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MayorVij: Throwback Thoughts from September 2010 vs. MayorFord Maybe Crack-Smoking in 2013



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2010 Toronto Mayor Hopeful Vijay Sarma – From Toronto to 2012

October 24, 2010 - Download mp3 – 60 mins


Why are we given the news we get? How does it affect how we think we can deal with it? Why is Canadian Omar Khadr left stranded in Gitmo? Why was there almost nothing about the local elections in Saturday’s Toronto Star? Why does Toronto still use fluoride when it’s bad for our brains? Why were 6000 zombies wandering around over the weekend? Why are there huge demonstrations in France? Why is there a huge online audience for alternative news? How can we translate that into more offline action?


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Vijay Sarma – 2010 Toronto Mayor Candidate
1512-C Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 1T5 | 647-857-5755


The Five Platform Issues in Vijay Sarma’s 2010 Mayor of Toronto Campaign


1. Stop G20 Martial Law From Happening Again

G20 Martial Law at the Summit in June was the most traumatic event in Toronto’s history. We saw how our police didn’t act like that before and after it, but we also saw they’ll follow orders just like most of us doing our jobs. We’re all in the same boat in the same City, so let’s make sure this never happens again by exposing the truth about what the Federal and G20 “world government” leaders forced on our City. If we don’t, it could happen again. Let’s make sure it doesn’t. This is why the big picture is more important than the small issues we’re often told of.

2. Stop Big Corporations From Poisoning Us

Stop big corporations from poisoning us. We know they are, it’s in the news all the time. The City can test food, air, water and more things that people are suspicious of like the media often does for stories, then come up with solutions that create jobs. We can refer to the work of many whistleblowers and others who give us options to improve our health in our environments and make better choices. People can do whatever they want, but we can all do it with more options in a cleaner and safer Toronto. Before we get any sicker and broker, let’s try this approach.

3. Stop Government Waste… or is it… Theft?

Government waste is an issue every election, But, a lot of that “waste” is really “theft” since the money doesn’t disappear or get thrown away, somebody gets it, even though we have City ombudspeople who should catch it. I’d empower them and start by removing the fluoride added to our water supply to save us $450 million stolen tax-dollars a year, it’s also bad for us and Montreal and Vancouver don’t use it. I’d cut back on City ads, cops at construction sites where they don’t need protection and more common sense. Then we can audit everything publicly.

4. Spend One Hour A Week To Help Control City Hall

I’d like the people of Toronto to spend just one hour a week in touch with their City elected officials and employees to help resist the influence of corporate lobbyists and others, the good people on the inside will appreciate it. The City has to ensure that communication is made easy and normal and that different people and groups from different wards can keep in touch with whoever they elect. City politicians aren’t part of any parties, they can be controlled by the people who elect them, if they continue to control them after the election. I hope we decide to this election.

5. Toronto Men Should Defend Women, Children and Elderly

If many people find it tough to deal with serious issues of corruption that threaten all of us, I believe more men should help defend this City on behalf of women, chilren and the elderly. There will be no official policy on this, just encouragement from the top. Toronto tough guys shouldn’t be afraid to look at what millions of nerds do, including the truth about how power works that’s been re-discovered by more and more people for decades, then act on it. There’s a reason “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”, we just have to see if it’s good or bad and what we can do about it.


Feel free to run these ideas by all candidates so our favourites can get done no matter who wins.

With Mayor Miller’s “strong mayor” office powers, all of the above is possible right now.

Knowledge is power, so if we use it we can find all the solutions we need.

Thanks for your time and consideration, please pass it on.

Warm regards,


2010 Toronto Mayor Hopeful Campaigns at the Scarborough Debates


Ed note:

I recently got a call from a young lady who really like my “SEX: Can We Use It To Win?” flyer a friend passed on, she thought it was funny so we chatted for a bit and that was fun, hopefully others liked them and the other flyers too. I have a “no fear” policy, so my name and phone number are on my flyers and everywhere else, plus my address often is, which is probably kind of weird to some, but that just means they’re probably too weirded-out to call me too. I’ve had a few other positive responses in person, but few phone calls, but it’s all good, or it has to be, or we have to say it is, or something like that.

I was also listening to some Tupac recently, his best album is “Me Against The World”, it came out right before he went to jail and later joined Death Row Records and acted crazy. It re-hit me how I see the people of Toronto and Canada in the same way he saw people in the ghetto, but instead of seeing starving babies picking through trashcans for food, I see 60% divorce rates, drugged out horny kids, fluoridated retardation and most people increasingly scared to talk about let alone deal with it. “Don’t shed a tear for me, n-gga I ain’t happy here…” just slams me in the stomach sometimes off the first track.

I guess we’re supposed to get used to this stuff getting worse, kind of like a tied-up Batman listening to the Joker explain his brilliant master-plan while he thinks there’s nothing we can do about it. Most psychopaths like to brag, so I assume they’re okay with most people learning what they’re up to unless they actually affect the system. If up to 20% of Toronto, or 1 million people, are “awake” to some degree, but do nothing to effect things like “elections”, or anything that controls our political system, then they probably don’t care. In fact, at this point it looks like they’re actually using the info for recruiting.

I know from hanging out with a super-nice and chilled-out buddy recently that it’s always preferable to anything else, but there has to be a way for ordinary people to take this stuff seriously in groups. Otherwise the biggest pricks will see which way the wind is blowing and choose to join or defend the conspiracy in some ways while the rest of us suffer for it. We can already see how many wealthy people, government employees and others will defend their Darwinian “survival of the fittest” right (?) to do well at the expense of everyone else. We live in a “Get money!” above all else culture, but not a healthy one.

I recognize that this is difficult for most, but that’s the point: it’s been getting more difficult for us to take action on these issues here in Canada. In 2004, Toronto had the second international inquiry into the 9/11 attacks. In 2007, we had the “9/11 Truth Movement” reach it’s domestic zenith. In 2009, we had a great response to the H1N1 pandemic threat. However, 2010 reveals the establishment can fool us easier than ever, or if we’re not “fooled” and really know what’s going on, they can get us to accept it anyway. What’s the answer? To feel good? To do something to feel good? What makes more sense?

I suppose we should feel happy about the global awakening to these issues, it’s a better starting point than not. However, our interest in this stuff should have some practical value, otherwise we’ll probably give up on it being useful to ourselves or anyone else and stop looking into it like many people say they do. We know we have valuable info that can help people save their kids from being fluoridated, vaccinated, medicated and sedated, so we just need to form small groups to convince others to check it out. Between now and 2012 things are supposed to get pretty crazy, so let’s try to we see what we can do about it.







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