Wednesday, August 03, 2005

R.I.P. Dave Chappelle, come back stronger...


Dave Chappelle was a man of faith in funny, faith that funny would find a way, and funny would seize the day. As a man of faith his devotion to funny was sorely tested, for he saw not a world that was funny, but a world that desperately needed his sense of humour.

He made crack funny. He made the Klan funny. He made R. Kelly even funnier. His list of "funny" goes on and yet the list of things he could've made funny will haunt us forever, as the pressure to come up with that list may have been too much.

Fortunately, his phunny philosophy is widely available on DVD, and Chappelle's Show Seasons 1 & 2 are among the most brilliant and compulsively re-watchable insights into our world that exist today.

Oh yeah. And they're really funny.

Rest in peace my friend...

And come back stronger...


Chappelle's Show Is 'Done,' Murphy Says

Wed Aug 3, 2:26 PM ET

NEW YORK - Time to face the facts: Dave Chappelle's hit Comedy Central series isn't coming back, says one of its stars. "`Chappelle's Show' is over, man. Done," comic Charlie Murphy told TV Guide. "It took me a long time to be able to say those words, but I can say it pretty easy now, because it's the truth."

Chappelle's sudden "spiritual retreat" to South Africa on the eve of his show's third season has left the series in limbo since May. About half of a new season had been filmed before Chappelle left, Murphy said.

"I'm disappointed it ended the way it did, but I'm not angry with anybody," he said. "`Chappelle's Show' was like the Tupac of TV shows. It came out, it got everybody's attention, it was a bright shining star, but it burned out and for some strange reason, it burned out quick."

Comedy Central has always said the door is open for Chappelle to return, spokeswoman Aileen Budow said Wednesday.

Network chief Doug Herzog met with Chappelle on June 3, but that has been their last communication, she said.

Murphy, the older brother of comic Eddie Murphy, said his two seasons with Chappelle made him a star.

"Now I can go out and do stand-up," he said. "I'm getting movie offers. It's off the hook. Me getting to the next level or whatever's going to happen is going to come from the next things I do, but `Chappelle's Show' served its purpose and I'll always be grateful."



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