Sunday, May 19, 2013

Uh-oh. Less than 10% of female humans in Toronto are acting like female humans anymore. Will they again?


Uh-oh. Less than 10% of female humans in Toronto are acting like female humans anymore.

Will they again?


Well, what can I say. For anyone who cares about the future of humanity, this is bad news. But, it's not over.

After taking a few days off to surf the innernets, plan my and our future and seek gain-fool employ, I took a low-key trip to the Eaton Centre yesterday to see what's happening. It ain't pretty. Women and girls have been having trouble being vulnerable around men and boys for the last couple of years since they might get stalked, crowded, distracted or attacked by some male copying female body language who's jealous of her being better at it. More recently other women and girls are attacking each other too as it becomes normal.

So: women and girls are losing their magical innate ability to be feminine and ask nicely for what they want.

While this is often seen as a big mystery, in public and in general it's been reassurance or flattery every few seconds from some man when they know they can get it. This was me. I'm not saying that all women and girls want this. I'm just saying that nearly every one I've seen for two years now working on this project and even before that has wanted it after they saw others could get it. As for the rest, well who the heck knows?


I know you believe me. But, what I want to know is if you will believe in me to help you fix these issues. I can. All I need it seed money to commit to related projects as opposed to just giving up.

It's Nice To Meet You
Which Is Better Than Not
What You Want To Believe In... Is People 


Today, women and girls are moving faster when they get attention. This is far too unsettling and unpleasant.

They're running at or near me in vaguely threatening ways I try to ignore and wondering why I don't like it.

This even includes girls as young as 8 years old who miss out on what it feels like to feel safe and special.


Women and girls are now often spazzing out when I look at them by wiping, scratching, picking, coughing, sneezing, twitching and sketching. This makes every interaction I have with them a nervous one since I don't know when they'll freak out on me while getting attention so I'm not comfortable at any time giving it to them.

Many women and girls are now obsessed with trying to trick me into looking at them spazz out, which makes even being near them these days thoroughly unpleasant. They'll stalk me or sneak up beside me to try, or just lazily zombie at me while seeming oblivious and then quickly try turning their head to wipe their nose and get me to look at it, or distract others trying to get attention to throw some on their spazzing and all sorts of crap.

Since there's millions of them and just one of me I'm good at avoiding it by now, but it's maddening to have to try nonetheless. Do adults really think they're being profound picking their nose and stomping around?

Women and girls are also using sped-up, clunky, pushy and herky-jerky versions of their formerly graceful female body language and many look more like the men and boys who copy them trying to trick each other. This is unpleasant "F--k you!" or "F--k yeah!" type flirting that I detest as opposed to relaxed and relaxing.

In fact, as I walked around the mall and pointed out all of the "zombie oopsies!" that have become normal, or the many cases where strangers just silently walk or move closer to others than they should and so on, I casually remarked that there's no difference anymore between men and women and then showed it to them.

I've told many women and girls: you can either girl or spazz-out, you can't do both because they screw each other up. No matter who they are and where they are, they completely understand what I'm talking about.

This is what makes everything here so maddeningly frustrating: everyone gets it, but nobody says anything.


While this new body language to compensate for our inability to communicate might seem "normal" fast since that's the pace of change today, this behaviour only really started becoming normal a couple of months ago. I used to worry about what people could talk about. Now, I'm worried about whether or not we can "talk".

As we descend further into this paradigm, to ascend out of it successfully we'll need to figure out better ways to communicate than bugging people with crap for crap to feel like crap, or all this "Not Itchy But Scratchy Show" nonsense, which appears to be what's happening. The more of this we do the more we do since it represents what we're scared to talk about. If it continues it will dominate insufferable casual communication.

Being turned into monkeys learning sign language because we're scared of what to think, say and do and scared of what others might think, say and do is a bad idea. Adults need to figure this out while they still can.


Women and girls are key since if they're happy men are happy. Otherwise miserable men destroy everything.


Since women and girls are herd animals who jealously follow trends, police each others' behaviour and who marketers know to target, once they decide that spazzing out is what they're up to they all just try harder to out-spazz each other until nobody can relax and get or give attention in comfortable ways with anybody else.

I've been warning and narrating how fast femininity is disappearing in real-time. It's shocking and alarming.

Keep in mind that there were a handful of girls mostly under 5 who were inherently special and fun and with their families, who I also obviously acknowledged in polite ways. These little girls are determined to and do change my mind, prove me wrong and prove to other females there that there's way better ways to "girl". Since they haven't been beaten down by bad habits yet, it appears that little boys and girls are the standard bearers when it comes to saving our masculinity and femininity and we'd do well to pay attention to them.

It's actually hilarious to see little girls all day wherever often get what's going on and then stop me dead in my tracks with their magical girly powers and do something cute to protect or laugh at. Parents know what's up by now and understand my role too. While some are confused, since everybody is bugging everybody for attention by signaling them in this new singularity, most are pretty accustomed to keeping an eye out for it and I know from experience that women and girls often try to help each other out by using me to set examples.

Females learn how to feel safe, sexy, cute and more from each other. Except they're not doing that anymore.


Since I'm a busy man with important things on his mind and high standards for attention, I only give women and girls extra attention if they have something intelligent to share or just put me in a good mood. As many used to know, that doesn't always involve being "sexy", just vulnerable and in need of a man. That's all. As long as they're not pushy, tricky, lazy, gross or wasting my time, then any one can have a little extra of mine.

This is why it's so mind-blowing that, at the Eaton Centre on a Saturday, with a couple of thousand people there, it was damn near impossible to find a single girl to flirt with, or who even wanted safe passage walking by, or who did any "girly" stuff at all. This used to happen every few seconds. Now it's minutes or hours.

Even after I was casually blurting out some lo-fi responses to deal with people wondering why I wouldn't stare at them spazzing out, it was still hard to find any women and girls over the age of 5 who were pleasant, relaxed, relaxing and respectful company to keep the way that a man can with a woman. Especially this one.

Men and boys are now copying women and girls' new "can't be vulnerable so just going to be pushy and tricky" body language just like they did with their old girly stuff. So, wherever I go and probably because I don't do this or bother people in any way so it's safe to bother me, it becomes a big scratch-off competition to see who can get attention and credit for it. This is strange since most people are obviously trying to trick each other into looking at this because nobody probably wants to give it them much attention and credit for it. Otherwise none of this nonsense would look like that. People wouldn't have to "trick" each other at all.

I'll be looking at a girl acting nice and normal and chilling out with her for a bit, but then another girl or a guy will start start scratching, wiping, picking, coughing or sneezing to get some of the look that I'm giving the girl on them. This is just embarrassing and crazy. Even if everyone looked at everyone doing this, it's hard to give them credit for it. If everyone just tries to screw up everyone else's good time this way, they might disappear.

Of course, I know many of these are honest attempts at communication, but I also know that no man wants to see any woman or girl spazzing out nervously when they get attention since it's bad for both egos. It's unsatisfying to have that kind of nervous and nerve-wracking exchange or to be violently jarred out of your relaxed state by someone freaking out on you. Sure, it might be normal, but it doesn't make you happy.


Sometimes women and girls look really mad at me for not paying attention to their strange, angry, sketchy and frustrated scratching, spazzing and stomping around. Since I'm concerned about their precious little egos being destroyed by all the stupid stuff they're doing, or of them being scared of me for not looking at them to make sure I won't bother them, I'll politely acknowledge and avoid them and sometimes mention my position to let them know that I'm not a fan of that form of communication, or of being quickly tricked into anything.

I've seen many women and girls try to walk gracefully and suddenly stiffen up when they start their tortured scratching and sketching and so on. I've even yelled a bunch to stop before it screws up their girly-moves, 3D Facebook pic and good mood. I've even said "Relax, I'd look at you sleeping and be quite proud to" among a bunch of other stuff to settle them down before I'm blamed for being invited to their crappy party.

Their ego's are in the sh-tter and many don't think they're worth the attention without adding some nervous spazzing to communicate. It's no surprise based on how they've been treated, especially over the last two years since men and boys became obsessesed with using their new girly and get-attention beer commercial powers like women and girls, failed to give each other much credit, started trying to trick and force each other to and used women and girls as "bait" to try to get this done. If anything's bad for their egos: that's it.

Therefore, unless we put a stop to this madness we'll all be turned into the same lost, useless and gender-less creatures who make ourselves and others miserable with our needy, creepy, tricky, pushy, silent, gross and sketchy zombie-crap since nobody really likes it anyway, or at least that's probably true since I can stop most people from doing it anywhere I go. While we're not there yet and thank goodness, we're well on our way to being a social media obsessed and socially retarded culture of fools who can't even say "hello" well.

Men and women were supposed to consistently empower each other in Toronto this summer so that most relax and have more fun. The results of that were to be exported worldwide since samples of the world are and most already co-sign. That was the plan and it can be the plan if you will make me the man to deal with these issues. I know people believe me, but unless they believe in me then it's too hard to continue. I know that I'm not always at my best, but spending years dealing with stuff that people can't talk about takes its toll.


Sometimes I take things seriously, which compared to others can be too seriously. Sometimes I don't take it seriously enough, which is not serious enough for others to believe that I'm serious. It's one, big, lazy mess.

However, since I'm often a cultural super-soldier I don't want to feel sorry for myself much, just try to work on something or other going on and there's always quite a bit. I know this is the key to everything else too.

However, I also know that most people are getting more haunted, bitter and sketchy each time they see me, especially women, as if when all I tried to do is stop it this is somehow still all my fault. It's just ridiculous.

Anyway, instead of just showing up or getting angry and then leaving angry and acting like I owe you and failed because I didn't make you happy, just know that by now you owe me and don't have any other option.

Of course it sucks, but if you help me financially and in other ways I'll continue to push ideas that can beat this zombie-garbage more effectively than on my own. Then men, women and children can remain humans.

Right now, I'm working on getting a good job and starting to sell t-shirts so quiet people can fight through fashion and support me while I try to make an allegorical impact. These are the two keys for me right now.

But, I can also write, journalist, sing, rap, do TV, movies, stand-up comedy, host, consult with more people professionally about their problems and more. At this point I'd love to do something else besides talk to people who understand what I'm saying but don't talk about it and will about this or not. So, I'm going to.

But, there's just nothing more important to people than remaining people from what I can tell by telling them.


Of course, you can do whatever you want, but I'm telling you that this isn't it, so maybe you can't anymore.

The reason I know is wherever I go I can change this temporarily. So, I just need help to do it permanently.

Lots of people do great work on lots of issues, but this "Will we be men and women anymore?" one is mine.

Since this is the case, I'm suggesting that people use him or lose him. I'm ready when you are. Before even.


I know you believe me. But, what I want to know is if you will believe in me to help you fix these issues. I can. All I need it seed money to commit to related projects as opposed to just giving up.

It's Nice To Meet You
Which Is Better Than Not
What You Want To Believe In... Is People 


Bob Marley and the Wailers - Babylon System



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