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Vij for Vendetta

"Remember, remember,
The eleventh of September,
When the mightiest of steel,
Was reduced to embers,

And please do remember,
The darkness that fell,
For our foes wish us ill,
But our friends wish us hell..."


"I'm kickin' combo, convo's,
Y'all know, that I know,
I show, when I show,
To show I know mo',

F'sho, flows, sho', f'sho,
F'sho, we sho', we know, f'sho',
To show, so, slow, to show,
To grow is to know to show f'sho..."


"In times like this, I always wondered, what would Martin do?"

- Coretta Scott King, on re-opening the James Earl Ray trial which resulted in his subsequent acquittal - twice, as quoted by Barry Pepper, author of "An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King"


Some emails are better than others, these are mine...


Re: 9/11 sites


You see why it's so dangerous to spend time with me? ;P

And now, for the red pill...


I've seen a dozen films on this, and they're
neither contradictory nor
confusing - they're corroborating. They each
highlight their own set
of the over 600 commonly accepted smoking guns -
nearly all of which
can be found (though rarely repeated) in the
mainstream media. When
you look at the *exact* same story again you can
see how utterly insane
it is.


If we don't accept "how" we're supposed to think
about it - and as
smart individuals we shouldn't, then then we can
see a lil' piece of
recent history totally exposed as crap.

Besides, when one side are proven liars and
torturers and
war-profiteers, and the other side have never
lied nor tortured nor
war-profiteered... then who do you trust?

Uh yeah, sure... *these guys* couldn't possibly
do it...

Films (as you well know) are the result of
massive amounts of time and
effort, and having investigated the facts they
outlined I can honestly
say they get confirmed in triplicate, and scratch
the surface as best
they can.

The best one I've seen on the events of September
11th itself is called
"Loose Change: 2nd Edition". It was made by
three kids age 21, 23 and
26 over two years, and is brilliantly and densely

The DVD's website is:


And if you Google "loose change" you can stream
it on Google Video as
the second search result. Just let it load for a
minute so it doesn't
stop (that sucks!), full-screen it, and crank up
the speakers, the kids
did a great job with the music too...


The other best film I've seen on 9/11 and the
rise of the police state
is, well... "Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police
State". I know
you've seen it, but like many other movies it's
worth a second look,
and seeing New York become "Baghdad-lite" (Greg
Palast) is crazy. I
think it's the most important movie in the world
right now, and would
like it to be the centre of discussion for
billions of people.

You can watch clips and check their resource


And you can download a copy at:



As for websites there's a whole bunch, but this
is one of the most
respected ones with links to others:


And they just referenced an article on Charlie
Sheen's recent
appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live from the best
source of information out
there - PrisonPlanet.com courtesy of Alex Jones.

Here's a look at their massive 9/11 Archive:


If this doesn't convince you of how hard they
work, how sincere they
are, and how desperately they try to corroborate
information... then you didn't look at it.


Hey, it is what it is.

If you look at history, governments (lead by
Kings, Queens, Emperors,
Presidents, etc.) have always gone bad, that's
just what they do.

The 20th Century killed 160 million people in
wars (Robert McNamara),
worse than any in history by far, and the 21st
Century is starting off
even worse.

If you look at the world objectively, with 3
billion people living on
less than $2/day, the means of production taken
away from local
cultures, globalization leading to starvation and
environmental catastrophes that affect billions
with no recourse in
insurance... you can see that humans are
collectively treating each
other worse than ever before in history.

But, the solution is easy: "Qui bono?" or, "Who

There are very few people that dare track the
money high enough up the
food chain to see who's orchestrating events for
their malicious
benefit - or if there's a connection at all.

And yet, if immensely powerful people weren't
immensely benefiting from
the chaos, wouldn't they use their power to
change the world?


"And That's One to Grow On!" :)


P.S. Had a blast, great weekend, congrats again...


Good on ya mate, good quotes too, especially the
one chosen early that
sets the tone of the article - after all, the
poor, poor Green Party
shouldn't have to needlessly suffer as a result
of campaign finance
reform! ;P

No worries, I think they're throwing the game on
purpose by
half-heartedly picking a fight, and apparently,
according to the media,
pitting their policy against "free speech".

It seems like they're getting us ready to
acknowledge they tried to
fulfill their campaign promise to avoid having
them try again - thus
leaving the status quo election rules that
recently elected the Tories
in the first place.

Next comes the non-confidence motion that
dissolves their government,
then the following election that certifies their
majority... and voila:

"Heil Harper!"

Excuse moi, I've got a brown shirt I need to
iron, and fortunately it
matches my big brown eyes and my big brown ass!



Exhibit A: "Conversational Elephant Gun"


I done told you meng... :)




yep, thanks for the link meng, it's been
corroborated several times by
several different engineers but is always good to

there are so many "smoking guns" out there that
the fact that we
believed the original story seems unbelievable -
so we have even more
trouble believing the revised version. people
just don't like being
wrong man, and we're wrong on a massive scale.

here's a BBC article (still up!) from Sept 23,


plus... ah, screw it.

just watch "Loose Change: 2nd Edition", or either
of the two Alex Jones
films, and you'll see for yourself... :)


p.s. here's the bonus section of the main page of
my music site, and by
definition a random sampling of what i've been up


(it's near the bottom of the page, or see below.)

i'm afraid we live in a world we don't understand
gentlemen, as there
are far too many clues available - and far too
much dishonest avoidance
of them in all our preferred sources of
information. the lines between
deciding that something is unimportant because
it's silly versus
deciding it's unimportant because it's
threatening are being blurred,
and we reflect that fallacy in oft-repeating that
the threatening
things are silly.

and, there's a reason for that: they're

(that's why we refuse to discuss them.)

and, there's a reason we're on TomKat/Brangelina
Babywatch: it's silly.

(that's why we enjoy discussing it.)

either way, "the electronic berlin wall of
controlled corporate media"
(Alex Jones) has to be torn down, and those
battling against the tidal
spin must be acknowledged for their efforts.
finally, as we casually
consume movies like "Star Wars III" and "V for
Vendetta" that clearly
show the government staging terror attacks so
they can seize control of
their terrified populations...

...we have to realize that Mr. Lucas and The
Wachowski Brothers did the
best Hollywood they could to let us know.

"Freedom! Forever!"

vij for vendetta

p.s. here's a BBC News article from September 23,
2001 that says many
of the hijackers are still alive, and it's still



BONUS: Getcha learn on...

"In the councils of government, we must guard
against the acquisition
of unwarranted influence, whether sought or
unsought, by the military
industrial complex. The potential for the
disastrous rise of misplaced
power exists and will persist.

We must never let the weight of this combination
endanger our liberties
or democratic processes. We should take nothing
for granted. Only an
alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the
proper meshing of the
huge industrial and military machinery of defense
with our peaceful
methods and goals, so that security and liberty
may prosper together."

- Dwight D. Eisenhower
- 34th President of the United States
- Farewell Address to the Nation
- January 17, 1961

"When we got into office, the thing that
surprised me the most was that
things were as bad as we'd been saying they

"The men who create power make an indispensable
contribution to the
Nation's greatness, but the men who question
power make a contribution
just as indispensable, especially when that
questioning is
disinterested, for they determine whether we use
power or power uses

"We must never forget that art is not a form of
propaganda; it is a
form of truth."

"Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put
an end to mankind."

- John F. Kennedy
- 35th President of the United States
- Assasinated in Dallas, Texas
- November 22, 1963


Three free documentaries that could actually help
Save The World.


They're awesome.

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Peace pushin' weight...



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