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STOP THE FLU WORLD ORDER! -- Sat, Oct 24th, 11 am - 6 pm, Dundas Square




Announcing a new Meetup for Toronto Truth Seekers (TTS)!

What: STOP THE FLU WORLD ORDER! -- Sat, Oct 24th, 11 am - 6 pm, Dundas Square

When: October 24, 2009 @ 11:00 AM

Dundas Square
Yonge & Dundas
Toronto, ON

Hey TTS,

Over the last several weeks, we've found that many of our fellow Canadians aren't interested in taking a swine flu vaccine, or any vaccine for that matter. That's the good news. The bad news is:

Canadian Health Minister Wants 100% Of Population H1N1 Vaccinated

Goal is to get everyone to take the jab before Christmas

"My goal is to have 100 per cent of Canadians (vaccinated)," the federal minister told reporters at the lab. "We're very fortunate as Canadians to be able to have that choice." (Montreal Gazette, 13/Oct/09)

Thanks to World Health Organization (WHO?) international health regulations dictating Canadian "swine flu" policy, we still have to save 30 million Canadians from getting shot by Christmas. No problem.

We just have to provide good information to counter the media's propaganda, including facts about vaccine "risks" they often skip on in their coverage, the option of vaccine exemption forms, and more.

For a good example of the mass media's propaganda narrative, just check The Toronto Star's website. They have a special "" section. If people have been following it, they're in big trouble.

H1N1 questions answered - Why should I be worried about swine flu?

Please RSVP early so we know our numbers. Be polite and clean-cut. Bring flyers, dvd's, posters, signs, stickers, shirts, buttons and anything else you'd like about the variety of topics that we deal with.

FYI, in the cold weather, the number of people willing to stop at the table or take hands out of their pockets to take a flyer goes down. Therefore, let's find more ways of getting information to people as well.

Finally, we should be proud of having the only weekly outreaches in the world warning against the dangers of vaccines. It's good for people to see what's possible so they can take action where they live too.


P.S. The "Vaccine Agenda" compilation DVD put together by Wayne Prante ( is amazing. Mark burns 'em to give away, and with over 6 hours of evidence, it'll convince people not to get shot.


Learn more here:


Hey TTS,

Since the swine flu shots are starting in the next couple of weeks, I've added another international poll that asks whether anybody in the world should have to take the shots as part of WHO policy. Please take a look and promote it as you'd like. You can email it, embed it on blogs, message boards, websites, etc.

The last online MicroPoll had 177 unique IP votes in just a few days.

93% respondents said Canadians shouldn't have to get shot.

That's great news to use. We should get more.

The more people we get to express their opinions, the more we can convince each other that we're smarter than we're told we are about this stuff, including about how ridiculous it is that an un-elected, un-fireable and corrupt body like the WHO can set health care policy for the world. Umm... what if they screw up?

With international bodies making policy un-democratically, this is a really simple way to get 1000 people voting on the swine flu shots for all to see. It's an online poll with one IP per vote. Don't worry about people arguing over the validity of it. They usually don't do anything else. The Gazette article is below as well.


*** Should People Anywhere In The World Have To Take A Swine Flu Shot As Part Of World Health Organization (WHO?) Policy? ***

International Polling Dates: October 20 - November 22, 2009.

H1N1 vaccination to start in 10 to 14 days

By KEVIN DOUGHERTY, Gazette Quebec BureauOctober 20, 2009 2:02 PM

QUEBEC - Vaccinations for the A H1N1 swine flu will begin in Quebec in “the next 10 to 14 days,” Health Minister Yves Bolduc said Tuesday.

Bolduc added that he is not concerned by a poll suggesting that 43 per cent of Quebecers do not plan to be vaccinated against the virus, which has killed 27 Quebecers so far.

The minister acknowledged that some are hesitant about being vaccinated, but he believes they will change their minds.

“I’m very confident that Quebec men and women will make the right decision,” Bolduc said.

“All the world experts, form the World Health Organization, Health Canada and our experts in Quebec are unanimous. You have to be vaccinated and it’s the best way to prevent H1N1.”

He added that the vaccine is “very safe” and people should not worry about secondary effects.

Bolduc was critical of doctors who recommend against the vaccine, saying they have the right to choose for themselves not to be vaccinated.

“But when they give information to a patient they have the obligation to give the right information based on evidence-based medicine,” he said.

The minister said pregnant women and children under age three, judged most at risk from the new flu strain, would be given the standard vaccine, without a booster, saying this is a safe solution.

Health Canada has recommended against the vaccine with a booster, which allows vaccination with a lower dose, saying the booster version has not been tested enough.
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