Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Whitewatching, Brainwashing, Whitewashing...

I'm gonna stop, drop and roll for a minute...

I don't think this is an excuse, but I do think it can be used to help explain the problem:

White people trust white people.

There's a million good reasons why, and most races feel a kinship towards their own especially when feeling threatened, so simple whitenocentricity is often the root.

I think the wedge-issue is how to separate the ones that know they're being sold their inherent superiority from the ones that don't, and then see who cares.

The issue exists for sure, but it's so prevalent I'm not sure how many people of all races are aware. Not to mention the real difficulty in convincing any smart people that they've been manipulated, let alone white people who think they couldn't be subconsciously rascist in some way if they have colored friends.

"White" has been "normal" since my flesh-coloured pencil crayons, and is "normal" now. That plays out in a million ways - e.g. 90% of communication is non-verbal. But, I still can't knock anyone getting theirs that ain't takin' no one else's, and we've got to recognize the world we need to fix is chock full of white people.

"Normal" is "Racist".

It always has been, and based on that old flawed first principle we're now developing new prejudices. White people just do whatever they want with power and numbers, and make whatever crazy stuff they want to do "normal" with their complete control of information.

Including... murder.


Much, much, worse.




(Warning: Foul story ahead.)


I was hanging with some really white buddies and other multi-colored buddies a while back, and "Eating The Bread" was brought up, prompting a big laugh.

Us colored buddies looked at each other like: "Huh?"

Buddy said: "Oh you haven't heard of it? Umm..."

Other buddy picked up the slack: "You've never heard of it? I've done it!"

Other buddy said: "Yeah, it's when you're on a football team or something, and all the guys get together and start jerking off in a circle on a piece of bread. Then, the last guy who finishes has to eat the bread!!!"

They started laughing.

I said: "You know... that's disgusting, you guys... you guys are just nasty. What's worse: if I told you people in Kenya or Calcutta did this crap and you guys didn't, you'd think they were the most disgusting primitive homo-savages of all time!"

"Man: you white people are foul!!!"

They seemed sheepish.


White people are crazy, and TV is their God.

Heck, the Christians say God made Man in His image, so worshipping TV makes perfect sense to me. i guess we've just gotta be smart enough to reach the progressively dumber members of all races, including whitey.

I'm not even that scared of whitey with a gun: it's whitey with a remote that could kill us all...

Peace, (NOW!!!)



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