Monday, March 14, 2011

Aw man, mah Twitter account is all fuggidy-fugged up. What's going on?


Aw man, as of 11:24 pm on Monday, March 14, 2011, mah Twitter account is all fuggidy-fugged up. It looks all squirrely.

You can see it at - - for yourself. You can't read any Twits. Hardly any are visible. This is sucky.

Clicking the RSS feed reveals they're still up there, but not many people are likely to do that. It's really hard to read right now.

This is what I hate about these online tools. Almost nobody believes it could be federal foul play either. It just sucks 2 be me.

However, I lost 3 YouTube accounts. The first for a few copyright clips (etc.) The others for videos I mostly shot in Toronto. (?)

R.I.P. BlackKrishna, CrackKrishna and MPVij. You are still missed. I had millions of hits on those vids. Oh well.

Plus, my page where I posted radio shows was taken after I argued with people attacking me on * my * page.

And, my Facebook account for my stage-name "Black Krishna" was taken away while organizing SPP protest campaigns in 2008.

Bah, what can you do? I guess nothing's guaranteed and they do own the means of communication. But this is still sucky-ucky-ucky.

Of course, every single time could be a coincidence. Either way, it's a reminder that offline communications are still really important.




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