Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Myth of the Liberal Media: Key Points

if there truly was a liberal media bias, the media would:

1. criticize u.s. policy

2. criticize military spending

3. criticize foreign relations hypocrisy

4. criticize corporate greed and undue influence

5. criticize the issues "radical" groups do: making them mainstream

6. defend labour, welfare and universal health-care

7. defend protestors/activists and their value to society

8. defend the rights of minorities, immigrants, gays and women

9. defend the freedom of the press and its need for independence

10. defend the issues "radical" groups do: making them mainstream.


Elite Propaganda

The Myth of the Liberal Media: The Propaganda Model of News

Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky demolish one of the central tenets of our political culture, the idea of the "liberal media." Instead, utilizing a systematic model based on massive empirical research, they reveal the manner in which the news media are so subordinated to corporate and conservative interests that their function can only be described as that of "elite propaganda."

Video: Real Player: Run Time - 60 Minutes

"If you want to understand the way a system works, you look at its institutional structure. How it is organized, how it is controlled, how it is funded."

-Noam Chomsky

"The Mainstream media really represent elite interests, and what the propaganda model tries to do is stipulate a set of institutional variables, reflecting this elite power, that very powerfully influence the media."

-Edward Herman



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