Thursday, May 07, 2009

CKLN Radio Presents Guns'n'Hosers - BK and Tony Bernardo: How To Get 'Em and Why To Have 'Em (24 mins)

CKLN Radio Presents

Guns'n'Hosers: How To Get 'Em and Why To Have 'Em

Co-host of Tuesday's Rude Awakening show with Mark Bills, interviewer Black Krishna asks guest Tony Bernardo from Canadian Shooting about gun control, gun rights, gun myths and gun truths. This conversation that took place shortly after the Virgina Tech Massacre in 2007. While both men were raised in liberal Toronto households and held those values, they later learned how flawed the central planning and social engineering model is, especially because of how power works at the top.

Innocent people owning weapons or guns means always means criminals are more afraid to commit crimes. There is evidence from around the world that suggests crime always goes up after guns are banned. The people who want law-abiding people disarmed inevitably make it easier for criminals to steal from them. Criminals who are prepared to do heavy time for a gun crime before a gun ban feel like it's Christmas after one. Everything we have is a disarmed and easy gift for the taking.

Historically governments have only disarmed their people to control them too. Even if people think it can't happen where they live, times change and new people in power shouldn't be given the means to do so. In a perfect world we could ride unicorns to work and wouldn't need access to guns. But, as long as criminals do then normal people should have them. School and other shootings could be stopped easier if people with guns could stop the shooters. It makes sense.

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People “Running” Into Gun Shows, Panic Buying Ammo

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A San Francisco Chronicle report about a gun show in Daly City notes that when the doors were opened, people came running in and immediately started panic buying ammo, again emphasizing fears about shortages and the Obama gun ban agenda.

“Everybody’s panic buying,” said a wholesale ammunition dealer, who also requested anonymity. “When the doors opened (on Saturday), people we’re running in,” according to the report.

Gun dealers across the country are reporting a virtual run on ammo as prices soar.

Semiautomatic firearms “are going fast,” according to a dealer quoted in the report. “People are afraid the Obama administration will ban assault weapons.”

Gun owners are also concerned that Obama, despite claiming before the election that he wouldn’t target the second amendment, recently bemoaned the fact that he didn’t have the political power to ban semi-automatic weapons, falsely blaming U.S. gun shops for the violence in Mexico.

Obama is also pushing a treaty that would ban “illicit” manufacture of firearms and reloading.

According to Gun Owners of America,”Illicit manufacturing includes reloading and modifying or assembling a firearm in any way. This would mean that the Obama administration could promulgate regulations banning reloading on the basis of this treaty — just as it is currently circumventing Congress to write legislation taxing greenhouse gases.”

Despite Obama promising that he was not interested in going after the second amendment before his election, one of his first actions was to appoint the rabidly anti-gun Eric Holder as his Attorney General.

The leaked Obama gun ban list would make millions of Americans criminals for owning weapons such certain types of rifles or pistols. Anti-gun legislation has found its way into stimulus and other unrelated bills as pork barrel. The first steps of the Obama administration with regard to gun control have resulted in record firearm and ammunition purchases across the country.



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