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Positive Thinking vs. People Bothering You: How Can You Deal with the Zombie Apocalypse?


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Positive Thinking vs. People Bothering You: How Can You Deal with the Zombie Apocalypse?


FYI, this can't be a declaration, so it's more a question: how can you deal with people silently bothering you?

I even just read a chunk of the new Readers Digest cover story talking about how to have an awesome day, which is really a big joke full of cartoons for adults. However, among other things it suggested how to ride the subway without anyone touching you, which is both as stupid and as sensible as someone telling you to take an umbrella with you when it's raining. Of course it's a good idea: but why do we need to tell adults?

Still, the above is one of many big problems on the rise worldwide these days as we get more dehumanized and predatory. Random molesting of men, women and children is up and without a strong verbal response it will probably degenerate into more random fighting. When men walk close to each other on purpose and try to get away with something and then run away, it wouldn't surprise anybody if they started fighting about it.

Maybe this is due in part to the influence of video games where characters zombie at and into each other all the time until it becomes normal. I remember barking about this in 2011 before I more recently forgot to.

I even talked to a guy on the bus the other day after he yelled at another guy for not moving when he was asked to so the guy could sit down. He turned out to be a nice-enough tough old street dude with a classic "blade" on him who made a lot of sense when it came to discussing how people can be nice enough around strangers to relax just like they used to. Ironically, as the guy who was yelled at got off the bus he randomly yelled at the street dude who was thinking of getting off and chasing him down. But, it was just some bitch-ass whiny sh-t he was yelling scared while running away, so I told the street dude not to let some strange disempowered weirdo get the best of him. We settled on that being the right idea and finished our chat.

Compare this to my recent 20 minute trip to the local Metro grocery store full of people bothering and pestering me beyond my tolerance or interest-levels and hoping I'd look at them like I liked them. Wild.

This included men wandering at me fast on the sidewalk and often spazzing-out while trying to get and keep my attention after I politely acknowledged them. Or as I've said since 2011: "Hey -- you can't take the space in front of my face! If we lose that, what do we have left?" Or men walking in front of me and posing and dancing while I was ignoring them and well-after they realized it. Or women doing the same thing these days and either running at or near me, or spazzing out and trying to get me to look at them quickly trick me into it.

That was all even before I got to the grocery store. Once I got there, I had to avoid more people running at or near me, both men and women, or trying to get me to look at them quickly wipe, scratch or pick, or often cough or sneeze or some other spazzing-out on sight which I find unpleasant, just like others who don't say it do too. I dryly told many men and women there flat-out that I didn't want them to bother me by walking faster and close to me on purpose without my permission, or trying to trick me into looking at them do stuff when they were only getting attention in that way because they were sure I didn't want to give it to them, which makes me more irritated at them. This should be patently obvious to anyone and everyone by now.

Of course, I'm trying to stay positive and there were a couple of beautiful and charming little girls there who got me saying "Uh oh, you're still so charming and sweet that you might get me running around like a crazy person to stop crazy people from bothering you!" as mom casually understood in the way that they all do.

It really is so awesome to interact with women and girls who know what they're doing and how to flatter you that they kept me happily running on fumes for two years. However, now that they're running on fumes and so am I, it's harder for both of us to be charming. Pissed off guys can be sexy to women. Pissed off chicks aren't really sexy to men. In fact, this new perma-pissed thing they're settling into may be the death of them.

There were also lots of women there buying groceries around 10 am on a Tuesday after a holiday Monday, so with that came the inevitable being a chilled out and busy man: they want attention because it's both hard to and safe to get. Except: they don't know what they're doing anymore so they don't chill out themselves when they do and then get mad at you for not validating their craziness. I wouldn't mind if they got over it quickly, but when all they want to do is get mad at you and feel they don't get what they deserve, they're screwed if some man doesn't explain it to them either way. So, as is custom when I chide someone for bothering me, others look and I casually explain my position on things and give out my website in the hopes that people will take it, me and themselves by natural extension seriously. Of course it sucks, but it's better than nothing and it'll be what people make it. This is why I hold on to hope: I know I can reach people if they help me. This has been a non-issue for so long that I'm infamous for it and can do it anywhere if I have to.

But, once again, as I mentioned at the store, I'm busted and can only be more effective and get to movie star "likeable and f--kable" status when I can do more than buy the cheapest food at the store and be worried about myself. Or, if I simply just give up on this stuff and get a good job and keep it for as long as possible. I should be making $50 - 60,000 a year at some sales job, though these days it could be less, but it's what I'm usually capable of like many, many, many others. This other stuff I'm working on is uniquely my specialty.

With women at the Metro grocery store spazzing out and trying to trick me into looking at them just like men do, I told them I didn't want to look at them act just like the men copying them. Yeah that stings. But it's true.

Even standing in line with a beautiful blond woman in front of me who I casually acknowledged, when she started scratching and tried to get me to look at her acting confused, I told her I didn't want to, plus casually commented by saying "Good morning you inherently special and beautiful young lady!" to her daughter in a stroller who took it well, got shy, then got curious again. Meanwhile, mom decided to think for a bit, pull some cute and mysterious girly sh-t, then bounce. Just like the rest of them, they can be fixed by my words.

A couple of other women were behind me and the cashier who's familiar with me looked puzzled for a sec when I quietly yelled at another woman who worked there that "I don't want to look at you spazzing out, or I can't give you credit for acting nervous and I don't want any blame either". So, I casually remarked to the cashier "Oh people will bother you, otherwise I'm just busy with my podcast." They understood just like everyone else does, were inches and feet away and were perfectly nice when I switched to a higher first person voice. As I was packing my groceries the women behind me seemed to be wondering why I wouldn't look at them much. So, I said "Oh, it's too risky, or I think 'Oh, pretty girl' and then 'Ew gross, why is she wiping her nose?' So I just pass." This got them thinking. But, when the woman standing behind me rushed at me and ran away I cussed her out, or I said "I don't want your zombie attack, you didn't ask for and had no permission to come near me and this is what I do when I'm attacked by creepy weirdos, even creepy girls."

Of course I don't want to be mean, but when someone is mean to me, I want to mean what I say back.

No matter what happens when I do this people continue to say hello. So, they know I'm not being unfriendly because if they're not then I'm perfectly friendly, plus they're dealing with these people turning into zombie attackers all the time because people look pretty damn practiced before I see them. I know I'm doing the right thing, but I also know I have to stop when nobody else helps me financially be able to, so here we are.

Incidentally, I did a Google Canada News search on "zombie" and this article popped-up. One of the many theories that I've heard which correlates with this zombie-stuff is that people are supposed to learn to hate, fear and not trust people, both those they know and strangers, then spend more of their time online than off, then simply prefer it there and take a chip in their head or do something else to get a 3D experience. Once that happens we'll basically be paranoid zombie slaves living in a fantasy who can be more easily controlled.

Or, we might just be fooled into trying on a pair of really neat glasses. Unless we critically think about it.


Google Zombie: The Glass Wearers of Tomorrow

The best metaphor for Google Glass? Not jerks or junkies, but the living dead.

IAN BOGOSTMAY | The Atlantic | May 20, 2013

Since the unveiling of Google Glass, the tech giant's new wearable computing device, a common nickname for its wearers has arisen among skeptics and critics: Glassholes. It's a charming portmanteau that satisfies an immediate desire to shun this weird new contraption. And the term fits, to some extent. As a strangely popular trend in books on assholes has helped us understand, the asshole is characterized by entitlement, by claiming special privileges that place him or her at the center of concern. Google Glass would seem to exemplify just such an attitude, a declaration that the material world is insufficient for the wearer, who retires into an alternative one online at whim.

But as The Atlantic Wire's Rebecca Greenfield has explained, even if it sounds right in theory, Glass wearers, in practice, just zone out. Silicon Valley technology workers at the epicenter of the Glass outbreak have reportedly given a new name to this state: "glassed out." As if lifted from the pages of a William Gibson novel, Google Glass becomes a pscyhotropic drug made of bits and metal rather than chemicals and gelatin. A new digital delirium.



Keep in mind that as this chaos increases people will probably beg the government to take more control, probably all initiated by corporate-government design to eventually control everyone. That's how it looks.

People are being taught how to avoid the people in power who we know are screwing us and being sicced on each other instead. The more it happens the more it becomes normal and the more it happens. Sh-tty.

As I've mentioned in these last few fighting for air before going under and ignoring the world going under blogs, I'm basically giving the millions of people in this city and billions worldwide a chance to deal with this.

While neither my website nor I are perfect, that's simply not a fair standard to judge anyone on and if nobody can do anything about this than so be it. If somebody can, you should consider helping them and yourself.


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