Sunday, December 01, 2013

Found a Great Blog: Barking Up The Wrong Tree -


FYI, this is a great blog I just found with a lot of great advice, here's the description and some who agree...



Hi, I'm Eric Barker, the guy behind the blog. Barking Up The Wrong Tree is proud to be listed on blogrolls at the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. My Wired Magazine columns are here. Feel free to email me here. I love helping people.


Most Shared Posts:

    Here are the things that are proven to make you happier
    How To Make Your Life Better By Sending Five Simple Emails
    Important Life Lessons: What’s The Most Important Life Lesson Older People Feel You Must Know?
    What 10 things should you do every day to improve your life?
    What does English sound like to foreigners?
    Which professions have the most psychopaths? The fewest?


FYI, my website to arrange a helpful discussion about topics like this, or for business, creative or personal consulting, is... 




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