Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's 2006... Happier New Year! :-) "We know!!! LIAR! LIAR! We show!!! FIRE! FIRE!"

Saw "Hustle and Flow" last nite (it's wikkid)...

Read Rolling Stone's "Special Year End Double Issue" on mavericks, troublemakers and renegades (it's wikkid)...

Feelin' the slow-flow comin' out of H-Town (it's wikkid)...

Puttin' it down (it's wikkid)...



Chap Muzik to BKrunk

Troublemakers, they inspire,
Take us higher,
Walk the wire, or retire a liar,
What's your desire?
See the fire, in ya belly,
At the liar, on ya telly,
Holla on the celly, like Nelly,
At homie, ridin' on Pirelli's,
Sell these dreams like a pimp, man,
Show'em ya pimp, hand,
It's simp, man,
Got game, or you just a wimp, man,
A gimp, man,
Pulp Fictional playa-hater,
Or relater to the haters,
Spittin' at'em over cross-faders,
Like Lord Vader,
I see the force, is strong, in you,
I see a longing, for, Dark-slidin' thru,
But when ridin' to,
A beat, frees ya mind,
To nevermind, the grind,
For the blind,
Make'em rewind...



We know!!! (echo)
We know!!! (echo)
We show!!! (echo)
Let's go!!! (echo)


Walkin' away,
From the day,
I walk away from the way,
I wanna walk away,
From how I wanna walk a day,
Walking away, too fast,
To put'em on blast,
To put'em up last, is quick-fast,
A quick way to fast,
And fade away,
On layaway,
Lay away,
From the way ya Lay Lady Lay,
After lay,
See, the playa's just play away,
And pay in a way,
That makes'em gay in a way,
Prissin' and preenin',
Like Keenan in drag,
From back in the day,
Backin' away, from the way,
Seein' the way ain't the way,
Unless you do it yo' way,
Guess I'm sayin',
Playa play...



We know!!! (echo)
We know!!! (echo)
We show!!! (echo)
Let's go!!! (echo)


Look fast,
Shook fast,
Shoot, blast!
Shoot, last?
So who,
Shoot first?
Got that sexual FEMA,
Impotent schema,
Katrina day-dreama,
Peelin' off, like excema,
Seein' faces crackin',
Places lackin',
Nuthin' but attackin' crack'n',
Wackin', like they do in Iraq'n',
Smackin' us in the vision,
On television,
God-given intuition,
Went for ammunition over nutrition,
With military precision,
Police-stated facelift,
New Orleans the first,



We know!!! (echo)
We know!!! (echo)
We show!!! (echo)
Let's go!!! (echo)


- Black Krishna, "We show!!! FIRE! FIRE!"


The Boston Globe

White House slowing Katrina inquiry, senators say

By Lara Jakes Jordan, Associated Press Writer | January 24, 2006

WASHINGTON --The White House is crippling a Senate inquiry into the government's sluggish response to Hurricane Katrina by barring administration officials from answering questions and failing to hand over documents, senators leading the investigation said Tuesday.

In some cases, staff at the White House and other federal agencies have refused to be interviewed by congressional investigators, said the top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. In addition, agency officials won't answer seemingly innocuous questions about times and dates of meetings and telephone calls with the White House, the senators said.

A White House spokesman said the administration is committed to working with separate Senate and House investigations of the Katrina response but wants to protect the confidentiality of presidential advisers.

"No one believes that the government responded adequately," said Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn. "And we can't put that story together if people feel they're under a gag order from the White House."

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, the committee's Republican chair, said she respects the White House's reluctance to reveal advice to President Bush from his top aides, which is generally covered by executive privilege.

Still, she criticized the dearth of information from agency officials about their contacts with the White House.

"We are entitled to know if someone from the Department of Homeland Security calls someone at the White House during this whole crisis period," Collins said. "So I think the White House has gone too far in restricting basic information about who called whom on what day."

She added, "It is completely inappropriate" for the White House to bar agency officials from talking to the Senate committee.

White House spokesman Trent Duffy said the administration's deputy homeland security adviser, Ken Rapuano, has briefed House and Senate lawmakers on the federal response. A "lessons learned" report from Homeland Security Adviser Frances Fragos Townsend also is expected in coming weeks, Duffy said.

But he defended the administration's decision to prohibit White House staffers or other presidential advisers from testifying before Congress.

"There is a deliberate process, and the White House has always said it wants to cooperate with the committee but preserve any president's ability to get advice from advisers on a confidential basis," Duffy said. "And that's a critical need for any U.S. president and that is continuing to influence how we cooperate with the committees."

Collins and Lieberman sidestepped questions about whether they plan to subpoena the White House to get the information they seek, though Collins said she does not believe subpoenaing the Homeland Security Department is necessary.

The Senate inquiry is scheduled to conclude in March with a report detailing steps the federal government took -- and didn't take -- to prepare for the Aug. 29 storm.

Investigators have interviewed about 260 witnesses from federal, state and local governments and the private sector. Additionally, the committee has received an estimated 500,000 documents -- including e-mails, memos, supply orders and emergency operation plans -- outlining Katrina-related communications among all levels of government.

But Lieberman said the Justice and Health and Human Services departments "have essentially ignored our document requests for months" while HHS has refused to allow interviews of its staff. He described the Homeland Security response as "too little, too late."

Collins offered a rosier view of Homeland Security's cooperation, noting that Deputy Secretary Michael Jackson and department chief of staff John Wood were scheduled to talk to investigators later this week.

A special House committee created to review the government's readiness for Katrina is to release its findings by Feb. 15. Although Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., the panel's chairman, earlier considered subpoenaing the White House, the panel backed away after the Rapuano briefing.

However, Rep. Charlie Melancon, D-La., is pushing to subpoena Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld in response to the Pentagon's reluctance to release his correspondence about the storm.

Davis spokesman David Marin said Rumsfeld's papers may not be necessary, saying, "We have more than enough information to find serious fault with the administration's preparation for and response to Katrina. And we will."


On the Net:

Department of Homeland Security: http://www.dhs.gov

Department of Health and Human Services: http://www.hhs.gov

Justice Department: http://www.usdoj.gov

© Copyright 2006 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

SOURCE - http://www.boston.com/news/local/connecticut/articles/2006/01/24/white_house_slowing_katrina_inquiry_senators_say/


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