Friday, December 27, 2013

WYWTBI T-Shirts: Valentine's Day Promo -- January 1st - February 14th, 2014


Just a head's up when it comes to helping many of the nice, normal and yet nervous people who I run into and others affected by what appears to be a weakening of our identities and body language resulting in unnecessary anxiety. Since I can't escape many people saying hello wherever I go, which is often nice except for an increase in awkward situations, this is my polite and productive response.

I've been designing simple, fun and empowering t-shirts and will promote them to help more people relax with each other from January 1st - February, 14th, 2014, or Valentine's Day. My hope is people will buy them for themselves and someone special, get along better and more respectfully this winter, have a great Valentine's Day and get ready for a warm, safe, fun, friendly, flirty and better summer.

Please feel free to check out 100 different designs out at the links below and be in touch with any questions.

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