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Into The Fire: Tour of Duty, Film and Canadian National (In?) Security Review (Screw The CSISsies and RCMP*ssies! :)


Into The Fire: Tour of Duty, Film and Canadian National (In?) Security Review (Screw The CSISsies and RCMP*ssies! :)


Letter to truth seekers across Canada and around the World.


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"We don't have to get in your face.
We just have to get info in front of your faces."


April 25, 2011

Hey Everybody,

I hope all are well and enjoying a nice Easter weekend break regardless of your faith, it's a great time to chill-out however you can. Below are a few thoughts from the past week on the info war, film "Into The Fire" and our feelings about what's happening.

Frankly, when it comes to getting enough Canadians to help deal with our new world order issues, It seems like the glass is half-empty or half-full, depending on how we look at it. Enough seem to be aware, so the only question is what to do with that fact.

Since I went postering and flyering for "Into The Fire" this week, I have an idea of the public's mood right now, much like a 9/11 Truth street action gets when cars honk in support. We have options and Canadians that understand many of us will use them.

Frankly, every Canadian adult should feel a moral responsibility to watch "Into The Fire" on DVD or online for free, especially people in Toronto, and especially guys who may have to deal with this stuff later if they don't try to deal with it in other ways soon.

Canadians need to hear arguments like this about info like that on a regular basis, but since we're really nice, sometimes it's hard to get us to (get us to) fight, even when we should. We have to find more ways around this to quickly get us in the mood to.

Frankly, nobody really values anything anybody says anymore, only things we do. That's the measure of how serious one is anywhere. Canadians need better ways to communicate with others where they live to reject lies and request better policies.

While confusing tolerance (just say it) with paranoia (you can't say that) and many other social engineering memes occupy our minds, we can all think of ways to help transcend them until we all understand our political system well enough to control it.

Frankly, based on many factors, I think we have a year or so left to figure out some shortcuts to action, including thinking of doing something to stop martial law besides protest, or doing what goverments invite us to do so they can declare martial law.

Since we have the info war, adults can't just accept that some adults know what's B.S. and others don't in their own country. That's crazy. If it's literally too hard "talk" about it, then adults should consider all their other options before finally giving up.

Frankly, it's all quite simple and always has been. There's just stuff in the way like logically thinking we're all screwed. Once we've finished the math on that answer, perhaps we can work on others. If we can do the math, we can get the answers.

Lastly, another reminder to see and share the film "Into The Fire" on DVD and online for free. Why did police do stuff that made no sense? What do protests accomplish? When will all Canadians know how "problem, reaction, solution" works so it won't?

Frankly, it's an exceptionally watchable film with great footage, music and interviews, like a rock video with info. It gives us a real sense of the bizarre martial law circus that was Toronto's G20 Summit in 2010 to help make sure it never happens again.


Into The Fire - Full Film


Into The Fire on DVD has over 2 hours of extras including never before seen footage of Charlie Veitch in Toronto, deleted scenes, extended interviews, a making of the soundtrack special feature and much more!


Press For Truth Presents: Into The Fire, World Theatrical Premier

By Lucid and Paul Paldino, We Are Change Toronto

Friday, April 22, 2011 | TORONTO

Into The Fire, the premier documentary chronicling the events of the Toronto G20, shot in high definition by Toronto alternative media group and independent film makers, Press For Truth was screened at the Bloor Paradise Cinema this Friday, before an almost full capacity theater audience.


1. The Info War in 2011

We need to (or should I politely say should?) find ways to transcend the polite ways we normally discuss things with most people or we'll just continue to act normal while things get worse. We can get inspired by music that adds feeling to meaning and get in the mood to say things in ways we normally wouldn't online and offline by sharing them using blogs, videos, songs, shows, twits, posters, flyers and more.

Then those feelings and ideas will get out there and we won't just go numb or dumb, but in most conversations we won't have to express them if it doesn't feel right to. We can pass on ways of expressing ourselves about important issues that we feel are important - but - not cop to expressing ourselves that way all the time anymore than a revolutionary artist does. We can act "normal" and respect and enjoy it too.

There's lots of options, including experimenting with using more text on posters or flyers to share more info to fewer people who will really get it; more images since more people react to them today; see if reacting to new issues or ongoing concerns works better; try tear-away tags on posters with a subject and a website that people can take; and more. The feedback now is generally neutral or positive. So it's a go.

Historically, we all know it's a good idea to do this and it's been done for thousands of years. It's also non-confrontational. So, instead of giving up on conversations that few want to have, we can stay sharp and try to communicate easily in other ways. Public displays will be important to encourage more and to reach people who are normally not reached by this info. Sure, they may be surprised. But they may take it seriously.


2. State and Self-Censorship Report

Having postered and flyered sporadically for a few years and consistently last year and this year, I can say that it looks like "truth" posters are being targeted more and faster than ever. While a ton of mine stayed up, others were pulled down in minutes. Some looked like the work of individuals, others like an area cleaned by the state with other and older posters left, including torture porn, band and socialist activist ones.

There is clearly selective enforcement going on, though to be fair, sharing nearly 6000 posters and flyers in 5 days with pictures of burning police cars and Dan's hands in cuffs holding a Canadian flag in the downtown Toronto core could be considered excessive by some, so it's a mixed-bag of possibilities. Still, as far as I could tell from having experienced it last year, some of it looks like municipal works.

Perhaps it could even be other postering crews who don't like where I placed them, which is fair in some cases. It's always best to try to share the space than to cover others up or go for a neat design, but it's also part of the game in the info war when you need to grab people's attention to (attempt to) avoid catastrophe. Either way, it looks like it's getting harder to put up anti-NWO info, so we should while we can.

Next year, I expect postering in Canada to (illegally) be made illegal, like it is in parts of Toronto like Dundas Square, north to College, south to Adelaide and east and west to Church and Bay, that look public but are really privately owned. By 2012 there will probably be more security and police questions, but for a week in 2011, I experienced absolutely no problems. That means it's still safe on our streets to take them back.


3. 90% of (True) Communication is Non-Verbal

One thing many feel is missing from our culture is trust. People don't feel they can trust each other. While the causes of this problem deserve accurate critiques, it may be harder to stop people from watching reality TV than it is to figure out what to do if they still do. Assuming we learn behaviour from our media and entertainment, is there a way to counteract the effects and impressions of each other that we get?

Well, we have to realize by now that being dumbed-down, dehumanized, robbed and murdered is a lot more fun than it might sound, with some key drawbacks. One key to our efforts may be to help people try to live in this world, not just try to get them to reject it as many inevitably try to do. People need ways to keep their family, friends and fun and get stuff done that helps their community deal with potential hard times.

That can simply mean being nicer and more civil whenever possible, especially if you put out messages that some find disturbing at times. People need to be as nice as possible, men need to look out for women, children and the elderly and give them more personal space in passing to produce a better vibe all-around and even flirt safer. The re-building of our appreciation of who we live with can start non-verbally.

While it sounds far-away from saying "9/11 was an inside job!", it may be the way to help ensure we like and trust each other enough to act on that info and more. We can nod and smile to each other in passing to reinforce our safety and worth in an age when people often say "People are stupid!" A house party vibe where everyone feels like they kind of know each other and men stop any fighting is probably ideal.


I guess that'll do for now, I hope it helps! :)





Into The Flyer: Poster and Flyer Campaign for "Into The Fire"


Into The Flyer: Muse - Uprising "Into The Fire" Campaign

Note: You can play the song "Uprising" while watching the video too.




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