Monday, August 21, 2006

Aw man... this sucks... and I just watched "Gandhi" on DVD today to get inspired too..."India's Hitler-themed restaurant draws fire" (MSNBC)

This is completely insane.

But: I have one comment to make.

If this upsets you, then good, it should.

If this upsets you more than Guantanamo does...

...then I'm going to knock your friggin' teeth out.

That's all.



India's Hitler-themed restaurant draws fire

Name will 'stay in people's minds,' says Mumbai restaurateur

Updated: 8:34 a.m. ET Aug. 21, 2006

MUMBAI, India - A new restaurant in India's financial hub, named after Adolf Hitler and promoted with posters showing the German leader and Nazi swastikas, has infuriated the country's small Jewish community.

Hitler's Cross, which opened last week, serves up a wide range of continental fare and a big helping of controversy, thanks to a name the owners say they chose to stand out among hundreds of Mumbai eateries.

"We wanted to be different. This is one name that will stay in people's minds," owner Punit Shablok told Reuters.

"We are not promoting Hitler. But we want to tell people we are different in the way he was different."

But India's remaining Jews — most migrated to Israel and the West over the years — say they are outraged by the gimmick.

"This signifies a severe lack of awareness of the agony of millions of Jews caused by one man," said Jonathan Solomon, chairman of the Indian Jewish Federation, the community's umbrella organization.

"We are going to stop this deification of Hitler," he said without elaborating.

The small restaurant, its interior done out in the Nazi colors of red, white and black, also has a lounge for smoking the Indian water pipe or "hookah."

Posters line the road leading up to it, featuring a red swastika carved in the name of the eatery. One slogan reads: "From Small Bites to Mega Joys."

A huge portrait of a stern-looking Füehrer greets visitors at the door. The cross in the restaurant's name refers to the swastika that symbolized the Nazi regime.

"This place is not about wars or crimes, but where people come to relax and enjoy a meal," said restaurant manager Fatima Kabani, adding that they were planning to turn the eatery's name into a brand with more branches in Mumbai.

The swastika has its roots in ancient Indian Hindu tradition and remains a sacred symbol for Hindus. Nazi theorists appropriated it to bolster their central hypothesis of the Aryan origins of the German people.

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P.S. Saving The World is easy, watch "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" to know the government and media lie to us ALL the time, then check and newswires or The Alex Jones Radio Show for why. Then distribute copies of "TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism" on DVD or Google Video, and give everyone the option of waking up! NOW!!!

P.P.S. Check this out too while you still can!

Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most.

London Mirror /

Wearing a coat does not mean you are a terrorist

Anger over plane ban Muslims

Stewart Maclean / London Mirror | August 21 2006

MUSLIM leaders yesterday blasted British passengers who staged a mutiny on a holiday jet after accusing two innocent Asian men of being terrorists.

The packed flight from Malaga to Manchester was delayed more than three hours after worried trippers stormed off and refused to fly until the British-born Muslims were removed.

The pair - later cleared by police - aroused suspicions by speaking Arabic and wearing heavy overcoats in the Mediterranean heat.

But yesterday angry Muslim elders slammed airline chiefs for over-reacting. Muslim Association of Britain spokesman Ismail Farhat said: "Wearing a coat in summer doesn't make someone a terrorist. It's absolutely disgraceful.

"These two innocent young men were treated like terrorists for no reason. It's just racist prejudice."

The drama unfolded last Wednesday on the 3am Monarch flight from Malaga. Several passengers, many with young families, refused to board after spotting the two Asian men in coats and jumpers in the departure lounge.

And more stormed off the Airbus 320 shortly before take-off when word spread that they had been overheard talking in Arabic. The men - in their 20s - were then escorted off flight ZB613 by armed Spanish airport police and quizzed before later being cleared to return to Britain.

The packed holiday jet, with 150 passengers and seven crew, was emptied and searched.

Passengers later defended their actions and said the pair had also continually checked their watches before boarding.

College lecturer Jo Schofield, 38, said: "People had been talking about them. They looked dodgy." Husband Heath, 40, added: "Some passengers were panicky and in tears. There was a lot of talk about terrorism."

Muslim Council of Britain boss Muhammad Abdul Bari said last night: "While it is sensible for all of us to be vigilant, it is not sensible to pick on Muslims simply because they happen to dress differently or appear to be speaking to each other in Arabic."

A Monarch spokesman said: "The captain was concerned about the security surrounding the two gentlemen and the decision was taken to remove them for further security checks."