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Mark has just read and signed the petition:


You can view this petition at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/tell-a-friend/4551895

Message from Mark:

Hi, Don't let The Petrochemical - Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex get away with this scam/hoax. I signed the petition "A UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF RESISTANCE TO MANDATORY VACCINATIONS". I'm asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal of 1,000,000,000 signatures. I care deeply about this cause, and I hope you will support our efforts.

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damn straight, we can also download vaccine waiver forms at vran.org and share the info with everyone we know. there's no way people spend 25 years hammering away at the vaccine issue without having some sort of point worth considering, so we have to make that clear to people making important decisions about their kids and so on.

fyi, some people say i explain things well, so below are a few short ways to explain the dangers of vaccines to people using logic in a reality they already understand without having to kNWO anything about the giant eugenics videogame we all live in. i worked with dr. andrew moulden and absorbed a ton of his incredible information simplified into this and other short pieces. we can all do the same thing with our own conspirienced research to make it easier for civilians to understand. people are already suspicious as we found out when (with a good excuse to) we asked a ton of people "what do you think of vaccines?" during the MP campaign, including groups of 6 or so randomly reacting at tim horton's, etc.

ultimately, i believe we have to say stuff that others can and will repeat to win, otherwise our efforts are mostly cathartic. putting our brains to work on this is also creative, so it energizes us and we'll be impressed with what we come up with and step-up our efforts. if we can make explaining parts of the NWO plan so simple that anyone can get it and sound smarter than their friends for saying it, we gotta shot.

however, we need gateway truths to introduce the bigger picture, or stuff that people want to know about right now that's more valuable than what they're getting which will lead them to look for more info and wonder why they didn't get it before. the media will change what this is on a regular basis, but with our anti-NWO philosophical framework and general knowledge of what's happening in our environments we can react and adapt quickly, including by having weekly flyers dealing with current topics at our street actions. if we want to be seen as relevant and smarter about the world than most to encourage others to research what we've been finding out, then it helps to discuss what they care about so they'll actually look at what we give them instead of thinking it's not their thing.

one big thing i'm noticing and confirming with others is that everybody and the youth especially care mostly about dating and relationships, so helping them figure out a better way to handle them should be on our list. i recommend checking out this interview i did with dr. henry makow and checking his website regularly at henrymakow.com for more.

as caveat emperor, i'll say you don't have to agree with everything he (or anyone) says because no two humans on earth do. not brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, friends and co-workers... nobody. so: it doesn't matter. so, please take what you will and pass it on, it could help someone understand how to find happiness with others.


FEMINISM: Dr. Henry Makow On The Problem With The People Who Give Us Our Problems


"Questions About Vaccines - Flyer, Poster, Email (387 wrds) -
25Aug08.pdf" (56.2 KB) waiting for download, enter three letters in
top-right hand corner of page.



1. Belief Systems: Some people believe vaccines are bad for you with
good reasons. However, even those who believe vaccines work know
mistakes can be made by big pharmaceutical companies like
contamination, lack of refrigeration or individual adverse reactions.
Look into the vaccine issue further before treating a problem you
don't have with something that might make you sick. Ask your doctor
about what's in vaccines and how they work before injecting them into
your or your child's body. Make sure you're satisfied with the
answers. People read the labels on foods before they buy and eat them,
so read the labels on vaccines to find out what's in them before
injecting it into your bloodstream.

2. Back to School: Some people say if you don't vaccinate your child
they'll be a danger to the other children in class. However, even if
your child isn't vaccinated and gets sick, if the other 29 children in
class are vaccinated against the same illness and the vaccine works,
then they'll be fine and won't catch that same illness from your child
anyway. Think about it, especially since they seem to admit their
vaccines might not work and might not be worth the risk. Share this
information with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and others by
simply handing them a note saying: "Vaccines? See:
www.AMASSNetwork.com" to help them research it themselves, answer
their own questions and make up their own minds.

3. Mandatory Vaccines: Some people feel pressured to take vaccines
as part of their job or to enroll their children in school. However,
laws in free countries suggest the government can't force you to eat a
peanut-butter sandwich let alone take an injection. Before succumbing
to fear, get informed enough to question policies that might threaten
your health. Vaccine-waiver forms are available in many cities based
on philosophical or religious objections, so look for them. Big
institutions want to avoid lawsuits, so know what you're talking about
and get them to commit in-writing to guaranteeing the vaccines they
give you are perfectly safe. If they can't, they might give you a
personal exemption instead.




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