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Good Advice: Attempte



"Good Advice"





Do you think you could you use good advice? Do you find the advice you often get from family, friends and the media missing something you might need? Could different advice help you figure out how you can feel more empowered and do better in life? Would you like to review and compare your options?


It's possible to find good advice that's different and empowering to compare it to what you hear and help figure out what might work for you. It may help you find meaning and purpose. We're all unique and special. We just have to learn to think and feel that way and making a new and smart friend may help.


What You Want To Believe In (Dot Com) may help. Maybe you'll figure out what you want to believe in. Maybe you'll be able to solve some of your problems, improve your relationships, health, finances, happiness and much more. Just know you have options. Good advice. Take It Or Leave It. Just Get It.

Please contact wywtbi @ for details.





What makes you think you can give good advice?


I've done it for years and recently did it all summer.


As a born and raised Canadian philosopher who works in the arts, business, media, politics, pop-culture and more, I've spent years figuring out answers for individuals and groups. I usually know what's happening, solve problems and provide options when Canadians need them.

Since I've worked on a variety of complex issues, I understand how to deal with problems that most people face, which are usually fairly similar. Most people have questions and want answers. Or, situations they need help with that they can't find anyone qualified to discuss them with.

We can discuss whatever you want like old friends in private and keep it private, including your life, work, relationships and future plans to help you figure out options to consider. Groups of like-minded people are also welcome to engage in a conversation like this to share answers.

Below are examples of issues I've worked on recently that seem to affect all Canadians, or will soon. While I can solve a variety of problems, when I'm working on everybody's and people are often individually scared of solutions, I have to get creative and improvise to give us a chance.

Recent History

This past summer in Ottawa, I spent time saying my answers out loud in public, often in front of hundreds of people. Canadians kept coming by to watch and listen like it was on TV. Canadians want answers. I did the same in Toronto and Milton to make sure they're the right answers.

It's been said that you can't say anything to anyone, but you can say everything to everyone. This is often why people blog (etc.) online. While it may be hard to hear Bob Marley (etc.) say "Get Up, Stand Up" by yourself, in a crowd of 50,000 people at a concert, it always sounds great.

Figuring out what people need and providing options wasn't done using social networking in the online 2D world. It was done through a careful observation of 3D world as a social referee of sorts. The proof is the positive response I receive from people everywhere I go in Canada.


Relationships are always the most important thing to most people. Our ability to do things as individuals and together flows from how well we figure out how to improve how we relate to each other. While it's getting harder to relate to people, it doesn't have to if we make small changes.

Knowing this, I flirted with thousands of women all summer, in part because I know how to, but also because men were losing their touch, stalking girls and begging men for affection. This is a serious problem. The needier men get, the worse they treat women, children and the elderly.

This is why men shouldn't get needy: they should be there in case others need something. When women get needy, they get charming. When men get needy, they get aggressive, try to take and break things. I've seen thousands of witnesses see this mess in Ottawa, Toronto and Milton.

Men now play with their hair, scratch their bra-strap (?), pull their pants up or bend over to show off their ass and more. They copy girls in clumsy and ugly ways, don't know what they're doing and don't care what others want, so they try to break a man or woman's will to get what they want.

The big problem is how many men now try to "force" men and women they don't know to do what they want regardless of what those strangers want to do. They'll try to force men to stare at or be close to them, or try to force women to deal with the threat of them following or stalking them.

According to Section 264 of the Canadian Criminal Code, repeatedly following or communicating with anyone against their will is illegal, so these men are engaged in regular criminal harassment. If this stuff was consensual then it wouldn't be a big deal. But it's not and it may get worse.

Incidentally, while there's nothing wrong with being gay, the men begging men for affection today aren't gay and don't have the cool laid-back gay mack I've seen in gay neighbourhoods. They're straight, but still desperately needy for male affection in ways Canada has never seen before.

We can see these men aren't thinking about what they do. How do we know? I've asked hundreds "What do you want? in public and they stay silent, look down, play with their hair or ass or nervously twitch in other ways. They're too embarrassed to say what they want, yet ask for it anyway.

Since they don't act like "men" anymore, these men also don't give each other "male" affection and just disgust each other with "stale" affection. They need to be fixed before they break themselves and everything else. Yes, it sounds crazy, but once men got soft, they kept getting softer.

Men who tried to stare, or get stared at by men like girls, now try to force physical closeness, so touching men is probably next. As the man who understands and speaks on this, I can help fix it before it gets worse. Young men with no memory of what being a Canadian man is also need help.

Women have an important role to play in this too. After years of many learning to emasculate men: it worked. Helping men and women relate better so they're happier with themselves and each other is probably the most important thing Canadians can work on, so it's a key focus of mine.

Since many Canadians admit we're scared to say and hear things and often talk about the "weather" as a safe topic we can agree on, we weaken relationships and also start to bother strangers more to compensate. This creates a toxic environment to live in that we need to change soon.


Fortunately, we have options to feel empowered, safer and happier with each other where we live. I've stopped hundreds of stalkers of women, so I can teach men how and help give them some pride and responsibility. Our cops are cool with men safely stopping women from being threatened too.

Respected men put in charge of "security" won't be "insecure" so women won't be either. Good old "Canadian Man" software is protective and not predatory, so I went after stalkers hard in Ottawa for 2 weeks 10 - 15 hours a day until the police got more involved. I did the same for a week in Toronto.

The good thing is most Canadian men are still embarrassed to be caught stalking or randomly following and threatening women, so most back down when confronted by another man. The worst thing for a man's balls is begging men for affection and picking on chicks, so they need to stop soon.

Instead of Canadians being turned into needy animals who prey on our families, friends and strangers, we can all be part of a great house party called "Canada" soon. We just have to know how to and feel better. Once we figure it out, we can handle our own problems and others' and everything else.


While the above was done for all Canadians, since I can think of answers for everybody, I can think of answers for anybody, or solve most people's problems and help give them a sense of purpose. Nobody has to change who they are or what they're doing, just figure out how to do them better.

All it should take for most people is one hour of questions and answers, or a normal conversation between friends that will provide options to consider. It will also be recorded to review whenever you'd like. The recording will contain the promise from all parties to keep the conversation private.

Groups with similar backgrounds or interests are also welcome to invite me as a speaker and offer questions on any topics they want. The answers may benefit others in your group. Questions can also be provided anonymously to help protect shy people everyone's privacy in the conversation.

Feel free to contact WYWTBI (Why What Be I?) to learn more. Of course, you'll come across lots of advice, some good, some bad, but it may be time for something new. As long as Canadians are looking for answers and have said mine are worth something, they may be worth something to you.

Please contact wywtbi @ for details.





What is the value of different advice to me? I don't think I'm different, so how can advice that's different from the usual help?


Unless you have something different to think about, you can't think. We need to compare different things to think about them.


Good advice can give people options to improve who they are, what they do and how they deal with others like it always has.

One Hour Of Advice - Individual

We can cover a lot of topics in an hour which may be enough for most people.

Cost: $20 per hour on the phone - or - $35 per hour in person, plus expenses.

One Hour of Advice - Couple

Trying to fix your relationship may be better and less expensive than giving up on it.

Cost: $35 per hour on the phone - or - $60 per hour in person, plus expenses.

One Hour of Advice - Group

It might be easier to hear different ideas with a group of friends to discuss them.

Cost: 3 - 5 people $75 per hour - or - 5 - 10 people $125 per hour, plus expenses.

Contract Terms - Negotiation

Terms discussed on the phone must be finalized in writing (e.g. email).

Recordings of conversations will provide a record for all parties involved.

Privacy will be assured with written - and - recorded promises of privacy.

Expenses include travel or anything necessary to make the appointment.

Meeting expenses will be agreed on in advance - and kept to a minimum.

Please contact WYWTBI (Why What Be I?) with any other special requests.

Donations - For Canada's Future

You can also donate to support my work by contacting wywtbi @ .





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