual creations, but denying a person can express various facets of their personality that are proven to exist by the information they take "in" is just artificially limiting and asinine: put it "out" there man!


also, as i said in my email: i don't like waking people up who aren't being especially destructive. most of my peers are well-educated nice people, and just like everybody's got an asshole, everybody's got opinions they're smugly proud of. i've got a lot of cocky, smart and very good looking friends (i call them my "peers" really), and until my boy flipped out on me i hadn't decided when to put the word out and beg for a challenge.

but... now i'm good.

who wannit gonna get it, who scared gonna run.

no disrespect, but you ain't sayin' i'm wrong unless you proving it.

timing seems to work out well for me, being on this "save da world" tip is giving me some good karma, and keeping me in a very happy headspace despite the tortured ramblings i'm tossing into the world. i was planning on doing this anyway - letting the world know the craziest shit i've seen that's actually true. even though i've been unusually quiet for a minit putting all this together, from the very beginning of my 5 year plan to save the world i said the following:

"You know how nobody knew what the hell 2Pac was talking about? That's not going to happen to me. I'm going to research it, write it down, and be un-fuck-wittable. If you want to see what I "mean" or find my "proof", just check my website. And then believe me or battle me, it's your call, I'm game..."

so, there you have it, and that's the next stage: organizing all this crap into separate narratives, so anyone can click on them to figure out what's what.

my album is FINALLY done with 2 more being worked on, and i've got a bunch of gigs coming up - including ones i don't know about: every time i put my toe in the swimming pool there's water there for me to swim, nah mean? ;)

anyway, this turned into a blog, so thanks for the bitch-slappin', keepin' me humble is hard, but i'm now entering your dojo, oh great and noble and wise spensei...

peace, (NOW!!!)

"Here come the... here come the...
Here come the... PAIN (PAIN)...

Uplift your soul,
Get your house in order,
MC's be actin' like they walkin' on water,
I'll break you down like a poem wrote in Haiku,
Who you gonna lie to?
Boy I crucify you,
Hammer to the nails,
Commence the impaling,
My acid flashbacks,
Got everything trailin',
I'm sailing blind on the open seas,
Like an overloaded boat of Haitian refugees,
And I'm on my knees,
My face on the rug,
One more prostration, for my salvation,
My jins' buckin' up,
It's got me fuckin' up,
They're callin' my flesh,
But my soul won't mesh...


So lick a shot, when I heat up the spot,
I'm taking from the have's,
'Cause I be the have nots,
Lick a shot, when I heat up the spot,
Boy, where you gon' run when the gun get hot,
So lick a shot, when I heat up the spot
I'm taking from the have's
'Cause I be the have nots,
Lick a shot, when I heat up the spot,
Boy, where you gon' run when the gun get hot...

Here come the... here come the...
Here come the... PAIN (PAIN)...

I got the pressures of the world,
Comin' down, all around me,
I thought I was lost, but thank God you found me,
I'm gettin' crazy ideas of suicide,
Lord I tried... Lord I tried...
To make the best of what I got,
I keep on takin' pot-shots,
From the critics and the media,
That's what it be to ya,
But you can stick it where the sun don't shine,
'Cause I'm goin for mine,
I rock it all the time,



So lick a shot, when I heat up the spot,
I'm taking from the have's,
'Cause I be the have nots,
Lick a shot, when I heat up the spot,
Boy, where you gon' run when the gun get hot,
So lick a shot, when I heat up the spot
I'm taking from the have's
'Cause I be the have nots,
Lick a shot, when I heat up the spot,
Boy, where you gon' run when the gun get hot...

- House of Pain, "The Have Nots"


BONUS: Where are we going?

"She swears there's nothing wrong,
But something's missing,
She's never been much good at tellin' lies...."

- Garth Brooks, "I've Got A Good Thing Going"

Chiggidy-check yo'self...

Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State (2005)

Evil has spread across the land. Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State exposes the high-tech control grid that is being set up across America.

Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen. The Constitution has been shredded and America is now a Police State. This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.

Downloaded: 4,805 times


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P.S. Here's an example of documentation from the Martial Law website...



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