Friday, July 15, 2011

Picky Gay Vij


good grief dood.

a gorgeous blond stacked to the max was just standing outside my store window and playing with her hair. she looked at me, so i briefly acknowledged her while i was talking with my co-worker. she still stood there and played with her hair while casually glancing out of the corner of her eye at me. uh oh. i sensed trouble. and, i knew i had no defence against whatever was going down. the horror. the horror.

so, as i usually do when i sense trouble, i started smiling and shaking my head at the sheer amusing lunacy of all this. okay, here we go. seconds later, her buff white dood boyfriend (?) walked up from parking the car and snatched her hand while briefly glaring at me through shades. and, as far as i can tell, she had a small smile, or more of a smirk really, when leaving. though of course, i was trying not to look at her.

gah. this keeps happening. these damn girls are gonna get me in a crapload of trouble. some are doing it because they like me. but, when they're with a dood it's often a different kind of energy, or more of a friendly hello with a side of guy-nod. others are just nuts. yesterday, checking a 5-bimmer hard, then turned to look * behind * me at a cute blonde staring at me while her boyfriend tried to turn pissed-off into a "forget about it" smile.

utter madness. especially when they crank up the sexy knowing they're safe to. frankly, it's awesome. except when a dude with and walking behind her sees the way i said hello back and looks at me with various combinations of shock, horror, sadness, bemusement or violence in their eyes. this is no-good very bad news. sure, happy chix make better parties and can't dance when it's crowded, so give 'em space and see their grace, but c'mon.

now, i'll have to admit, there's a bit of payback involved, so i'm taking some hits i might have to. i usually completely ignore any chick with any dood, young or old, in casual passing, unless i get some indication from the guy that i should communicate, or she tries to while he doesn't seem to mind. some chix appreciate it and just keep happily yappin' with their dood after we've briefly acknowledged there'll be no trouble in passing with his chick around.

however, other chix are (act?) completely nuts and try to get me in trouble or their guy to pay attention to them. or both, as often happens. of course, accidents happen to all of us and the way some doods let their chix dress means we'll have to at least allow for "noticing" to happen with an appropriate suppression of "staring", or disciplined insatiable lust, to show respect. if the corner of my eye says to the rest "hey -- look over here!" then hey -- sh-t happens.

frankly, the most important thing to remember is 3D chix are better than 2D chix. or, they can be if they know they're safe and respected. then, they can act all silly and crazy and have fun while we all enjoy it. having quality chickie-energy around means guys don't have to worry about them, or feel threatened or teased or angry or whatever. frankly: part deux, the best part is nobody has to say a damn thing. not even me. as long as the house-party's poppin', we'll be aiight.

still, as nice an ending as that was, my masseusin's don't come with happy endings. they come with firearms training. now, even though my street-cred is solid in t-dot and o-dot and i (think i can i think i) can get it anywhere, if these darn chickies don't stop trying to get me in trouble, then i'm in trouble. they'll feel a momentary boost while guys will feel i'm running game on -- as opposed to for -- them. what can you do? at the end of the day, everyone can do whatever they want.

good grief dood.


therefore, may i introduce mr. picky gay vij?

yup, gay as a man-like doris day. just picky.

don't go there you say? okay. i'm really picky.




the timing ain't bad...


California orders gay history in school textbooks

By Jim Christie | Reuters – 18 hours ago

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - California became the first state on Thursday to require that public school textbooks include the accomplishments of gay, lesbian and transgender Americans as Governor Jerry Brown signed the mandate into law.

"History should be honest," Brown, a Democrat serving his second stint as California governor, said in a written statement released by his office.

The measure won final passage from the state legislature earlier this month when it passed on a 49-25 party-line vote, with Democrats in favor and Republicans opposed.

"This bill revises existing laws that prohibit discrimination in education and ensures that the important contributions of Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life are included in our history books," Brown said. "It represents an important step forward for our state.

The law also requires that public schools teach the contributions of Pacific Islanders and the disabled.

California already mandates that schools include historical accomplishments by Native Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans and European Americans.

Republicans who opposed the legislation argued that it would write an agenda into school textbooks.

Randy Thomasson, president of the conservative, said Brown had "trampled the parental rights of the broad majority of California mothers and fathers who don't want their children to be sexually brainwashed."

"The only way parents can opt-out their kids from this immoral indoctrination is to opt them out of the entire public school system, which is no longer for morally-sensitive parents and their children," Thomasson said.

It could still be several years before California students start reading about gay accomplishments in their textbooks.

The state's Department of Education has said that, because of budget woes, new textbooks will probably not be adopted until 2015.

(Editing by Dan Whitcomb and Cynthia Johnston)




Anonymous DanAge said...

It kills me when girls get a kick out of flirting with a guy even though she's taken. We get enough mixed signals, I don't need you bf glaring at me because YOU are being a little something that rhymes with store...

5:19 PM  
Blogger Black Krishna said...

Agreed dood, but frankly I don't blame 'em. If I was told I had to look like Cristiano Ronaldo or one of those damn TV vampires every day I'd probably blow my brains out. So, they're taking their chickvice reasonably well, with a few mistakes made. I agree, some are slorring just to cause trouble, but they don't have to as long as men can handle their silliness. Men always could, that's how we got here, so men can today. Once they feel a little safer with less pressure, they'll stop chasing nonsense so aggressively to solve their problems, will chill out and come home! :)




8:21 PM  

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