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Blog Trailer - Michael Moore: One Of The Greatest Men In History Rants Among Us

I'm guessing one's impact in history here, and looking at the present as a decent variable. I think had Bush lost the 2004 election Moore's movie-as-indictment would've gained a place in histoy earlier, but frankly I also think the world's a better place just for having seen it, and our minds are more open to possibilities now.

In addition, stylistically with many opinions neutered or shallow, it's good to see good old honest outrage manifested cockily and humourously. Dave Chappelle is a wicked example, I was watching some Season 2 stuff with a buddy today and it blew my mind how he says what he says (hardcore political satire) in ballsy brilliant ways that are compulsively re-watchable. Objectively he's sold a tonne of DVD's, and subjectively I think it's agreeable that he's got talent and charm. All these dudes, from Jon Stewart to Chris Rock to... (I'm blanking here... sad that,) anyone saying truth to power well are a fantastic resource.

I've got a buddy who isn't "political", but he really likes System of a Down and The Black Eyed Peas among others, and knows what they're saying - System in particular makes it easy but flips it in cool ways too. It's all working for something, and arguably the same thing - just distribution of Better Vibing Technology.

Moore has a unique function among these guys: he goes after power hard in commercially viable ways - a rare gift today, and holds it accountable with a sticky narrative for understanding some realized and potential dangers. Part of it is the time and depth a movie takes, but the other is a genuine desire to reflect the will of the disenfranchised in his criticism, and represent their rarely heard and often shocking indictments of the middle-class status quo.

I think the further you are outside "the system" the less fealty you have to its inherent value and conferred auto-morality, leaving you free to take a closer look at suspicious cracks in societal architecture. Also, the more you get from something, the more you appreciate it, and really it's that simple at its core. Heck even if you went to your local chicken wing joints, all you've have to do is get a bonus wing somewhere and it radically shifts you loyalties - all things being equal.

In fact, all things being equal is misunderstood in seen to mean "the person" instead of "the environment". I think recognizing that we're all in the same boat but just riding on different decks is key - and there's a nicer view from above. When swabbing the lower-deck and spitting salt-water, things like Marxism, Troskyism, Communism, Anarchy, and other "radical" ideas for overhauling an environment are not automatically dismissed as "crazy talk".

It's a neat system: set up the middle-class as the ruling class under a real ruling class, give them a lot of influence over public policy, ensure their main goal is to get rich, and procure their services as apologists for the status quo and rich flawed icons.

Moore reflects a spy-translator who's made it across the class-divide, and so addresses issues in universal terms of personal exasperation. It's seen as a journalistic Fox pas, but really it's something we all do. We crack on things that don't matter in "this is ridiculous" ways, he just takes that crackin' and cracks on things that do, and that ultra-honest style is seen as a scam. In reality, much honest heartfelt criticism is not meant to destroy the "system", but rather to simply work on improving it. To dispute it's value because it disputes the value of the world we live in to everyone living in it is a neat rhetorical trick, playing into "fear of information" nicely. But, if we keep this up (like we've been doing) and destroy meaningful dialectic that shows the logic of different sides, we'll never realize that the only opinions we favour are no longer our own.

Now Mr. Moore's going after a cause that affects everyone in the world. We all know a bit about the issue and enough to know it's worth looking into, and when he points his camera at something, it's worth noting that he and his staff like countless other Save The World Soldiers did their homework and concluded: we may have a problem here...



Moore Says Doc Already Has HMOs Spooked

Sat Jul 30, 9:24 AM ET

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - Michael Moore says his next documentary already has HMOs quaking in their boots. Moore has not yet begun shooting the film, "Sicko," but his planned critique of the nation's health care system, he says, is making "freaked-out" HMOs warn employees what to do if approached by the filmmaker.

"At this point we haven't shot anything yet and they're totally discombobulated," Moore said at the inaugural Traverse City Film Festival. Moore, who lives near Traverse City, founded the film festival with local movie buffs to showcase excellent films.

Moore described good movies as a bridge across the political divide for people "tired of the hate, tired of the yelling, tired of ... the screamfests, the talk radio."

Though the festival is showing films like "Casablanca" and the upcoming Bill Murray movie "Broken Flowers," Moore's involvement sparked a conservative Texas group to sponsor a rival festival showing Hollywood classics and conservative-themed movies. That festival was to begin Saturday.

While Moore's Traverse City Film Festival puts politics on the back-burner for a weekend, he makes no apology for making politically themed films.

"When in this great democracy did 'political' become a dirty word?"

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