Monday, February 06, 2006

"Qui bono?" is Latin for "Who profits?", and "Bush's $2.77 Trillion Budget Favors Defense"

And that's it.

No really, it's that simple.

Even cops say: to find the crime, follow the money.


The conspiracy here primarily involves corporate greed, and securing the war-marketplace for future profits. There are several players involved often at cross-purposes, and much like supervillains they argue over who gon' run 'tings to achieve world domination.

We all understand pieces of the game and have our fave pet-conspiracy theories, though few of us can put many together as clearly as we'd like. The war is not just about "OIL!!!" and controlling the worlds resources, as those are largely "future" profits.

I mean, who's making money right "now"?

Copies of President Bush's proposed FY2007 budget arrive on Capitol Hill Monday, Feb. 6, 2006. Staff members in the foreground are not identified. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)

Yahoo! News

Bush's $2.77 Trillion Budget Favors Defense

By MARTIN CRUTSINGER, AP Economics Writer 9 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - President Bush sent Congress a $2.77 trillion spending plan on Monday that would bolster the nation's war against terrorism but squeeze many other government programs in an effort to deal with an exploding budget deficit projected to hit an all-time high this year.

Bush, hoping to get his domestic agenda back on track after a year of political setbacks, sent Congress a budget blueprint that emphasizes keeping the country strong militarily while offering mostly modest initiatives to deal with voter anxiety about rising global competition, soaring energy prices and skyrocketing medical bills.

"My administration has focused the nation's resources on our highest priority — protecting our citizens and our homeland," Bush said in his budget message. "Working with Congress, we have given our men and women on the front lines in the war on terror the funding they need to defeat the enemy and detect, disrupt and dismantle terrorist plots and operations."

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We are here to call their bluff.

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Blood, Sweat & Tears:
Asia’s Poor Build U.S. Bases in Iraq

by David Phinney, Special to CorpWatch

October 3rd, 2005

cartoon by Khalil Bendib

Jing Soliman left his family in the Philippines for what sounded like a sure thing--a job as a warehouse worker at Camp Anaconda in Iraq. His new employer, Prime Projects International (PPI) of Dubai, is a major, but low-profile, subcontractor to Halliburton 's multi-billion-dollar deal with the Pentagon to provide support services to U.S. forces.

But Soliman wouldn’t be making anything near the salaries-- starting $80,000 a year and often topping $100,000-- that Halliburton 's engineering and construction unit, Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR) pays to the truck drivers, construction workers, office workers, and other laborers it recruits from the United States. Instead, the 35-year-old father of two anticipated $615 a month – including overtime. For a 40-hour work week, that would be just over $3 an hour. But for the 12-hour day, seven-day week that Soliman says was standard for him and many contractor employees in Iraq, he actually earned $1.56 an hour.




Blogger Black Krishna said...

Hey Tricia,

I completely agree, and with the American dollar the world-standard for acceptable currency, their ability to print as many of them as they want and steer them towards evil corporations is a huge part of the global poverty problem today.

I recently heard about the "petrodollar cycle", where back in the 1960's the U.S. insisted that ALL oil sold in the Middle-East (and later the world) be bought using ONLY U.S. dollars. In exchange, the U.S. offered military and economic support to prop up dictators in Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc..

What this meant was simple: the U.S. could print money to buy oil, while other countries would have to offer goods and services to get their U.S. dollars to buy oil. Plus, oil-rich Arab states would invest their U.S. dollars in the U.S. economy... and you get the messy picture.

Basically, the U.S. has been getting their oil for the price of printing on paper. That's why they rich as hell.

Recently there have been rumblings about selling oil in Euros, and that's part of the reason Iraq was invaded: Saddam had signed agreements to sell oil to France and Germany after sanctions were lifted - and in Euros. The U.S. couldn't allow this, so instead of lifting sanctions upon proof of no "WMD's" they chose to invade.

Googling just now I found this article that looks aiight:

What Our Students Are NOT Learning about Iraq

Mark Levine, professor of History | 02.19.2003
Mark Levine teaches history at University of California, Irvine. He is a
contributing editor to TIKKUN Magazine. He may be reached at:

It's got the "CIA" history stuff, and there's a tonne of other sources easily available online. Gotta run, keep opposing, educating, and inspiring... :)




Black Krishna Brand

Philosophy -

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11:51 AM  
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