Monday, April 18, 2011

Into The Flyer: PFTeam Campaign To Promote The April 22nd Screening and DVD



Hey Everybody,

I'm postering and flyering this week until Friday to promote the new documentary film "Into The Fire" by Dan Dicks, Bryan Law and Steven Davies from, .jpeg copies are attached. I figure PFT's been good to me, this is my last G20 Martial Lawyer work before I head off to Ottawa, plus most importantly, between the new film and the election, it's a great chance to remind Canadians of what happened here last summer.

Please see the attached and or for details on the April 22nd screening tickets and to purchase the high-quality dvd loaded with extras. If anyone wants to poster or flyer on their own wherever they are I'm sure the filmmakers wouldn't mind. If anyone wants to join me for a stretch then please give me a call at 647-855-4744. Thanks again for your consideration and have a fantastic week! :-)




Since I plan on postering and flyering 10 - 15 hours a day for 5 days while humping a 40 pound pack, like I did last summer, I think this is more guy's stuff than girls, or at least something more guys can do more easily, mostly through an accident of birth, though if more women want to then by all-means. There are exceptions, but we don't design chairs for 8-footers, so we can always consider what works for more people.

Besides the "man-up" stuff, which could probably solve all our problems (the math works out) in combination with other solutions, I just read Herman Hesse's short novel "Siddhartha" just now, it's about 100 pages and took a couple of hours, but it's a great read for wrestless individuals who seek peace, which may describe a lot of truthseekers. There's probably a bunch of philosophy like this to pass around too.

Finally, we're definitely seeing everything we've been hearing and saying in the daily news, or new threats of economic woe, real estate crashes, more wars, disasters and so on. Bits and pieces of the apocalypse we're predictively programmed to expect are starting to form schizophrenic narratives in the minds of many in an age of socially engineered suicidal nihilism. It's going to get harder to hang out here soon.

Therefore, perhaps more Canadians would appreciate a chance to help figure out how to defend their country like people have throughout history, plus of course their own health, wealth and relationships. We may need to encourage more in-depth thinking and communicating about these issues with goals to build on all the learning and commenting. We should figure out how to talk about what we can see on TV.

For years people have said we shouldn't talk about politics and religion: is it any wonder we don't understand them? We have more access to info than ever and less political control than ever: what happened? There's a chance for all of us to revisit many of these questions calmly, consistently, compassionately, loudly, proudly and publicly before they're made too-uncomfortable to listen to for too many. As it seems.





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