Sunday, November 20, 2011

WYWTBI: Bruvas Gunna Werk It Out (Idea Log)


WYWTBI Bruvas Gunna Werk It Out


Top Ten List

1. "Guys used to be jealous of guys who got girls, not girls who got guys. Remember?"

2. "If you're too ashamed to say what you want to do with another guy you see walking by, why are you doing it? And why drag anyone else into it? I'm out, good luck getting out."

3. "Why anybody make anybody look at a needy, creepy, desperate guy? That's on a list of things that nobody likes to stare at, like roadkill, bird-doodie, puke and so on."

4. "How the hell does any dude, especially a grown-ass one with a mustache, expect any guy to believe he's a cute girl? There's not enough CGI in the world to make that dude look like a cute girl!"

5. "These guys aren't thinking. Even if they were gay, why would they try to compete with chicks for a guys attention while the guys is clearly showing he's only interested in chicks? Some of these damn salmon will see others fall off the cliff to their ego's death and still go for it anyway."

6. "Chicks can't slow down for you if you speed 'em up. When you speed 'em up, they're doing something, but it's only because you're picking on them like they'd pick on a child. The micro is affecting the macro."

7. "Why do so many needy, creepy, semi-gay animal dudes offer their ass to every guy they see like some damned out of control manwhores? Why do they have a sense of entitlement in thinking any guy they want should flirt with them? How much easy man-whoring have these guys done?"

8. "Nearly every one of these sick puppies thinks they can get needy-animal gay-play with any guy they want. What happens when they want more than another guy is willing to give? So far they don't and keep selfishly bothering strangers, both men and women."

9. "Fortunately, they can see each other and the worst cases of needy, creepy, desperate weirdo scare the milder ones into re-considering. Just had a couple of fob'ish brown dudes hanging outside my Starbucks window in the cold begging to get looked at. I'm sure it made other guys in here re-consider their ways."

10. "Have a chance to be frozen by a model when she's into it. Assuming she's into it. Some girls don't have the confidence to work it like that, some of them should, some of them shouldn't."

11. "Poor girls, I'm about the size of a guy so I can usually run out of the way of these creepy and sketchy weirdos who run up to strangers like animals in a petting zoo, or I'm naturally more intimidating. But girls just have to flinch, or go zen, or blank-out to brace for impact. It's not fair for bigger, faster, stronger and more intimidating guys to turn themselves into hits on guys and picks on chicks weirdos who bother strangers."

12. "This winter could be a bad one with needy, creepy, sketchy hits on guys and picks on chicks weirdos who bother strangers chasing girls around on black ice just because they're jealous of them. This type of hateful intimidation may cause injury in threatening conditions. We must reach out to men and women everywhere to ensure the message of cut this shit out is heard loud and clear."

13. "Can't survive a global economic collapse if guys just want to flirt with each other. So, we need to consider more options."

14. "Good day sir, I'm glad you didn't give a fuck, it was nice to see."

15. "We're gonna need some men with balls around here to do some stuff. This is terrible. All they want to do is get stared at by other guys. That's the most important thing in their life. They'll drop everything else they're doing and turn into desperate, groveling groupies for a strange men they've never met.

They don't care whether that person wants to "play" with them or not. They will selfishly keep bothering someone else until they're satisfied. The more they bother someone the less chance they have of getting them to like them, so their egos are never satisfied. Nothing else gets them going like this. Nothing else gets their blood boiling."

16. "These guys are going to start raping each other in the next few months: "Oh, you don't want to do anything? I don't care! Raaarrr!" and turn this place into Sodom and Gomorrah."

17. "If you're too ashamed to say what you want from a man you've never met before just sitting there: then what are you doing?"

18. "Young high school age guys are getting the idea that it's pretty stupid to beg or bother guys to look at them. They can see how stupid and un-cool older needy and creepy guys look doing it and decide to stop on their own."

19. "Offering your body parts to random guys: you poor brainwashed bastards."

20. "Kids especially are into the crotch grab. I'm not talking 5 year olds. I'm talking about 15 year olds. Youth near adulthood are offering their crotch and ass to random guys. Many adult guys are doing the same. When will they just start f**king the hell out of each other wherever, they go?"

21. "If they increase in aggressiveness, that running close to strangers will turn into touching or even jumping on them, which will turn into assault or sexual assault."

22. "Canadian men are turning into needy perverted weirdos who bother strangers. Is there any way to stop this? Can we have a referendum? This is probably the most crucial question in Canadian history, because if we let that happen, who knows where it goes from there."

23. "Some guys really think they can bother someone into liking them. Of course, they also think they're cute girls, so they're not thinking much right now. That's why we have to get the word out and shut this madness down. If they keep thinking they can bother people into liking them regardless of the brutal results, they'll keep bothering everyone until nobody wants to leave their house anymore."

24. "Some guys think they can do whatever they want to whoever they want whenever they want. Seriously. Grown-ups. They should be in juvenile detention, but they should be in high school. For adults to do this is insane and it could destroy the whole country."

25. "Good luck dood! Don't go raping kids next because you don't care what they think either! That's where this goes, in historical, Biblical, and as best we can tell, logical and factual terms. Don't be a selfish psychopath!" :)

26. "Need some more men to help out who don't want to selfishly hit on guys and pick on chicks. Otherwise they're part of the problem, not the solution."

27. "Men just gotta get outta the way and stay busy. Girls know what they're doing when it comes to flirting, so men have to give them room to operate and just figure their game out when their number is called."

28. "Even though we'll put chicks in charge of how much flirting we'll do, once they're in charge they'll respect our power as a men and be cautiously and curiously experimental."

29. "YouTube vlogs is classic way of expounding on truly different subjects in truly similar fashion. Is it possible to break this down in ways that people will pass on? Do a great job on the streets and get a good vibe back. Know what works best and even if you can't say it as much because you're scotch and don't taste like Bailey's, you can figure out what it is and only say it on the vlogs. Shu was right years ago, just need my face and game tight and it's eash with the compu-cam. Put it down and knock it out!"

30. "Just need a bunch of guys to wake up and man-up anywhere, a bunch of girls to help, and all of us to say to the rest of the mess that you can't bother strangers anymore you selfish fucks, men or women. Now cut it out and piss off."

31. "As long as we have the means to communicate, we have the ability to relate the idea that we shouldn't be needy and creepy fuckos. Podcast or stand-up comic style, we can make it simple on everyone else. What do we want in Canada? Needy, creepy fuckos who bother strangers? Or nice and polite people who get along well? Guys are offering their asses up to each other for sexual sacrifice. Who knew they'd be convinced to do this? How many guys are you going to offer your ass to next?"

32. "Dehumanization on a mass scale can come from the simple dialectic dichotomies we're given to role-play. When most on the left think most on the right are douchebags, and vice versa, it can't be hard to demonize them further and get rid of many using means only commonly accepted after mass dehumanization."

33. "Bring back fun fantasies!" :)

34. Now there's nowhere to go from there but down. Can't go up, it wouldn't be polite. Can only gently and wistfully land in terra firma after a cute little fantasy about a beautiful redhead dancing and miming around you in a wonderfully mischievous way in a comfortable apartment wearing nothing but a t-shirt and on occasion a big smile. Certain things can and will inspire you if you allow them to happen. Be cool, have balls. That'll do. After that, let the chicks fall where they may. Could have a lot of fun at this little house party called Canada. We just gotta know how. Who has the know how? Well, let's see in 3D. That should work.



Problem with waiting to deliver info like John Taylor Gatto's work on the history and purpose of education is that our tolerance for the material and ability to understand it goes down.


1. Providing physical space comfortably is key. All aspects of physicality including size, strength, speed and more need to be moderated around girls to get the maximum benefit of normal, natural, healthy communication on a consistent basis. Quick recognition of the best options results in an immediate and increasing cessation of fear and stress.


Pre-Ramble Gamble

Aboot Section

Couples counselling after all this sketchy garbage. No choice but to engage in some sort of healing service to help repair all the damage this has caused. Relationships are going to be even weaker if chicks use this B.S. sitch to crack down on guys even more. They'll just run and hide and do even weirder stuff with other guys. Need to find ways of rebuilding men. Just keep it simple and fun and it'll be easy. Fortunately I have an idea of what works. Now I just need to prove it and sell it. Went way too hard with the first flyer, it was rough. Maybe it was good for change, but it sure wasn't good for dollars. Need a less hectic space and mind at times to focus, perhaps detox for a couple of weeks until your shiznit's together. This is the farthest I've ever been from people: speaking in the third person to get my point across.




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