Monday, August 08, 2005

Crooks and Liars: Full-A-Clips Crew...

CNN: CIA blocks book detailing how US let bin Laden escape in Tora Bora

As reported in the latest Newsweek, Gary Bernsten commanded a CIA team searching for Osama bin Laden in Tora Bora. His new book accuses Donald Rumsfeld of letting bin Laden escape by not providing enough support to complete the capture.

CNN interviews Gary Bernsten's lawyer who criticizes the CIA for holding up the book. ( Post by David )



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Cindy Sheehan on Late Edition

By popular demand ( many requests ) Cindy was on with Wolf and talked about her son, her first visit with President Bush, and her trek to Crawford in an effort to see President Bush again.


She was highly critical of her first meeting with President Bush about her son's death and talked a little bit about yesterday's events.

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Hardball joins the ranks of OYE

Chris Matthews asked Jason Mattera from the Young America's Foundation:

Chris: Would you like to serve in this war?

Jason: I'm fighting the battle for ideas...


What that usually means is Jason will be leading the way for the new round of bake sales ( I hear that all Betty Crocker products have been banned ) and Howard Dean impersonation contests. I'd actually like to find out how many friends from his church have really joined. This will be cross-posted on Operation Yellow Elephant.

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O'Reilly vs McCain via The Daily Show

More must see TV from Comedy Central. Let's see who shall we believe when it comes to torture and it's effectiveness. A man and his falafel or a POW who spent five years being tortured?


It's a new segement called "The Less you Know." Why-oh-why must a fake news program do the real reporting?

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