Sunday, April 27, 2014

LME Music Show: Starts 4:20 pm, BK Performs 5:30 pm, Ends 11:00 pm


FYI... come on by, enjoy and say hi...

Or get in touch for tix - 647.781.1580 or



Hey Everyone!

We are very excited for tomorrow's event at TATTOO QUEEN WEST! Please make sure to arrive at least 1.5 hours before your set time!

Please also ask friends and fans to come early and check out the whole event. there are so many great bands/artists playing!

Good luck to everyone and thanks for helping to make this event a success! We are expecting a great turnout!

event page:


SAT: (April 26th)

9:50 PM    The Modern Hearts
9:15 PM    Empty Threat
8:40 PM    Chasing Shadows
8:05 PM    Guided by Senses
7:30 PM    Crash Carnival
6:55 PM    falcon city
6:20 PM    Tea With Lincoln
5:45 PM    Renegauge
5:10 PM    Michelle Mondesir
4:35 PM    Armani of York
4:00 PM    Codner
3:25 PM    Out Of My League
2:50 PM    House of Coconuts
2:25 PM    Anthony Oh

SUN: (April 27th)

10:00 PM BoyGnyuZ
9:30 PM    Pierre Pharaoh
9:00 PM    Earthbound
8:25 PM    Goliath PAW
7:50 PM    Joel Martin
7:15 PM    Finest Edge Music
6:50 PM    Alex DeWitt
6:05 PM    Taylor Abrahamse
5:30 PM    Black Krishna
4:55 PM    The Goatbox Rebel
4:20 PM    Subject ID



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