Friday, July 15, 2011

"now, if you've been married for decades and your dood isn't around i might casually compliment you..."


supple mental faq/fyi...


agreed [redacted], and yes, i often employ the timeless "guy nod" to show respect, but i have to keep it conservative otherwise i'm enjoying their chickie too much, plus that doesn't change the exchange betwixt me and some chickies who oughtn't be throwing me that kind of affection with their or any dude around since i can't really respond well.

now, if you've been married for decades and your dood isn't around, i might casually compliment you on your choice in pilates classes and keep it fun and moving. however, we're dealing with (SOME) insecure guys who aren't providing enough security, or (SOME) insecure girls who's egos can be crushed if you look at them -- or don't -- etc.

as for manhood... we'll realize it when chickies acknowledge it. and when they see it they do. i know that for a fact for 2 years in t-dot across many sub-cultures and 2 months in o-dot across a more classically canadian one. so, i'm retired and just having fun. the plan is to make the party so big that we've got "them" surrounded. fun stuff eh? ;)




p.s. shoot me yer number and i'll call you for some quality chickie-yappage some time! :)


Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit)




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