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August 8, 2005, 1:45pm EDT


Peter Jennings, the journalist and ABC anchorman whose career spanned more than four decades, died of lung cancer at his home in New York late Sunday. He was 67.

ABC broke the news with a special report Sunday night.

"Peter died with his family around him, without pain and in peace. He knew he'd lived a good life," his wife and children said in a statement, according to ABC.

"For four decades, Peter has been our colleague, our friend, and our leader in so many ways," wrote ABC News President David Westin in a message to ABC employees. "None of us will be the same without him."

On Monday, colleagues, fans and national leaders also paid tribute to Jennings and his career.

"Peter Jennings had a long and distinguished career as a news journalist. He covered many important events, events that helped define the world as we know it today," said President Bush in a statement. "A lot of Americans relied upon Peter Jennings for their news. He became a part of the lives of a lot of our fellow citizens, and he will be missed. May God bless his soul."


Jennings went on location to cover the 1991 Gulf War and again recently for the ongoing Iraq war.

Jennings' anchored coverage of the new millennium celebrations from New Year's Eve 1999 to New Year's Day 2000 won his network a Peabody award. He stayed on the air for 25 hours straight.

He later drew on that experience when he stayed on the air day after day following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, logging some 60 hours of live anchor work during and after the events of the day, a feat that many colleagues called "superhuman."


Jennings announced the diagnosis of his disease and left his role as ABC news anchor in April, saying he hoped to recover and return to work.

He had reportedly given up smoking about 20 years ago, but started again around the time of his marathon Sept. 11 coverage. Reports said he had quit smoking again at some point before his diagnosis.

According to ABC News, Jennings was awarded 16 Emmys, two George Foster Peabody Awards, several Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Awards and several Overseas Press Club Awards.



being an anchor's an exceptionally stressful job...

he's put in a lot of work keeping the world informed...

he's performed a very important role...

for all of us...


for some very important people...


the stress alone could kill ya...

but hey...

at least that means nothing else will...

Legacy of Suspicion

Decades After, Few Accept the Official Explanation for JFK Assassination

By Gary Langer

Nov. 16— Forty years later, suspicions of a conspiracy endure: Seven in 10 Americans think the assassination of John F. Kennedy was the result of a plot, not the act of a lone killer — and a bare majority thinks that plot included a second shooter on Dealey Plaza.

ABCNEWS has completed a poll in conjunction with a two-hour ABCNEWS special, Peter Jennings Reporting: The Kennedy Assassination — Beyond Conspiracy, airing 9-11 p.m. (EST) Thursday, Nov. 20. The program includes a computer-generated reconstruction of the shooting that confirms that Oswald was the lone gunman. And it finds no persuasive evidence of a conspiracy to kill the president.

Just 32 percent accept the Warren Commission's 1964 finding that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone when he shot Kennedy as his motorcade passed through downtown Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. Fifty-one percent think there was a second gunman, and seven percent go so far as to think Oswald wasn't involved at all.

Sixty-eight percent of Americans also think there was "an official cover-up" to hide the truth about the assassination from the public. And about as many, 65 percent, think that "important unanswered questions" remain, four decades after Kennedy's death.

Kennedy Assasination, 40 Years Later

Time - Suspect a Plot - Think it Was One Man
Sep. 66 46% 34
Feb. 67 44 35
Sep. 67 60 24
Nov. 83 80 13
Dec. 91 73 11

Nov. 03 70 22

Belief in a broader plot peaked at 80 percent in a 1983 ABCNEWS poll; it's since eased a bit, to today's 70 percent. Similarly, the number of people who think there was an official cover-up has moved back from its peak, 81 percent in 1993, to 68 percent now.


JFK II: The Bush Connection

A thorough, documented, criminal indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt his guilt as a supervisor in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy.
This is the best documentary about the murder of JFK that I've ever seen. This is above and beyond anything you've ever seen on the subject. The evidence is here and it is conclusive.

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Skepilogue: If there is a conspiracy here, remember, they're smarter than you...

Criminal Cast of CrimeBush Characters:

Prescott Bush - Grandfather (Pressy)

George Bush Sr. - former president (Poppy)

George Bush Jr. - current president (Dubya)


and if none of this hodgepodge works for you - just watch it...

1. Pressy was arrested by J. Edgar Hoover in 1942 as CEO of Union Bank for trading with the Nazi's... and still didn't stop until 1951. He was a tire-salesman who got his first investment job with his father-in-law, Averill Harriman, and they both did regular business with the first head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, who in turn had helped them hide funding of Hitler's rise to power.

2. Pressy got Poppy his first job after a stint in the army and at Yale with the CIA's Allen Dulles, and Poppy stayed low-key at the CIA for a while. He's just finished a stint as a kid in the Skull and Bones, and was now looking to become a man.

3. Poppy started his first business, Zapata Oil, off the coast of Cuba, where the CIA was planning the "Bay of Pigs" invasion (CIA Code Name: "Operation Zapata") with anti-Castro guerillas. Poppy and E. Howard Hunt (who later admitted a CIA conspiracy in extorting a million dollars in hush-money out of Nixon) were working together in Cuba.

4. Pressy Bush funded young Richard Nixon for Congress and all the way up to his Presidential runs, along with Dulles and Harriman, rallying GOP and corporate support.

5. JFK won the Presidency in 1960. The CIA and their friends were pissed, but they ran the Bay of Pigs invasion anyway without his permission hoping he would be forced to commit U.S. troops. He didn't, the small force was captured, and JFK fired the top 3 guys in the CIA while publicly taking full responsibility.

6. After they screwed around with Cuba and Russia again during the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK flipped, and asked J. Edgar Hoover to use the FBI to find and shut down all the secret CIA anti-Castro training centers. Lee Harvey Oswald was his best asset, and a double-agent for the CIA and FBI; he had announced he was a traitor when he went to Russia, then later came back and worked with both. Oswald lead the FBI to a few CIA camps before he was figured out and later framed.

7. JFK was assasinated on November 22, 1963. Poppy, Hunt, and Nixon all gave inconsistent reports where they were when they heard he got shot each time they were interviewed for several years; witnesses were killed; and various cover-ups ensued.

8. Later at a 1975 Senate re-investigation into the case, CIA Director William Colby starts talking, saying among other things: "Bush and Hunt were there, they were in charge of the shooters... maybe I'm saying too much." He was fired by President Gerald Ford and replaced with George H.W. (Poppy!) Bush as Head of the CIA. Even though Poppy said he had no experience, he quickly refused the agency's cooperation and killed the re-investigation.

9. In response to a CIA "in-your-face!" request for the FBI to investigate what happened, Hoover responded to the threat by writing a memo to then CIA Director Dulles that innocently confirms the involvement of George H.W. Bush in CIA activities at the time. Poppy, when publicly campaigning in the 1970's, claims he hadn't done anything with the CIA before becoming CIA Director in 1976.

10. What about Dubya? Well... rumour was JFK Jr. was looking into who killed his Dad with more interest... he was a handsome young member of an American Dynasty settling down after his playboy-years and considering a political career... Dubya had to prove his loyalty to the Skull and Bones just like Poppy did...

What about George W. Bush? Was he there?

Kennedy’s plane went into the sea at 10:00 on Friday night, July 16, 1999. Bush was involved in a heated campaign, which he was losing in New Hampshire. He was constantly in public and constantly surrounded by reporters, so it’s easy to figure out where he was. Right? Wrong! According to the Omaha World Herald (7/17/99), on July 16th Bush was flipping pancakes Friday morning in Des Moines, but he boarded a bus and disappeared for the entire weekend. On Saturday, July 18th, reporters looking for a comment from Bush confronted a fumbling spokesperson who was unable to say when Bush would be available for comment. (Newsday, 7/19/99, A19) Bush finally called a press conference on Monday, to offer condolences.

Do you think this evidence is too weak to accuse Bush of murder? As George would say, “We got more than enough here to hang a feller in Texas.”

George, you’re our feller.



Rapilogue: Where are we going?

"It's high time for a walk on the real side,
Let's admit the bastards beat us,
I move to dissolve the corporation,
In a pool of margaritas,
So let's switch off all the lights,
And light up all the Luckies,
Crankin' up the afterglow,
'Cause we're goin' out of business,
Everything must go..."

- Steely Dan, "Everything Must Go"

Chiggidy-check yo'self...

Martial Law 9/11: Rise Of The Police State (2005)

Evil has spread across the land. Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State exposes the high-tech control grid that is being set up across America.

Out of the ashes of the September 11th tragedy, a dark empire of war and tyranny has risen. The Constitution has been shredded and America is now a Police State. This film exposes not just who was behind the 9-11 attacks, but the roots and history of its orchestrators.

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