Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thank Heaven for Little Girls: My Experiences as of 9:55 am on May 16, 2013

Maurice Chevalier - Thank Heaven For Little Girls


Thank Heaven for Little Girls: My Experiences as of 9:55 am on May 16, 2013


As I was sitting on my porch a beautiful and well-dressed approximately 5 year old brunette girl ran by and got and kept my attention while I just admired her and started laughing. Then a beautiful and well-dressed approximately 5 year old blonde girl ran by and got and kept my attention, then just stood there obliviously cute looking back and forth, then ran to catch up with her sister while I was laughing hysterically at how cute they both were. They really put me in a great mood when they're being inherently special and curiously silly.

Moments later, a conservative jewish man and his ostensibly conservative jewish father walked up with a cute and well-dressed approximately 5 year little boy behind him with a yellow plastic soccer ball. When the little boy put it down, his father said to not do that, to pick it up and walk with them. I acknowledged them all politely non-verbally and then said "Good morning" in that politely gruff and finite way that I can affect so people don't feel they have to respond if they don't want to. Otherwise I exchange one intelligent look unless something compelling happens or someone has something compelling to share, usually women and children.

As they were leaving, the little girls got my attention again and I said "Have a great day sir, they're beautiful and a lot of fun, enjoy!" Then, an approximately 13 year old young jewish man ran up the block and politely acknowledged me. So, I said "Have a good day young man. Busy? Fair enough." After I said this the men were turning the corner and got my attention briefly as a group of four men walking while the little girls raced ahead of them and got my attention again quickly and started me laughing again. It all happened in 5 minutes.

This is too much fun when it is and people should enjoy it. I hope you do and can certainly advise on how.






Yeah, we've gotta get our rep up around here so they can be in a great mood and put us in a great mood just having fun and being fun when they don't have other stuff to do. Men I mean, or unreasonable facsimiles, whatever's available. It really is up to everyone, but it's going to take a good chunk having a good time to change minds. Women should properly function with some "fun" and some "shun" in general so that everyone can use everyone's time well in public. This will put people in a good mood.
Besides, too much fun = an uncontrollable retarded puppy.
However, too much shun = an ego-destroying nightmare.
So, let these crafty cupcakes work on their chick-tricks while you guys stay polite and busy and out of the way and on your way. We're busy. They're bored. Get to work. If they want a busy man's worthwhile time they'll do something and feel it and you too.


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