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REMINDER: Expose The Truth About AIDS Before We're Murdered By Big Pharmacide Drugs Like Africans!



Ed -- I saw a documentary called "Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS" by Dr. Gary Null in 2007 which shocked me by suggesting that "AIDS" is "fake" and that Big Pharmacide drugs are really what sicken and kill the people diagnosed with it. After that, I did some more research and interviewed a few people on it. After that, it was a wrap. In the three years since: nothing I've heard has convinced me otherwise.

AIDS is fake and the massive funding for AIDS drugs (like AZT) just contributes to killing more people the more we endorse it, especially Africans. That's why over 25 years after it was a super-deadly and infectious "epidemic" in North America, we still hardly know anybody with AIDS when we should really know 5 people each. There's no hidden "cure" for AIDS because the HIV virus has not been proven to exist.

Below is "Decemberburns", or a local example of a happy-fun way to get involved in killing Africans on behalf of big banks and corporations who want to steal their resources. The massive AIDS bureaucracy is being re-aimed at "us" through propaganda efforts, though bizarrely, instead of targeting the recently empowered gay community, it's being aimed at youth, blacks and hispanics first. Look around: you'll see it.

Fake conspiracy theories - that are even promoted by mainstream personalities - are likely meant to obscure the truth and support the idea that "HIV/AIDS" drugs are still needed. Many people who test for weak immune systems in poor countries - where they're starving - are fed into healthcare programs set up and funded solely to diagnose and treat AIDS patients. Many parallel programs exist in North America too.

The people working there won't expose this and risk losing their jobs and funding, so ordinary people have to. Decades of heavy propaganda mean this one is hard for people to wrap their heads around, but we can piggy-back our shared interest in it thanks to the massive amount of info compiled by people who looked into it. We can break people out of the fake dialectic trap that leaves both sides thinking it's "real" soon.

However, keep in mind that since so many ordinary people have an adverse Pavlovian reaction to others saying AIDS isn't "real" and get upset, even many people who question HIV/AIDS orthodoxy will say they think it's "real" too - but - that it doesn't work like corrupt governments, industries and media say it does. Whatever works, the point is basically the same. If people can only come half-way out, that's better than nothing.

Whatever works, after all, we're all trying to come to grips with the fact that we're being lied to a lot, so as long as we think we can, then we should be able to. Our culture was raised to "believe" whatever we want and have a "right" to our opinion while losing our "rights", but that's stupid because it keeps us from learning anything. Open(ed) minds can finally see the truth about AIDS and use it to protect ourselves from deadly lies.

Plus, we can save a lot of people from doing the wrong thing, which could also help them save Africans they supposedly care about. Well-intentioned people accidentally fooled into supporting genocide in Africa by endorsing the lies and helping to purchasing HIV/AIDS drugs is not cool, so we shouldn't let it be. Below is some info on this that can help people understand what's happening. Please check it out and pass it on.



Sideburns enlisted for war on AIDS/HIV

Jenny Yuen | Toronto Sun | December 4, 2010

Ladies be warned: It’s going to be another month of disruptive facial hair.

Following the heels of Movember, guys are now trading their moustaches for a set of sideburns for Decemburns — to help the AIDS/HIV crisis in Africa.

“There’s a backlash against the moustache — a lot of people are happy November is over,” said Mark Daku, the founder of Decemburns, which began its second-annual campaign on Dec. 1, World AIDS Day.


World Aids Day Flashback: Orphanage Used As Big Pharma Testing Ground For HIV Aids Medicine

Alex Thomas | The IntelHub / BBC News | December 2, 2010

... In 2003, two children, ages 6 and 12, had debilitating strokes due to drug toxicities. The 6-year-old went blind. They both died shortly after. Another 14-year old died recently. An 8-year-old boy had two plastic surgeries to remove large, fatty, drug-induced lumps from his neck.

This isn’t science fiction. This is AIDS research. The children at ICC were born to mothers who tested HIV positive, or who themselves tested positive. However, neither parents nor children were told a crucial fact — HIV tests are extremely inaccurate.(1,2) The HIV test cross-reacts with nearly seventy commonly-occurring conditions, giving false positive results. These conditions include common colds, herpes, hepatitis, tuberculosis, drug abuse, inoculations and most troublingly, current and prior pregnancy.(3,4,5) This is a double inaccuracy, because the factors that cause false positives in pregnant mothers can be passed to their children – who are given the same false diagnosis.


Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS


AIDS: Robin Scovill and Christine Maggiore on The Other Side of AIDS


AIDS CAN'T BE FOUND OR CURED: David Crowe Turns Thousands Of Hours Into A Simple Explanation


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