Wednesday, November 18, 2009

REAL-TIME INTELL: Toronto H1N1 Shot Line-Ups Are Getting Longer




Heya TTS Family & Friends,

I've been receiving messages from someone inside an H1N1 clinic for a while now. I share some on my radio show Mon, Tues, Thurs from 6 - 7 am EST @ 88.1 or They're now telling me that 115 people are currently waiting OUTSIDE the clinic for the shots on a sunny but cold day in Toronto. Some are taking wristbands to come back later. Beyond citing generic NWO methodology, this is a very bad sign that something very specific has happened in front of us to increase the number of people getting shot.

Postering outside H1N1 clinics ASAP would be a good idea. It's practical, legal and easy. If we keep people who go to the clinic for a shot from getting it, many could become ardent anti-vaccine advocates because of the way they found out about them. The corruption of our major institutions is only accomplished because most people inside don't want to risk their jobs -- and -- most people outside don't want to risk anything. If freedom falls-apart in front of us, then we'll be way-too depressed about it to do anything later.

We truthers often lose to the mass media because they're consistent and we're not. We also lose perspective because we find rare news articles that expose the truth and contradict the mainstream ones everywhere. This cheers us up, but unfortunately it also weakens our resolve to study and fight the propaganda that most people are being given. We live comfortably in an alternate reality, which is probably a bad idea. We should try and keep up with what's being said to the most people to beat the specifics.

People can generally live comfortably in a reality where they'll admit that corruption contributes to health risks that we need to warn each other about. People are given awful logic like "less mercury than a tuna fish sandwich!" to explain why they should get shot, ignoring the fact that we could poop or pee the mercury out easier than if we inject it our bloodstream and it swims into our brain, plus-plus. People should also note that persistent levels of poisonous mercury in tuna fish sandwiches is another problem too.

We don't know how all this will play out, but we can certainly have some influence on it. We can do more than just re-explain exactly how we're being screwed if we focus on more. We can make the information we have simple and practical. Then people can understand that we're trying to communicate 'with them' and not just say stuff. We don't have to do anything if we don't want to, but if we don't want to, then we should wonder why. We can get lazy and crazy, or we can get to work on stopping our local genocide.

Incidentally, it's the 322nd day of 2009 and it's a "9" (1 + 8), so keep an eye out for extra secret-society wackiness. There's definitely something going on that everyone can feel, including martial law scenarios playing out on a daily basis. Instead of citing generic NWO brainwashing methodology, we can take what we've learned and apply it to our own environments. We can take photos and more of changes happening in our own neighbourhoods so our neighbours notice them. We can expose "The Matrix" for others.

Finally, with respect to our various interests, it may help to work locally on prioritizing them. Our culture encourages us to do whatever we want to the extreme, so that spills over into anti-NWO activism. The problem is the NWO has plans they carefully execute step-by-step and... we don't. While many angles may work, we know people were suspicious of vaccines before and many are now sick of the "swine flu" coverage. However, to keep them from eventually succumbing to it anyway, they need to hear from us.

Once they do and avoid getting shot, they might gratefully decide to learn more.


Toronto Truth Seekers
Assistant Organizer

P.S. This document has expanded versions of these ideas for any interested:

The Planifesto: 2009 Survival Strategy