Thursday, October 15, 2009

Swine Flu Shot MicroPoll: So far 95% of 150 respondents say no! :-)




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Hey TTS,

We have our "GTA Have Your Say Day" on Saturday where we'll ask people to register their opinion on swine flu vaccines anonymously as part of a survey. Or, nonymously by signing a petition, holding a picture saying "We're Not Going To Take It!", or on audio or video. As long as we give people the chance to express how they feel about this important health-related decision involving many of our tax-dollars, then we've done our part in this democracy.

To make sure we're not seen as the exception to the fool, we also have a MicroPoll going from October 13 - 17th asking whether Canadians should have to take a flu shot or not. With just one vote allowed per computer, if just 1000 people take the poll, then we'll have solid scientific data on how people feel. We're getting respondents from the U.S. too, but that's no big deal. If I was asked I'd say no Americans should have to get shot either, so it's good to know.

People can obviously vote however they want, but it's good to get a few solid metrics to counteract the mass media campaign. Our experience at the table this summer, plus my own beforehand for the last few years, suggests most Canadians are wary of "flu shots" and vaccines in general. So, we should remind them now before the media messes with their minds and the shots start on October 26th. Please share widely, you can post the link or embed the poll in blogs, etc.


*** Should Canadians Have To Take A Swine Flu Shot? ***




*** Should Canadians Have To Take A Swine Flu Shot? *** - Poll: October 13 - 17, 2009 - The CBC says the Canadian government ordered 50.4 million swine flu vaccines, at least one per Canadian, to be used starting October 26th. Should Canadians have to take a swine flu shot? Should we have the right to refuse the shot for us or our children? Should we be threatened or punished for refusing? Please vote today! - Canada to order 50.4 million H1N1 vaccine doses - August 6, 2009 - - Canada may move up H1N1 vaccine rollout - October 8, 2009 - "... The goal is to have the vaccine ready for distribution a week later on Oct. 26 -- at least two weeks ahead of the previously scheduled rollout." - - *** Should Canadians Have To Take A Swine Flu Shot? ***



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