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Mayor Vij 2014: The Campaign Begins, Thanks for Saying Hello, It's Always Nice to Meet You


Ed note: while I was a bit down about finishing the last project and not being sure what to do next, or whether to give up or continue working on solving our communications and identity issues, I decided to start running for Mayor of Toronto for 2014 to help all the people who say hello and others out. 


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As of July 1st, 2013, or Canada Day, I invite you to relax since a project nicknamed “Mission Impossible For (?): Ghost Protocol” was completed over two years by interacting consistently and successfully with about a million people in Ottawa and about two million in Toronto to help people deal with communication and identity issues, relax, get along, exchange more respect and have more fun with more people they meet and know.

At first I was just an average man normally clearing up situations where people were bothering each other in public just because I can and nobody else was saying anything. As I kept seeing and stopping it, I organically developed a third person alpha male persona to react publicly which was appreciated everywhere to calm things down, especially with all the women and girls reacting well which got men and boys on board. It was fun.

Now, wherever I go across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), most people there make a special effort to say hello in quiet and friendly ways. This includes men being polite, brief, friendly, out of the way and on their way and exchanging confident and intelligent looks; women doing the same and flirting; and children being cute and fun. Many people are now also trying to signal something I don't understand and often find unpleasant to look at, so I'd rather speak with you and them instead. At the 2013 Pride celebrations before Canada Day, I saw a million people in a great mood with most recognizing and acknowledging me, so I thought running for Mayor is a good way to help them out and if people support me I can win.

It's an incredible rush to feel positive vibes from hundreds a day, especially in crowded cities so people empower each other consistently verbally and non-verbally and I think it can be normal for most. Nervous social constipation is making us worse at this, so we should fix it. What you want to believe in is people and it should be nice to meet you, which is better than not. Since nearly everyone keeps saying hello to me, I guess it is.

You and other individuals, couples and groups of men and/or women have the support of your peers and reasons to speak freely and privately with me about anything on your mind. I'll listen, share insights that made me famous, solve problems and turn your feelings and ideas into a political platform that Toronto will support. Since my analysis works with a multicultural population, people worldwide with similar issues are welcome to get in touch as well. If you think my efforts have helped, you can also donate to support my campaign so I can work on issues more effectively.

Please get in touch to set up short and private discussions in person, online, or on the phone:  Vij  +  647.781.1580  +  vijay.sarma@gmail.com

Mayor Vij 2014

In 2010, I covered the G20 Summit and protests on my CKLN radio show. To comply with CRTC rules, I left my radio show to run for Mayor of Toronto mostly by myself for two months and finished 9th out of 40 candidates with over 2000 votes. For 2014, I expect more help and success.

Please see the 2010 results at: http://election.toronto.ca/epr/eprDetail.do?000,

As of July 2013, I'm slowly starting the Mayor Vij 2014 campaign by doing research, meeting people, getting donations and working on delivery systems for ideas in intelligent, creative, meaningful, catchy and fun ways for mass consumption, like consulting, t-shirts, music and stand up comedy. I'm also looking to do interviews, find ideas and volunteers, work on collaborations and more, so please feel free to get in touch any time.

Political issues are important, but so are social issues which the mayor of any city can have a significant influence on to help people enjoy where they live. My recent work focused on improving how people casually and formally relate and the campaign will combine social and political ideas.

While I'm lacking experience in elected office, I've proven to be intelligent, courageous and capable and can use my skills to find the best people to run the City. With a diverse background that includes business, politics, journalism, activism, the arts and more, an ability to talk to anyone about anything on their minds and react non-verbally in appreciable ways, I can work with people to bring your ideas into our political system.

To combine both the social and political, I want to re-introduce ideas like the "Neighbourhood Watch" to make it safe especially for women, girls and children to find help, plus make it clear in general that bigger men and boys should watch out for them to increase everyone's confidence and earn respect. Other ideas include a back-to-school drive to engage parents and help improve life for our kids and our future. Please stay tuned.


If you'd like to make a donation, simply get in touch, or transfer money, or just anonymously walk up to a TD Canada branch and donate cash to:

TD Canada Trust Bank Account

Client Name: Vijay Sarma

Transit Number: 30582

Institution Number: 004

Account Number: 3058-6062898


Vijay Sarma

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