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Your prayers didn't work vs. The Black Ball: Potpulist Potpourri For The Holidaze


Scientist: Reducing population is the "master variable"


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Byron The Mindset of a Champion

Your prayers didn't work

Something went wrong with the procedure I had done on my eye Monday morning - but hopefully not too wrong.

I had another, relatively minor procedure yesterday to fix where my new cornea had sprung a leak. It basically invovled gluing it shut. Before they did it, some guy from the office came in with a bottle of Krazy Glue, handed it to me and said this is what we're gonna use to keep it shut. I was like, Dude, this is Krazy Glue, get this shit out of here. He got that shit out of there, but he said that the shit they were gonna use really is made out of the same shit they use to make Krazy Glue. Fascinating.



good luck man, stay up, as long as you got half an eye to work with you can work on getting the rest, even you can afford krazy glue. once the crazy medical stuff is done it's done and you can move on, or even before 'cause you know their track record ain't worth a koch-grabbin' record deal.

check - - for how to eat better food to boost your immune system to recover. sorry you have to miss out on some chickilluminati porn, but don't worry, unless these folks have their way (and they should probably have half) - - it'll be there for you when you get back. it's still good to immunize ourselves on occasion before we finally find out what a "gomorrah" is.

here in the "twitterverse" and new world order skindergarten of communist canada, land of sexual predators and socialist editors in-training, i can't write more without people banging on their headz and screaming too loud, and we don't have much of an army so we don't have enough helmets, so...



Apathy Previews Next Album, "Honkey Kong," Advises Lupe Fiasco

by Paul W Arnold | HipHopDX | December 07, 2010

Apathy: ... my anxiety was still going on when I was sitting at home doing nothing… It was just non-stop, all the time. It felt like constantly having a bad high.

DX: I’m not trying to sound unempathetic or anything, but it’s like, everybody hates people. [Laughs] Like, nobody wants to really deal with people…

Apathy: Well, it was deeper than that. It was definitely something – See that’s the thing, it’s not something you can just get over and not hate dealing with people.


Photo: "The Black Ball", Keep A Child Alive HIV/AIDS Fundraiser


The Black Ball

$2.2 Million Raised
The Night: September 30th, 2010
Hammerstein Ballroom | New York City

An inspirational evening to benefit children & families in Africa & India whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

Host & Musical Director: Alicia Keys
Emcee: Dave Wirtschafter - Chair, Keep a Child Alive
Performances by: Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Sade & Janelle Monae


Frustrated celebs get back on Twitter thanks to donation from Stewart Rahr

New York Post | December 7, 2010

Celebrities were so frustrated with the time it took to raise $1 million for Keep a Child Alive's "Digital Death" campaign, they persuaded a wealthy savior to give them $500,000 so they could get back on Twitter.

Brooklyn-born billionaire pharmaceutical executive Stewart Rahr donated $500,000 yesterday to meet the $1 million goal, thereby resuscitating Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Seacrest, Daphne Guinness and others on Twitter and Facebook.

The boldfaces agreed to "kill" themselves on social media until they raised a $1 million for the charity, which helps fund HIV/AIDS relief in Africa and India. But it took longer than expected, and insiders say the celebs became frustrated. "It's the worst mismanagement of star power I've ever seen in my life," said a source close to the program.





Cloned Cattle Meat And Milk 'Is Safe To Eat'

8:29am UK, Friday November 26, 2010

Pete Norman, Sky News Online

Meat and milk from cloned cattle and their offspring is no different to conventional produce and is safe to consume, Government advisers have said.


G20 law gave cops 'wartime' power, resulted in mass rights violation: ombudsman

The Canadian Press | The Canadian Press – 2 hours 40 minutes ago

TORONTO - The Ontario government was opportunistic when it gave police wartime powers during the G20 summit in Toronto, resulting in a mass violation of civil rights in peacetime, ombudsman Andre Marin said Tuesday.


Critics Of Big Sis/Wal-Mart Spy Campaign Branded Insane

Paul Joseph Watson
December 8, 2010

According to the driving force behind Big Sis’ creepy Wal-Mart spy campaign, if the state encouraging Americans to report each other to the authorities causes you unease, you’re insane, similar to how critics of informant programs were also branded mentally ill and persecuted in the former Soviet Union.

In what has been dubbed “the battle of Wal-Mart” by The New York Observer, the controversy over Big Sis Janet Napolitano’s announcement that Homeland Security messages encouraging shoppers to “report suspicious activity,” without telling them what constitutes suspicious activity, will play at Wal-Mart checkouts, has “set off a rebellion among the conspiracy-theory crowd, a number of whom are among the store’s core customers,” writes Aaron Gell.

But the man behind the creepy slogan, “If you see something, say something,” claims that the likes of Matt Drudge and Alex Jones’ opposition to the campaign is “ridiculous”.

“That’s absurd. The whole reason for doing it was to save lives, and I think the sane people of the world see it as a positive slogan,” said Allen Kay, of Korey Kay & Partners, implying that anyone who perceives the state encouraging citizens to report on each other as a negative move towards an authoritarian society is insane.


Judge refuses to order vaccinations

By Kevin Martin, Calgary Sun

Last Updated: December 2, 2010 11:23pm

Vaccinations aren’t “essential” medical treatments, a family court judge has ruled in refusing a Child Welfare request to order inoculations for four kids.

Judge Stephen Lipton, in a written decision released Thursday, said while the vaccinations are preferable, it wasn’t in his power to order them.

Child Welfare had applied for a ruling to have the siblings immunized despite their parents’ decision not to allow the treatment.

But Lipton said the four children, ranging in age from one to 12, weren’t at any present risk so no court intervention was warranted.

“I find that on the facts of this case the vaccinations proposed by the caseworker don’t fall within the definition of ‘essential’ (in the legislation),” Lipton said. “The children are healthy and none of them are at imminent risk of serious harm.”

Lipton noted the dangers of not getting immunized would expose the children to the risk of contracting illnesses which could cause brain injury or death.

The mother refused allowing vaccines for her children while the father suggested herbal medicines would be effective.


Police Arrested Twelve Year Old Boy for Refusing Vaccine at School

By Christina England | December 3rd, 2010

A child of twelve was charged with ‘threatening behaviour’ at his school in Bowmanville, East of Toronto last week. The arrest happened when the boy (who cannot be named for legal reasons) threw a tantrum refusing the Hepatitis B vaccine. The National Post reported:

that police were brought into Ross Tilley Public School because the boy had threatened to damage the school. Unfortunately, the report failed to give the reason why the child was refusing the vaccine or what made him so angry.


No-God campaign steps it up on buses

By QMI Agency

Last Updated: December 7, 2010 2:16pm

"Extraordinary claims", such as God, Allah, Bigfoot and UFOs may soon be questioned on transit buses in Toronto. (Courtesy of Centre for Inquiry's website)

TORONTO - First it was God, now it's the Easter bunny.

And Allah. And Bigfoot. And UFOs and a host of other "extraordinary claims" that may soon be questioned on transit buses.

The same organization that brought Canadians the "There's-probably-no-God" ad campaign that called on viewers to relax and enjoy their lives has rolled out a new campaign that casts a wider net.


Filipino Activist Puts Poverty Into Perspective

December 5, 2010

While we obsess over our own security, the plight of millions in the Third World is worth remembering. Filipino Monetary Activist Eric Encino gives us a glimpse into his life and his struggle.

by Eric Encina

I am Eric Verzo Encina. I was born on December 18, 1970 in a mountainous but little poverty-stricken town of Mauban, Quezon province, Philippines.


"Several people at this event asked, would Hollie and Anne be joining us today? and we had to tell them that very sorry, Hollie and Anne have been banned by Shropshire Council from attending these kinds of public meetings which it is thought would be "stressful" for Hollie and "detrimental to her well-being". Another nasty twist in this Alice-in-Wonderland saga, where everything is upside down and back to front."


At least 3 more years of housing troubles seen

By Linda Stern | Reuters – Tue, 7 Dec 1:59 PM EST

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The housing market will remain depressed, with record high foreclosure levels, rising mortgage rates and a glut of distressed properties dampening the market for years to come, industry experts predicted on Tuesday.


Michael Jackson "Monster" f/ 50 Cent

Producer: Teddy Riley, Angelikson, & Michael Jackson - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, Michael

*Tibs Fav.™

Here goes the last leak of Michael Jackson's upcoming posthumous album, Michael, and it features none other than 50 Cent for a song called "Monster". Michael sings about the monster that Hollywood can turn you into; how it haunts himself and how he notices it take over people from a 3rd person perspective. 50 adds a verse that is not bad, but one that I remembered for the choppy scratches added in the production that hurt it and exposed an average flow from Fiddy. MJ displays a variety of vocals himself that I, for the most part, like. I don't really like the choral effect on the chorus and I think that's what holds it back for me. "Monster" is nowhere near instant classic status, especially by MJ standards, but it is still a track that I am going to give a shot in my rotation - a borderline fav. that I may not feel the same about this time next week. Listen/download above and hear for yourself. Enjoy!


Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement

139 mins



Endgame The Movie: Bibliography


The Truther Girls Radio Show:

How To Tell The Truth in the 21st Century with guest Black Krishna

July 26, 2010 - 60 mins

This episode: Truther Girls Radio welcomes fellow activist and radio host Black Krishna (BK) for a conversation about how to tell the truth in the 21st Century. How can we share "heavy" stuff in cultures that respect our discipline more than our passion? How can we politely discuss serious issues and share information with people who haven't learned as much? How do most people react today? What does the success of Toronto Truth Seekers on the streets of Toronto prove to the world? How do we win?

MP3 Download Links:




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