Friday, February 25, 2011

Domestic Counter-Psyops vs. 'Psy-ops' team accused of targeting US senators: Trillions In Mind Control Research Can't Be Wrong


100 Words on What's Going On

Conspiracy Theory: The way we learn to talk about things may be more important than learning about them. UNESCO supposedly wants us learning as fast as possible, but not thinking. We have to move from learning to thinking about what to do about what we learn. The democratic systems we're in are supposed to work, and often do, so we just have to find ways to share specific info and goals to organize locally to petition our politicians in groups for what we want. Actionable intelligence will beat conspira-trivia with a better message to get more concerned people involved.


Counter-Psyop's vs. Army Psy-ops

Just a head's up, there's a crazy article from the UK that admits US "Psy-ops" teams exist and are used, in this case illegally on US Senators visiting Iraq to get them to give the army more money and troops. I got it in a e-blast full of crazy articles. What's more interesting is the admitted techniques that US Army Psyops teams use to sway public opinion. There's probably more, but they say they drop leaflets full of messages to reach people directly. And it worked.

Right now, thanks to much of the media's relentless promotion causing us to think it's a "safe" topic to bring up, the only thing people will feel like discussing in response to feeling threatened is the idea of protesting, like them or not. This is another false dialectic that ignores the people in power or how people can affect any political change. As governments grow more corrupt and remote, instead of trying to communicate with them, we'll be told to yell, get beat up and go home.

Governments love this and use it to get more power, or that's how it's worked for the last 50 years. This might be why they promote them and the armed response so much. People forced to choose between tyranny and anarchy will choose tyranny, or governments over protesters, unless they have a point - and - make it known to everyone. The normalizing of protests and how to keep them safe and going will generate more sympathy for a failed and controlled model of dissent.

Before things get out of hand in this planned global recession and we can't think of anything else to do, let's see how experts in managing public opinion do things. It looks like they usually calmly and consistently repeat messages to help change the way we think over time. That can be the info war. Even if people literally don't want to "talk" about this at all, if we share enough info fast, we'll create the socio-political conditions to be able to talk soon. Counter-Psyops may be required.


Otherwise we'll just get more glorious celebrations of protests from big groups. wants us to donate to watch protests all the time, like reality TV.

We should really think about what to ask for, and how to get us to, soon.


'Psy-ops' team accused of targeting US senators

David Usborne | The London Independent | February 25, 2011

The top United States commander in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, has ordered an investigation into allegations that members of a psychological-operations team – known as psy-ops – were ordered to target American Senators and other dignitaries visiting the country to help to persuade them to provide new troops and money. ...

Psychological warfare

* In the Second World War, loudspeakers were used to amplify the noise of engines to convince German troops they faced a bigger force than was there.

* During the Korean War leaflets calling on enemy troops to surrender were said to have influenced up to a third of the soldiers who were taken prisoner by the United Nations forces.

* A technique adopted in the first Gulf war was to drop leaflets warning of an impending bombing raid, carry out the attack, then drop more leaflets telling Iraqi troops they should surrender. The tactic was to make them trust the word of the Allies.


Blackout-proof the protests

18,330 have donated. Help us get to 25,000

Across the Middle East -- in Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, and more countries every day, autocratic regimes are trying to crush unprecedented peaceful protests with brutality and blackouts.

Avaaz is working urgently to "blackout-proof" the protests -- with secure satellite modems and phones, tiny video cameras, and portable radio transmitters, plus expert support teams on the ground -- to enable activists to broadcast live video feeds even during internet and phone blackouts.

The window for us to deliver this help is closing fast, as regimes are moving quickly to choke off borders and internet connections. Small donations from 25,000 of us would fund critical technology and support teams for those who need it most. Let’s all chip in -- donate now:



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