Saturday, July 09, 2011

McVey vs. McVeigh: Patriot Demonization 101 + Supple Mental





fyi, dunno if you saw this, but the man they caught supposedly planning to kill obama is joseph "mcvey", which sounds suspiciously like timothy "mcveigh", which sounds like a psyop to capitalize on our vague recollection of crazy jahnkee patriots who go nuts and kill lots of people, like they supposedly did in oklahoma, false flag f--kery notwithstanding. any-vey, just thought i'd pass it on. save for the (likely) brainwashed poor young soldier caught in this mess, i find this stuff hilarious.

Joseph McVey, Armed Man, Arrested At Airport Where Obama Was Leaving

the news -- especially the "metro" and "24" transit papers -- is getting insanely simple and silly. like resort brochures for a grown-up disneyland, half the damn things are fashion or recipes. the news is barely worth Twit. this makes traditional truthtivist efforts less effective each year as we try to say complex stuff to people getting younger in their programmed outlook. this one reason why it's getting much harder to literally "talk" about this stuff the way we did at street actions in years past.

Social Media Attention Deficit Disorder

we should probably help others laugh at the news and in general. it's more empowering than hearing about (or sharing) how we're all screwed. we all want to go along to get along, so there's no way we're messing up the party. each year truthers are supposed to do the same things and let people go at their own speed before they become full-fledged block-runnin' truthers themselves. except it's not happening and i don't think it's meant to. i'm not being negative. i'm critically thinking. which is critical.

'The Big Lie': 9/11 Truther Comic Book To Be Released (VIDEO)

there's lots of great work being done on "truth" issues, but the hardcore fanbase may be shrinking and casual fans losing interest. beyond that, unless the plan is to figure out how to share the info locally, then people consuming it are left isolated and disempowered by it until they give it up. or, slaves to online spooks and command prompt conversations that become so short, snarky, obvious and boring that we eventually lose interest in talking about this stuff at all. there have to be ways to beat this.

10 Most Influential People in the Alternative Media (2011)

after absorbing the work of some of the smartest and most committed freedom fighters on earth, then trying to share it, i basically retired on canada day this year. after a street action. after a fashion. after hanging with a million canadians outside parliament. it was transcendentally calm and cool. i spent a couple of months re-confirming what i learned in toronto in ottawa, or once the basics are in place and people feel safe and secure, they feel more relaxed and free on a regular basis instead of waiting.

Why I feel your pain: secondhand stress and how it spreads

i'll still say smart truthy stuff to entertain people if they want, but my retirement is from focusing on what they're doing. i find it separates me from civilians and the conspirienced when i suggest we act on it. the response is basically the same. instead, i hope we can optimize whatever we're already doing. then it's not a "this or nothing" scenario. it's just "this" better. once we optimize our relationships in 3D World, then 2D World won't make us so paranoid. it's all done anyway. i've seen it and so have others.


we won't have any more insecure guys when they're providing security, nor girls when they're benefiting. with a few rules of engagement (ROE) we'll be rockin'. it's like behaving better and bonding at a house party because it makes a better party. guys are cool, girls are smiling, old folks are laughing and young folks are learning something. this shouldn't take more than a week to get. or 6 months. max. we can win from there. since we're good, i may head off to work on the U.S. for 2012. it could get messy o'er yon.


be well and be in touch with who you can like how you like as you'd like to see if they like it.











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