Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How 2 Think Of What 2 Do About All This Crap.


the ego-syntonic (ego-centric) way we think means everything we think of is largely in relation to us, or how we gain or lose, as opposed to thinking objectively about what needs to be done. this warps how we think of how to beat the NWO and prevents us from thinking of ways for anybody to help themselves. if we can simply change from "what can i do?" which is isolating and disempowering, to "what can we do?" which opens up possibilities and gives us something to share with everyone, then we'll win.

no worries, it's my latest hobby-horse and why i'm throwing up the website and creating a foundational think tank, i've found patterns in propaganda in the intense conversations i've had over the last few months that confirm what many researchers have been saying for years. body aside, the human spirit has been trapped in roles and perceptions that limit our potential to think of what we can do. as one globalist said, soon it will be as difficult for us to rebel as it is for sheep to rebel against the practice of eating mutton.

this can be avoided by looking at what's happening and thinking about what "we" (can all) do about it fast.

1. defensively our first response to this will be guilt and affirmation of our worth: skip this useless and unnecessary step.

2. offensively our first response should be to creatively consider this possibility like many others, from there we can move.

3. consciously our next move should be to understand our society from a shared perspective to develop solutions to share.


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