Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guys'n'Dolls, Gay For Coldplay, Yes-I-Mind Tricks and Feeling Out The Federales


(FYI, emailed to about 50 truthseekers across Canada - Ed.)


Hey Everybody,

I hope all are well and looking forward to the nice weather and increasing awareness before whatever happens in 2012. Sorry for the impersonal nature of my last screed, it may sound crazy, but I don't want to lose my ability to articulate like that in case it's needed.

After my recent semi-vacation, I'm off to Ottawa for May 1st to figure out what the federales are up to. I figure Torontonians are awake and in good hands, plus if they say there's nothing they can do, that's not true in Ottawa where most work for the government.

Once I can support myself with work and donations from across Canada to hopefully infowar Capital City full-time, I also want to figure out how all the sovereignty-selling crap is happening, how to stop it and how to share the possibilities with the rest of Canada.

This is also related to the Canada Day 2011 March On Ottawa proposed by Matthew Buechler and myself, or an invitation to all Canadians to cover the capital in good info during a patriotic weekend to wake the feds and affect policy decisions for decades to come.

Perhaps it's a crazy idea, but all the new ones are, until they're not-so crazy, unless they are, in which case that's that. Either way, please be in touch with any support or suggestions, I'd like (us?) to hit the ground running for as long as we can in the nice weather.

Incidentally, the old BK Barometer is reporting increasing (and expected) social pressure to shut it down, so I'll likely use "Vijay Sarma" more than "Black Krishna" going forward. I still use both and BK's a better persona for revolutionary thinking, but times... are.

Regardless, ambition is the source of accomplishment, so hopefully it's encouraged by more people more often as we descend deeper into the new world order. Whether we win or lose, we'll probably feel better trying and get better karma points too. It can work.

Besides that, below are a few ideas to consider developing at this time in history. Praise without the critical math is arguably less intellectually honest, but it arguably gets the job done better with fewer arguments, so hopefully this is an easier read and consider.

1) Schedule regular solutions-focused meetings in and for cities that are coordinated nationally so people feel like they're part of something bigger and others know it too. Local concerns we hear about in our daily lives can be solved in committees where we live, like health, money, debt, relationship and parenting issues. If the answers are valuable, they can be shared locally and nationally and help build trust in the value of our preferred areas of research. Solving small problems will give us more credibility to generate public interest in solving larger ones. There's a bunch of other great reasons to do this. Feel free to contact me to discuss further and help set them up.

2) Micro-stress relief in crowded cities can be had by improving our daily interactions to ensure they strengthen instead of weaken us for bigger challenges. For thousands of years men and women reinforced consistent feelings of strength - and - security through chivalry. Or, men acted and felt like men - and - women felt safer with men where they live. It still works. Consistent, brief and positive interactions with strangers can leave everyone in a better mood without sweating any brief negative or confused ones. Men can give women (children and seniors) more personal space, hold doors, light smokes, etc. Women can be happy the men there do that. It's all win-win fun.

3) FYI: I'm going Gay for Coldplay. Seriously. I played them to open and close my radio show this morning and I've been listening to them all day. They basically say all the right things better than usual, among many other musicians whose work we can use at this time to help us get to work. In fact, they're probably helping me write this a lot nicer and less angrily than I would using my usual hip hop fight music. Perhaps Canadian truthseekers can share lists of inspirational music, speeches and more entertainment options to show their personalities and help both civilians and the conspirienced get in the mood to "feel" more about what's happening to handle it.

At about 750 words, or the typical length of a newspaper article, hopefully this works for most. As long as we can think and communicate about complex new world order issues, we can deal with them. We can't make it simple. We can only simplify it as best we can.



Vijay Sarma
April 14, 2011
Toronto, Canada


Coldplay - Speed Of Sound





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