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FREEDOM-FORCE.ORG: O.G. Edward Griffin on Power Centers vs. Rising Prices


Barack Obama: Cute or Evil or Both?


FREEDOM-FORCE.ORG: O.G. Edward Griffin on Power Centers vs. Rising Prices


"In 2004 it was... I don't believe you... in 2008 it's... I don't care... where is this going?"


Press Freedom in Decline

Freedom House released Freedom of the Press 2008: A Global Survey of Media Independence today in advance of World Press Freedom Day on May 3. Release materials are now available. The survey, released annually since 1980, assess the degree of press freedom in every country in the world. According to this year's survery, press freedom declines outnumbered advances two to one in 2007, with declines seen in authoritarian countries and established democracies.


"We're all going to have to stand up and do something, whether it's what we want or what they tell us."


Canada's C-51 Law May Outlaw 60% of Natural Health Products; Big Pharma Pushing to Criminalize Supplements

Mike Adams | Natural Health News | April 28, 2008

(NaturalNews) A new law being pushed in Canada by Big Pharma seeks to outlaw up to 60 percent of natural health products currently sold in Canada, even while criminalizing parents who give herbs or supplements to their children. The law, known as C-51, was introduced by the Canadian Minister of Health on April 8th, 2008, and it proposes sweeping changes to Canada's Food and Drugs Act that could have devastating consequences on the health products industry.

Among the changes proposed by the bill are radical alterations to key terminology, including replacing the word "drug" with "therapeutic product" throughout the Act, thereby giving the Canadian government broad-reaching powers to regulate the sale of all herbs, vitamins, supplements and other items. With this single language change, anything that is "therapeutic" automatically falls under the Food and Drug Act. This would include bottled water, blueberries, dandelion greens and essentially all plant-derived substances.

The Act also changes the definition of the word "sell" to include anyone who gives such therapeutic products to someone else. So a mother giving an herb to her child, under the proposed new language, could be arrested for engaging in the sale of unregulated, unapproved "therapeutic substances." Learn about more of these freedom-squashing changes to the law at the website:

This main page of the Canadian Parliament has contact info for constituents typing in their area code to find all their MP's, Senators,and Parliamentary secretaries and it lists all Bills presently before both the Commons AND the Senate.

Not much time, as C-51 is in Second Reading this week!


As Food Prices Rise, Shoppers Stock Up

Gary McWilliams and David Kesmodel | Wall Street Journal | May 1, 2008

Ross C. Powell has found a novel way to counter rising grocery prices. He started an informal food cooperative out of his garage.

The San Antonio project manager is currently stocking up on inexpensive beef, anticipating meat prices will follow dairy, egg and grain prices higher. "It's a hedging strategy," says Mr. Powell, a 48-year-old father of three. He recently installed a 22-cubic-foot freezer in his garage to go along with the shelves he built for deeply discounted food staples. Neighbors who once dismissed his frugal ways as overkill are now joining him to make bulk purchases of meat.


Codex Alimentarius - The Sinister Truth Behind Operation Cure-All

From an original article by Ruth James


You see, Operation Cure-All is just a tactic, a vehicle, in a much bigger overall plan. It is a result of "Codex Alimentarius" (meaning food code) -- a set of regulations that aim to outlaw any health information in connection with vitamins and limit free access to natural therapies on a worldwide scale.


Behind the Codex Alimentarius Commission is the United Nations and the World Health Organization working in conjunction with the multinational pharmaceutical cartel and international banks. Its initial efforts in the US with the FDA were defeated, so it found another ally in the FTC. Now Codex, with the FTC and the pharmaceutical cartel behind it, it threatens to become a trade issue, using the campaign of Operation Cure-All to advance its goals.

Codex began simply enough when the U.N. authorized the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization to develop a universal food code. Their purpose was to 'harmonize' regulations for dietary supplements worldwide and set international safety standards for the purposes of increased trade. Pharmaceutical interests stepped in and began exerting their influence. Instead of focusing on food safety, Codex is using its power to promote worldwide restrictions on vitamins and food supplements, severely limiting their availability and dosages.


Saturday, May 3rd 2008

Global Marijuana & Freedom March - 237 cities have signed up.

The second annual Toronto Freedom Festival is Saturday, May 3 in Queen’s Park North!

Global Marijuana March

7 mins


Interview with Alan Watt from about music and the culture creation industry.

30 mins

00:00 - 0:57 . Sex, Drugs, The Charleston and Rock'n'Roll.
01:41 - 5:00 . Starmakers, The Beatles and Michael Jackson.
05:26 - 6:42 . Theodore Adorno and the Science of Music.
06:52 - 9:01 . Teenagers, Writers, Rebels and Role Models.
09:06 - 10:45 . Powerful People Wearing Masks Like Jason...
10:45 - 11:55 . ...Make Me Wanna Throw Up Gang Signs Like A Mason!
11:55 - 12:56 . Why Parents Just Don't Understand.
12:56 - 13:49 . Is Rap Meant For Humanity To Wrap It Up?
13:49 - 15:04 . Producers Will Produce Your New Image.
15:04 - 16:14 . Why Do Old White People Sell Offensive Music?
17:16 - 18:24 . How Music Can Communicate With Everyone.
18:24 - 18:41 . Can You Get On TV By Being Real?
18:52 - 20:22 . How Artists and Fans Can Make A Difference.
21:02 - 23:18 . The Future of the World Needs Good Music.
24:13 - 26:43 . Artists vs. Experts for the 21st Century.
26:50 - 30:06 . Cut Off Their Moves By Playing Music To Win.


Ron Paul: Nevada GOP Tried To Exclude Us

Paul Joseph Watson | Prison Planet | April 29, 2008

During an appearance on CNN's American Morning, Congressman Ron Paul responded to this past weekend's bizarre incident in which the Nevada GOP walked out on its own convention in an apparent attempt to stop Ron Paul delegates from voting.

As we reported yesterday, after Ron Paul supporters managed to get a rule changed positioning them for more national convention delegate slots than expected, the Nevada GOP simply cancelled their own state convention and left, in what political observers called an unprecedented fiasco.

"I was there, gave a speech, and I had to move on," said Paul. "But yes, we had a lot of supporters there. And the people who were in charge of the party there seemed to want to exclude us. And they closed it down. Somebody said, you know, sometimes factions walked out, this time the party walked out. And they didn't want us to have the delegates," added the Congressman.


"The Revolution: A Manifesto" by Ron Paul is #1 on!

5 mins


CIA 'preparing public for Iran war'

Press TV | May 1, 2008

The CIA accuses Iran of 'facilitating the killing' of US troops in Iraq in what is seen as another attempt to prepare the public for war.

In a Wednesday lecture at the Kansas State University, CIA Director Michael Hayden claimed that slaying US military forces has become the political strategy of Iran's highest governmental officials.

"It is my opinion, it is the policy of the Iranian government, approved to highest level of that government, to facilitate the killing of Americans in Iraq," maintained Hayden, just a day after the US steamed a second American aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf.

"Just make sure there's clarity on that," the CIA director continued.

His comments come at a time when a recent CBS report indicates that the US Defense Department had ordered military commanders to develop new war plans against Tehran, a claim echoed by top American analysts.

"I believe George Bush and Dick Cheney plan to take care of Iran before they leave office," former CIA analyst Ray McGovern said in an interview published in the Charleston Gazette on Wednesday.

"There's no doubt in my mind that the United States is planning right now, as we speak, a military strike against Iran. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and almost every senior US military official has pretty much acknowledged the same," former UN weapons inspector and now anti-war commentator Scott Ritter had told Democracy Now on Monday.


The We Are Change Phenomenon

8 mins


Arizona Senator Karen Johnson: I Want To Find Out The Truth About 9/11

Steve Watson | | April 29, 2008

An Arizona state Senator who went public with questions over the official government version of events on 9/11 has provided further details of her position and why she chose to make her views known.

"I guess I define myself as a truth seeker, that is what I want, I want to find the truth." says Senator Karen Johnson, representative of Mesa’s District 18 for nearly two decades.

In an short interview (see video below), the Republican Senator explained that in the many in the Arizona legislature have privately told her they agree with her position but are too afraid or are unable to start asking the same questions themselves. Johnson echoed her previous statements when she told Capitol reporters "There are many of us that believe there's been a cover-up."

"There are so many unanswered questions regarding 9/11 and there never ever would have even been a Commission called for by Mr Bush and the Federal Government if it hadn't have been for the Jersey Girls." Johnson said, referring to the activist group of widowed mothers and wives from New Jersey and New York who have continued to question the events of 9/11.


Who Is Change?

We Are Change is a citizens based grassroots peace and social justice movement working to reveal the truth behind the events of September 11th as well as the lies of the government and corporate elite who remain suspect in this crime. In addition, we are here to aid the sick and dying first responders through fundraising and social outreach programs in order to promote awareness of those who suffer from physical, emotional, and psychological traumas they received in the aftermath of 9-11.

We also seek to meet other local citizens who are interested in educating the public while engaging in peaceful demonstration about the pertinent issues that are affecting our lives each and every day. Furthermore, We Are Change is a nonpartisan independent media organization comprised of patriot journalists working to hold those engaging in activities that do not represent the wishes of “We the People” by asking the hard questions that the controlled mainstream media refuses to do.


Federal government's 8-day terror drill to test disaster preparedness

Haley Edwards | Seattle Times | May 2, 2008

The Department of Homeland Security today will begin an eight-day disaster-preparedness drill, testing in part how federal, state and local government agencies would respond to a large-scale terrorist attack in Seattle.

That's good for government preparedness, said Robert Harper, spokesman for the Washington Emergency Management Division.

But dozens of local activists say it's not so good. They believe the federal government has used such drills in the past to manipulate public policy, said Bob Dennis, a member of We Are Change Seattle, a local activism group.

This drill, one of the largest emergency simulations ever planned in the Northwest, will center on three fictional events in Washington and Oregon.

The first is a simulation of a terrorist attack on downtown Seattle today. The second is a release of toxic chemicals on May 5 at the Umatilla Chemical Depot in Oregon. And the third is an explosion of a chemical tanker truck on May 6 in Whatcom County.


Loose Change Final Cut - Official Trailer

4 mins


Big Business, BIG Winner at SPP Summit

Dana Gabriel | Intel Strike | May 1, 2008

The besieged Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America received a renewed commitment from all three NAFTA leaders at the recent summit in New Orleans. This is a much needed boast for the North American Union agenda that is seen as widely unpopular. There is little doubt that big business is a driving force behind deeper continental integration. The latest SPP Summit reaffirmed that corporate interests will continue to further dominate this process. The corporate agenda is shaping policy, and as their profits increase, they gain more control over our lives.



2 mins


"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries."

- David Rockefeller (1915 -), Banker, Founder & Honorary Chairman of Trilateral Commission, Honorary Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. Speaking at the June, 1991 Bilderberg meeting in Baden, Germany (a meeting also attended by then-Governor Bill Clinton and by Dan Quayle)


WeAreChange Confronts David Rockefeller

7 mins


"For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as "internationalists" and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

- David Rockefeller (1915 -), Banker, Founder & Honorary Chairman of Trilateral Commission, Honorary Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. Written in his 2002 autobiography 'Memoirs' (pp 405)


WeAreCHANGE confronts Arnold Schwarzenegger

10 mins


Elitist Blueprint For World Government Revealed

Paul Joseph Watson | Prison Planet | May 1, 2008

A new book written by a leading globalist luminary provides a blueprint for how 6,000 elitists plan to completely end national sovereignty, impose a system of global governance, and how they will deal with an international network of people that resist their agenda.

Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making is a manifesto for how the elite plan to shape the course of the planet and impose a new world order while combating the inevitable "global network of antiglobalists" who will rise up against it.

The author of the book, David J. Rothkopf, is a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and has previously served as the Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade during the administration of Bill Clinton before he became managing director of Kissinger and Associates in January 1996.

A review alarmingly details the brazen premise of Rothkopf's book - a global elite now run the planet and have usurped the power of national governments while ensuring laws constrained by borders are all but obsolete.


Provocateur Attacks WeAreCHANGE

10 mins

Our proud member Gary, who was confronting Laura & Jenna Bush was threatened by an unknown individual. This unknown individual was much taller and larger than Gary. For no reason this individual started to lunge at Gary and punch him and beat him. Gary did not defend himself or fight back. Gary was the victim and did not strike once at the unknown individual. This provocateur provoked an attack by trying to instigate a fight and now Gary was arrested and is now facing third degree assault charges by this unknown provocateur. Gary will be arraigned tomorrow morning, please call the 19th Precinct and ask them why Gary was unlawfully arrested and charged with a third degree assault charge when he is innocent and obviously the victim.

Matt Lepacek was released tonight with a summons for disorderly conduct and will go to court in the future.

19th Precinct
153 E 67th Street
3rd & Lex, New York, NY 10065
(212) 452-0600

Disclaimer: Please when calling the precinct please be polite and courteous to the police officers. We Are Change does not advocate any threats of violence of any kind.



Check these sites and share key stories from the mass media and more.

Welcome to 21st Century Propaganda...

We hope you enjoyed your stay and will be leaving shortly... - radio

South Park breaks down the herd...


Hey Folks,

With prices rising fast and signs of a deep recession, plus governments and media who don't seem to care, we have issues. One of them is most of us don't know how we got here, which means we don't know where we are, which means we don't know where we're going, which means we can't figure out how to go somewhere better. That's because we're taught activism is just special interest lobbies or rallies instead of normal people just normally contacting their neighbors with the information they need.

Our collective understanding of how to influence our environment is limited by a few people who control the centers of power and influence on the planet. Our current collectivist herd-mentality is weak when compared with the famed apple-crate soapbox of old, so perhaps devoting a couple of hours on Sunday afternoons for neighbors to publicly share something valuable they learned and feel valuable for doing so could work, they're more accountable for lies because they live beside you too.

Regardless of whether that happens or not, or at least getting creative and putting flyers in neighbors mailboxes to start, at these critical moments in history it's best to find people who've been right about the problems we face for decades and put our trust in them now. While it's too bad they were right, it's a good thing they are still here to give us guidance. While many will be forced to take on the challenge in their own ways, we can all learn from someone who's been at it a while.


The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G Edward Griffin

71 mins / Paperback

Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The money magician's secrets are unveiled. Here is a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, the pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money. A boring subject? Just wait. You'll be hooked in five minutes. It sounds like a detective story, which it really is, but it's all true. Based on Mr. Griffin's book of the same title, this address will shatter your old ideas about money and change the way you view the world. 1998 lecture / book.


Interview with G. Edward Griffin @ Ron Paul Bay Area Rally

9 mins


G. Edward Griffin

American film producer, publisher, author, and political lecturer. While he describes his documentaries on controversial topics like the Federal Reserve, the Supreme Court, cancer, Noah's ark, terrorism, subversion, and foreign policy as the output of "a plain vanilla researcher", he also agrees with the Los Angeles Daily News characterizing him as "Crusader Rabbit". Griffin's promotion and advocacy of Laetrile as a killer of cancer cells has not been accepted by the majority of the scientific community.

Griffin was born in Detroit on November 7, 1931, and became a child actor on local radio in 1942. By 1947 he was emceeing at WJR (CBS), and continued as announcer at WUOM and station manager at WWJ-TV (NBC), 1950–1955. He earned his bachelor's from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1953, majoring in speech and communications. Griffin served in the U.S. Army from 1954 to 1956, reaching the rank of sergeant.

When George Wallace ran for U.S. president in 1968, Griffin served as a writer for Wallace's vice presidential candidate, Curtis LeMay. In the next year, Griffin began producing films for American Media of Los Angeles (later moving to Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village, California), of which he is president. He also became a member of the Pacific Coast Pioneer Broadcasters group.


G. Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer: The Story Of Vitamin B17

55 mins


Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

President’s Welcome

Welcome to, the website of the Council on Foreign Relations. It is designed to be an online resource for everyone in these turbulent times who wants to learn more about the complex international issues challenging policy-makers and citizens alike.

Thinking about and discussing pressing foreign-policy issues is a long-established tradition at the Council on Foreign Relations, a nonpartisan and independent membership organization. As you can learn by reading our mission statement, the Council has promoted understanding of foreign policy and America’s role in the world since its founding in 1921. It does this in a variety of ways: by convening meetings at which government officials, global leaders, and Council members debate major foreign-policy issues; by operating a think tank that is home to the world’s most prominent scholars of international affairs; by sponsoring Task Forces and commissioning books and reports; and by publishing Foreign Affairs, the leading journal of global politics.


G. Edward Griffin - Ron Paul vs NWO Establishment

9 mins


G. Edward Griffin: Freedom Force International

Updated 2008 January 5


The best way to understand the operation of Freedom Force is to think of how the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) functions. It is an influential network whose members accomplish change, not by attempting to mobilize the masses on behalf of specific issues, but by having members implement its ideology and general goals within the power centers of society, which they influence or control.

The ideology of the CFR is collectivism. Its general goals are controlled elections, controlled media, controlled education, the elimination of free speech, disarmament of the population, fiat money, a cartelized health-care system, military imperialism, and global government. The ideology of Freedom Force is individualism. Its general goals are honest elections, a competitive media, an educational system responsive to parents, encouragement of free speech, a well-armed citizenry, sound money, freedom-of-choice in health care, a non-interventionist foreign policy and national sovereignty. The CFR is achieving its goals because it has acquired control over the power centers of society. We have just begun to take it back. When we do, our goals will be achieved. That’s it in a nutshell.

In the furtherance of advancing its general goals, Freedom Force sponsors activities and programs that relate to those goals. These are expressed as "projects" and several of them are listed below.

Project Outreach calls for working within a wide variety of organizations that are considered to be power centers of society. Through the leverage of leadership of those organizations, it is possible for less than one percent of the population to influence the political and social policies of each nation - and the world. Click on the banner for more information.

The rest of this section is under construction. In the future, it will feature activities, provide a portal to the Freedom Academy, and facilitate announcements regarding chapter functions and events, so please check back from time-to-time to monitor our progress.

The Freedom Academy is the training division of Freedom Force. Its purpose is to prepare students to become influential in the power centers of their respective countries and then to use that influence to shape public policy in favor of personal and global freedom. Since we are now at the earliest stages of organization, this program has begun at a modest level, consisting primarily of offering materials on the Internet. As funding permits the addition of personnel, it will expand to include Internet study courses and regional schools with hands-on training by live instructors. The following items are the humble beginning of our training materials.

How collectivists create their own opposition - and how not to be fooled by it.

How collectivists use the Diamond Tactic to sway public meetings - and how to thwart them.

How collectivists use the Delphi Technique to create group consensus at public meetings - and how to thwart them.

More about the Delphi Technique to manipulate public meetings - and how to overcome it.


The Delphi Technique

In group settings, the Delphi Technique is an unethical method of achieving consensus on controversial topics. It requires well-trained professionals, known as "facilitators" or "change agents," who deliberately escalate tension among group members, pitting one faction against another to make a preordained viewpoint appear "sensible," while making opposing views appear ridiculous.

In her book Educating for the New World Order, author and educator Beverly Eakman makes numerous references to the need of those in power to preserve the illusion that there is "community participation in decision-making processes, while in fact lay citizens are being squeezed out."

The setting or type of group is immaterial for the success of the technique. The point is that, when people are in groups that tend to share a particular knowledge base, they display certain identifiable characteristics, known as group dynamics, which allows the facilitator to apply the basic strategy.

The facilitators or change agents encourage each person in a group to express concerns about the programs, projects, or policies in question. They listen attentively, elicit input from group members, form "task forces," urge participants to make lists, and in going through these motions, learn about each member of a group. They are trained to identify the "leaders," the "loud mouths," the "weak or non-committal members," and those who are apt to change sides frequently during an argument.

Suddenly, the amiable facilitators become professional agitators and "devil's advocates." Using the "divide and conquer" principle, they manipulate one opinion against another, making those who are out of step appear "ridiculous, unknowledgeable, inarticulate, or dogmatic." They attempt to anger certain participants, thereby accelerating tensions. The facilitators are well trained in psychological manipulation. They are able to predict the reactions of each member in a group. Individuals in opposition to the desired policy or program will be shut out.

The Delphi Technique works. It is very effective with parents, teachers, school children, and community groups. The "targets" rarely, if ever, realize that they are being manipulated. If they do suspect what is happening, they do not know how to end the process. The facilitator seeks to polarize the group in order to become an accepted member of the group and of the process. The desired idea is then placed on the table and individual opinions are sought during discussion. Soon, associates from the divided group begin to adopt the idea as if it were their own, and they pressure the entire group to accept their proposition.


As crises loom, Fed critics and conspiracies bloom

Greg Saitz | New Jersey Times Picayune | April 06, 2008

Newhouse News Service

In case you didn't know, the nation is barreling toward disaster.

Interest rates are dropping. Inflation is rising. The Federal Reserve is acting like the nerdy kid in high school who gets drunk at a party and then starts handing out cash in an effort to get his insolent but popular classmates to be his friends.

What better time for a little revolutionary reading about the "real" history of the Fed as a cartel created and controlled by a secretive group of wealthy bankers that looks out only for fellow fat cats?

With even Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke using the R-word, sales of books calling for a wholesale change in the country's monetary policy, dismantling of the Fed and a return to the gold standard are selling better than mortgage-backed securities, according to sales rankings on internet bookseller Amazon and an author.

"I have noticed an increase in the last month or six weeks," said G. Edward Griffin, who wrote one of the most popular books in that category, "The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve."

"It's taking on a lot more credibility than when it was first published" in 1994, said the president of American Media, a publishing and video production company in California. Griffin also sells books and videos on his website, whose topics range from suggesting remote-controlled military planes struck the World Trade Center on 9/11 to debunking global warming.


Gore unveils $300m climate ads

Suzanne Goldenberg | The Guardian | March 31 2008

Al Gore, elevated to almost prophetic status for his campaign against global warming, on Sunday night unveiled a new $300m advertising blitz intended to force a debate on climate change during the presidential elections.

The Nobel laureate, who appeared with his wife, Tipper, on the CBS programme 60 Minutes to roll out the effort, is to donate a share of his personal fortune to the campaign.

The couple told 60 Minutes that they would donate his Nobel prize money as well as a matching sum in addition to their profits from the book and the movie of An Inconvenient Truth. The movie brought the issue of global warming home to millions of Americans, as well as winning Gore an Oscar.

In this latest campaign, Gore said he hopes to persuade Americans that protecting the planet transcends the usual political divisions.

"We all share the exact same interest in doing the right thing on this," he told CBS. "Are we destined to destroy this place that we call home, planet earth? I can't believe that that's our destiny. It is not our destiny. But we have to awaken to the moral duty that we have to do the right thing and get out of this silly political game-playing about it. This is about survival."

The first television advertisements, which are to begin airing on broadcast networks as well as cable starting on Wednesday, will pair up the most unlikely partners in the movement to address global warming.

A clip aired on CBS showed the Reverend Al Sharpton sharing a sofa with the conservative preacher Pat Robertson. The two men acknowledge they agree on almost nothing - barring the need to deal with global warming.


Dr.Tim Ball On The Alex Jones Show: Global Warming Scam!

Youtube | May 2, 2008

Dr. Timothy Ball
NRSP Chairman and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee
Phone: 250-380-7784
Fax: 250-380-7776


Dr. Timothy Ball is a renowned environmental consultant and former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he founded and directed the Rupertsland Research Centre. With a doctorate in climatology from the University of London, Queen Mary College, England, Dr. Ball's comprehensive background in the field includes a strong focus on the reconstruction of past climates and the impact of climate change on human history and the human condition.

Dr. Ball is a researcher/author of scientific papers on a range of environmental issues. He has recently (December 06) co-authored a paper for the scientific journal, Ecological Complexity, with Baliunas, Dyck, Soon, Baydack, Legates, and Hancock entitled Polar bears of western Hudson Bay and climate change: Are warming spring air temperatures the "ultimate" survival control factor? He is also co-author of the book Eighteenth Century Naturalists of Hudson Bay (2004 - McGill/Queens University Press) with Dr. Stuart Houston, one of the World's leading authorities on arctic birds.

Dr. Ball is a leader in the current global warming debate and appears regularly as a guest on radio and television - click here to watch one of his recent appearances on Fox TV's "Hannity and Colmes"; click here to listen to his June 9, 2007 radio interview on the Nick at Night on CFRA Radio in Ottawa, Ontario.

Dr. Ball is also published frequently in leading newspapers and magazines across Canada and, increasingly, the U.S. and abroad A measure of Dr. Ball's impact was seen recently when, after one of his pieces was featured on the Drudge Report, a leading on-line news service (click here to see original piece), he received approximately 1,000 e-mails from the general public during the next 24 hours, 90% of which were supportive. Dr. Ball personally responded to over 500 of these, providing respondents with information as requested -- as a consequence several are now NRSP supporters.

Dr. Ball's public presentations - over 600 in the past ten years -- have been enthusiastically received by professional societies, business conferences, public forums and a wide variety of public, private and non-profit organizations. His entertaining, yet solidly science-based description of the current climate change controversy has resulted in him being a much sought after speaker continent-wide. Recognizing the different knowledge-levels and interests of particular audiences, Dr. Ball specially tunes his talks to appeal to listeners and, as a consequence, is regular repeat presenter for many groups.


Help Stop The Al Gore Tax!

Petition Opposing Climate Alarmism And The $1.2 Trillion Global Warming Tax

Total signers: 121,416

Your Sponsor:

The Issue:

This Spring, the Senate is expected to vote on a Global Warming bill (Lieberman-Warner) that will impose a $1.2 Trillion tax on the American people -- all in the name of Al Gore's unfounded Climate Alarmist agenda.

President Bush and the three presidential candidates are all pushing the CO2 Climate Crisis thesis -- and Climate Alarmists are pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into this massive effort to create the largest expansion of government power in our nation�s history. All this while a growing body of scientific evidence is showing that man-made global warming is not a crisis at all! Read Grassfire's backgrounder on Climate Alarmism.

Read about TIME's Shocking Cover Story!

Citizen Petition To Stop Al Gore Tax & Climate Alarmism is launching this National Petition opposing the Climate Alarmist agenda, the current Lieberman-Warner Carbon Tax bill and other similar measures. We want to rally 100,000 petitions before the expected floor debate on Lieberman-Warner in early June. If you oppose Al Gore�s Climate Alarmism, please sign the petition below.


Reshaping Public Opinion and the White Coated Propagandists

Reshaping the International Order Part 4

Brent Jessop | Knowledge Driven | April 28, 2008

..."Atomic and political scientists from Harvard University and MIT meeting in November 1975 concluded that an atomic war will certainly occur before the year 2000. This, they believed, could only be prevented by the decision of all nation-states to surrender their sovereignty to an authoritarian world government, a possibility they viewed as unlikely." - RIO: Reshaping the International Order, 1976 (p46)

Public opinion is not generated by the public it is driven into them by marketing and propaganda. One of the main aspects of generating public opinion is the use of experts or specialists to tell the public what to think and give them a false sense of security derived from the belief that there are armies of experts making all of the difficult decisions for them. What if the legions of experts are just white coated propagandists?

The Club of Rome is a premiere think tank composed of approximately 100 members including leading scientists, philosophers, political advisors, former politicians and many other influential bureaucrats and technocrats. This series of articles describes the major conclusions of the 1976 book 'Rio: Reshaping the International Order: A Report to the Club of Rome' [1] coordinated by Nobel Laureate Jan Tinbergen. The RIO report "addresses the following question: what new international order should be recommended to the world's statesmen and social groups so as to meet, to the extent practically and realistically possible, the urgent needs of today's population and the probable needs of future generations?"

Part 1 of this series gives an overview of the proposed new international order described by the RIO report as "humanistic socialism". This includes: collective neighbourhood armies, a fully planned world economy, global free trade, public international enterprises, proposed changes in consumption patterns among other topics. Changes to the financial system including international taxation and the creation of a World Treasury, World Central Bank and World Currency are examined in part 2. Part 3 addresses the redefinition of sovereignty from "territorial sovereignty" to "functional sovereignty" as well as the use of the concept of the "common heritage of mankind" to gain international control of not just the oceans, atmosphere and outer space but also all material and non-material resources.



The Future Belongs to All - Final Statement

Date: 2008-04-02

The Conference on the topic “From Global Warning to Global Policy” was convened by the World Political Forum and the Club of Rome and chaired by President Mikhail Gorbachev in Turin on March 28-29 2008. It gathered representatives from parliaments and other political institutions, science, education and global civil society, business and finance from different continents and from professional interests ranging from research to action. It focused on the underlying causes of our inability to take effective action to avert the intensifying problems which threaten sustainable development and peace and, indeed, the future of our civilization.

The participants concluded that the world has entered a period in which the dramatic scale, complexity and speed of change caused by human activities threaten the fragile environmental and ecological systems of the planet on which we depend. It is urgent therefore that the world community should agree rapidly on strategies and effective action to avert irreversible change in world systems, brought about by accelerating climate change, the ecosystems crisis, the depletion of energy resources and the diminishing availability of water, the degradation of environments across the world, persistent poverty and deprivation and the rising gulf between rich and poor within and between countries. Also, global population is in the midst of a transition from explosive growth to a new paradigm of development, never before experienced by humankind.


The Club of Rome is a global think tank and centre of innovation and initiative.

As a non-profit, non govermental organisation (NGO), it brings together scientists, economists, businessmen, international high civil servants, heads of state and former heads of state from all five continents who are convinced that the future of humankind is not determined once and for all and that each human being can contribute to the improvement of our societies.


Peace by peace...



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