Sunday, October 09, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving...

9 / OCT / 05

I kinda, spit, at a pace,
That got screwfacin' distaste,
The Dot takin' it's place,
My spot runnin' a race,
My race runnin' in place,
'Cept money-moves proves,
Honey's groove'n'move,
Bunnies still abused,
Confused crews lose,
Lose crews confused,
Refused 2 lose crews,
So crews movin' news,
So crews pushin' weight,
In pieces, on a plate,
Collection clean-slate,
New debate to relate,
Fate's great, who knows?
Flow's foretold how I'm sold,
Never cold, if it unfold, untold, stay bold,
Stay cold to a heart's desire,
Control fire, no liar,
Wanna sire, retire, give up walkin' a wire,
Admire, the higher powers,
On earth, so I search,
A Happy Home is a Church,
Happy Fam', nice merch,
Perched on a shadow, my face talks a mile,
Own my style, so my own smile, bring a new style,
For a while we walk, run if we talk,
Gotta run fun-talk, or get clocked on the block,
Get marked after dark,
The narc - emotion's arc,
Potions spark, oceans of lotions for the spark,
Rub'n'tug, a hug, do's and don't's for a mug,
Want's and won't's always tug, at war with the hug,
Drug-dealer, Thug-stealer, sellin'em sole,
Lump of coal is my goal,
Stocking-stuff, ya soul,
Diamonds Are Forever, if ya clever with a goal,
Lump of coal in your soul,
Can be crushed to glow-bold,
To grow old, is to slow-grow, show you can slow-mo,
Show that the slow-show, is how to go, f'sho,
F'real, deal the time-steal,
Reveal, even-keel heel,
Feel or kneel:
The steel, reveal how you feel,
Mind-state, great, sedate-fate, relate,
Ain't a state of bliss:
Kiss of Death, breath? = Life-mate, hate.
Never test fate,
Never know the date,
Never-ever see it straight,
So never-ever favor hate,
Clever-flavor relate, sever behavior I hate,
Savior of some, fun, one-and-all-call, then we great,
Satiate, the opiate, hope we ate-great, late,
Hope is dope so I date,
Spliff-sexin' a mate,
Text-messin' a date, song's on, so sing,
Won't ring unless I sing,
Jus' doin' my thing,
Can't sing?
Can't speak?
Can't live?
Can't seek?
Took a peek at the weak,
Saw the unique they seek,
Leak lies,
Leak truth,
Juxtapose 4 proof,
Prose when I shoot,
Pose when I'm cute,
Suppose when I'm gone,
The story can sell,
When I'm tryin' to tell,
The sell make it hell,
The tales of the Bell,
Pavlov doggin' us all,
React to the fall, of it all, like we small,
If you got big-balls, short-short them legs,
And shorty's with short-short's,
Show them Faberge Eggs,
This party got kegs, no near-beer here,
Liquid-courage, kill-fear,
Melanoma's near,
Dark in the sun,
Angels from Hell,
And these coloreds don't run,
These coloreds don't stun,
Old news: Who's the fools?
Iso-and-hold, someone get me my tools,
Not a sadist, but the greatest,
With a pen and a pad,
Not to dog Dad,
I'm just reppin' what he had,
I'm just steppin' playin' bad,
Clowin' thru frownin',
Crownin' Kings 'cause I can,
No matter they' brownin',
No matter the color, skin ain't the sin,
Nor is spittin' the sin, of the spin, that we in,
If our Jin is 2 win, hold our tongues and our head,
See what they' fed,
Check they' sched fo' they' said,
We all slaves in a grave,
In a 3-legged race,
Partners-in-time, better keep pace,
Better just face, who's runnin' this place,
We gunnin' for a taste, of a safe-space, in haste,
I can see from outer-space,
The earth looks kind of small,
Ah, there's the Great Wall,
And there are my balls...