Sunday, December 05, 2010

Dead Celebrities vs. Denialism: The Death of AIDS by Nicole Zwiren



Denialism: The Death of AIDS

by nicole z

16 mins

Denialism: TheDeath of AIDS from nicole z on Vimeo.


I'm just watching this short 16 minute film now, it won the 2010 Best Documentary Award at the International Student Film Festival in California for good reason. I just heard David Crowe say "they redefine malnutrition as AIDS", it's wild, but like anything that blows your mind, it's woth a look.

Director Nicole Zwiren is doing a fantastic job stringing together short informative clips to create a great narrative that explains the whole thing. Just 9 minutes into it I'm overwhelmed, plus I caught the look from, a recommended and consistently updated site questioning AIDS theories.

What's amazing is how long AIDS has been seriously questioned, or 20 years now, starting with Dr. Peter Duesberg, three-time scientist of the year and world's top expert on retro-viruses, which HIV supposedly is. Once he started questioning AIDS in 1987 and published his work, he was blackballed.

Even more amazing is how many good people, like salmon swimming upstream and crashing on the Big Pharmacide rocks, have fought the battle to beat the AIDS genocide in Africa, plus all the peoples lives ruined by it here. Once people really see it, they can see it, now it's just a question of will.

People have worked hard for a long time to make it easy for everyone to understand everything, that if everyone just worked on their own local translations, then this whole eugenics program using AIDS and more toxic drugs, vaccines, GMO foods, aspartame and so on could be shut down.

Actor Ed Asner lends his name to ReThinking AIDS and Nicole Zwiren's work, the Foo Fighters helped her predecessor in the late Christine Maggiore with husband Robin Scovll, who I had one great conversation with in 2007, plus thousands of scientists co-sign the obvious questions about funding.

Many people reflexively defend the usual HIV/AIDS theories and react harshly to questions about them. This is amazing based on how little most of us know about HIV/AIDS. We hear a lot, but don't know very much. We only know to defend the simple propaganda we hear even after years of failure.

There's more than one reason to pull this scam, plus more than one way to pull it off. The bottom line is efforts to increase our belief in the HIV/AIDS myth are now being ramped-up around us, so instead of just going along with a system that will do this, it's best to question it and share the answers.

Incidentally, check out the irony of how they use celebrities to sell us HIV/AIDS drug-genocide in Africa. Most of them probably haven't heard that AIDS is fake, but either way, it looks like the people behind this "Digital Death" campaign have a sick sense of humour. Can they not see the irony?

Some people can know better and more soon, some can't. That's why the infowar is important. Instead of waiting for people to find out, telling lots people can ensure enough will be reached who have the will to take action, plus enough others will support them, creating the social infrastructure needed.

Once that's in place, everyone will know people calmly and consistently distributing important info about corporate and government corruption that threatens all of us while encouraging us to make better choices and do something about it is an accepted part of our culture. Then we can all move on it.

With important issues, instead of just going with the (changing) flow, guessing off half-knowledge, or being contrarian out of spite, it's good to lock in a few truths too. Based on the damage done by the AIDS myth so far, it could do more in Western hyper-sexualized cultures, especially if we're into supporting it.

Finally, if the people who looked into stuff and worked on finding answers can handle doing years of research on a given issue, then anyone should be able to watch 16 minutes to judge it. Among the best ways to preserve our own freedoms to question and think is to make sure we support other people who do as well.



Denialism: The Death of AIDS

by nicole z

16 mins

Denialism: TheDeath of AIDS from nicole z on Vimeo.


BTW, this video is collosally offensive and stupid. Celebrities in a big publicity stunt are jacking their fans for $1 million for Big Pharmacide drugs - plus billions in PR value - to bring them back to "digital" life. Many don't know better and half are in their undershirts just finding the time to do another plug.

(More dead celebs and video courtesy of the Rumours section:)



A bunch of celebs got together and decided to make this creepy statement about AIDS for World AIDS Day. See the video below.


Digital Death








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Blogger FB @ said...

I think they just don't know any better. I know it's a stupid excuse but it SOUNDS like a good cause, their PR firm goes : YEAH YEAH Kim Kardashian is doing it! .. and then everyone jumps on the bandwagon

7:43 AM  
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