Tuesday, November 17, 2009

METALHEADS: Save Our Children From Brain Damage -- Now!




Heya TTS Family & Friends,

I launched the plan this morning on the radio. It was co-signed last night by a fellow truther with first-hand experience in hearing children screaming they don't want to get shot. They agree this could appeal to the humanity in both couch-potato truthers and non-truthers alike. Right now, many of us are so dehumanized that we don't even care about ourselves. Both truthers and non-truthers will say they are worried about the future, but even if they think they might die soon, they seem to think it was inevitable, as opposed to they were just being lazy.

It's a self-fulling prophecy: the less you do the more it's true.

Therefore, instead of just trying to get us to care about ourselves, which may see us focus on our faults, get confused and depressed and give up, we should focus on saving children instead. We may feel they deserve saving even if we don't feel we do. Alan Watt posted our "Save 10,000 Children" meet-up on his website, and there's nobody on earth who can say saving children is not more compelling then a bunch of adults arguing about a bunch of old rich people who may or may not exist, or who doubters say, may or may not always be in charge anyway.

It's time to see if our knowledge has any practical value to others.

Today's "Metro" has Health Canada's Dr. David Butler-Jones saying 1 in 5 Canadians have already been (H1N1) shot, among the highest percentage of any country in the world thanks in part to our small population. They're not stopping, so we have to make sure the number of people with faith in vaccines doesn't increase and normalize future forced medical care if others can't stop it. Right now, about 500 children per day in Toronto are getting shot per clinic, give or take, since they're a high-priority group. Right now, toxic metals are eating holes in their brains.

It's tough for children to stop their ignorant parents from doing this

GenerationRescue.org is the website supported by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey. They helped cure her son's autism, or at least improve his condition considerably. Their doctors say if you can reach a child quickly after an "adverse" reaction to a vaccine, then it's possible to detox and make dietary changes for a full-recovery. One thing to note is that all vaccine-reactions are "adverse" since all vaccines are not good for us. Therefore, we're all in a race against time to tell parents and others in Toronto and elsewhere how to save their children before it's too late.

It's as easy as: Q. "Hey man, can I tell you something?" A: "Sure."

Russell Blaylock (MD) and others have great articles on how anyone can detox if they were forced to take an H1N1 shot, or if they chose to, so we can pass that on as well. TTS was there before the scare and we're there during the scare to tell people what they need to do. This very public narrative of competent compassion will serve us (and others who try it) well later, especially as we're increasingly demonized. People who can still care about children should begin researching and working on flyers. People who can't should wait for the rest of us to reach them.


Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)



About 1 in 5 Canadians immunized against H1N1: chief health officer

By Chinta Puxley (CP) – 16 hours ago

WINNIPEG — The country's chief public health officer says Canada is leading the world when it comes to the percentage of its citizens vaccinated against the swine flu.

Dr. David Butler-Jones says about 20 per cent of the population has received the H1N1 shot in the last three weeks. Canada has about 33 million people.

"That's just unheard of," he said in an interview while he was attending an international conference on HIV/AIDS in Winnipeg on Monday. "Already we've immunized more people than anybody else in the world as a percentage of our population."




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