Monday, September 19, 2005

Plan BK: The Solutions - Movie Nite!

"The revolution will not rip the X-Box out of your hands."

- Black Krishna


Ah the talkies: now in glorious color!

Hollywould you believe in magic?


The rest of the time?


It's crap.


I just heard the late-nite lament on a passing escalator: "That movie sucked!"

Sad that.

Too bad for the money and time wasted, a nite of fun turned into a nite of none.

However, what of the movies paid for by bandwidth-holders? Citizen KanYe's? Those with the cojones to attach their name to their ISP and a plethora of political perfidy pimp'd plenty passionately? Those not resorting to a flashy nom de plume in the hopes of seducing souljahs selling sacrilege? (Guilty as charge d'affaired! :)

90% of the time, in my humble experience, they're solid as sold.

It's really that simple: trust ye in ye fellow man and womyn? Or trust ye in ye fellowship Blockbuster? The Lord of "The Ring" beckons, but so does the day of the reckons...

Just like 90% of the time when surfing the English Channels of the blue-lit sea of mediocritterdom on ye olde telly, and stumbling on ye olde earth-shaking world-making head-faking intelligent lifeforming free willingness to speak truth to power, the sheer boxers-full-of-boulders stun while cockily applying caulking to the cracks in reality that let the darkness leak into life, leaving us louder.

To wit: "Dude! You won't believe what I saw on TV last nite!"

Verily the madness of extraordinary exhortations from the ex-girlfriend of extra-time, she be TV: just bad enough for you to leave you drained, but just comfortable enough to never leave. So rare to dare, so rare to care, but upon seeing the rare, one can't help but stare...

And that's really it: across the social spectrum, some socio-political shiznit just blows you away. An army of one earth-shattering episode, a quotable quote, you're King of the Castle's own moat, a memorable Murder She Wrote.

But far be it from me to be the Manchurian Candidate elected to sellfishly sell it. Sales-pitches need not be graded on a curve: see your game of TV-ball to see which Sitting Balls you hit out of the park, and which ones whizzed by to be waffle-ball'd at...

Fahrenheit 9/11? An easy mark, a shot in the dark, a stroll in the park.

Lies you say? Then say them I say. I've heard not a word from a bark or a bird, only promises of ones overheard. Life's a bitch when we twist a sitch, and nothing from that snitch Chris Hitch made me twitch.

Spy Game? Brad and Rob were game, the CIA saw no shame, the fame they claimed was aimed at the maimed, and thus a good movie was maintained.

But back to the fact: the doc's back, and while Dre makes sure Detox don't lack, we can all certainly clean up our act.

A night a week, two nights strong, what's an hour or two, when the buzz lasts long...

The full-court Press Corpse is on, with blow-dried zombies 'til dawn; and they all know the vibe they're on, so press on, and become the zombies they spawn...

Each week the truth-seeker gets weaker, especially when they dare wear a blank-stare with a loud-speaker. Speak and ye shall be heard, whether ye speak in the third or be spittin' up turds...

The love of truth is the love of youth, as we get older we forget to reboot, the jackboot shoot and we claim it's the loot, but the cash collected leaves any point moot...


Mayhap one nite a week to seek unique, you're only a freak if you're too weak to seek; and perhaps the earth shall gift the meek, but then the gift of earth may slap the other cheek...

The sites to check to raise some heck, protect ya neck, and ya paycheck...

(5 out of 5 stars)

(5 out of 5 stars)

(5 out of 5 stars)

(4 out of 5 stars)

There's more where it's from, so ask: how come?


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