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Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See

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hey guys,

i heard the first few minutes, [redacted] is right, and it's the same crap i heard 6 months ago, which is:

"well... even if everything is wrong and they're lying, we should still believe something might be happening, still feel guilty, and still do something that might not do anything so we don't feel guilty!"


they're pro-spooks, so don't feel bad if you got fooled.

this stuff is sticky, and it's based on "believing" it and "reacting" to it even after freely admitting it hasn't been proven - which is insane.

i've been proving it's semi-religious guilt-ridden crap for a year, and it's distracting us from "real" environmental and other issues affecting us all, allowing corporations to get away with murder(ing us).

sure it's a hot topic, but these monkeys gave henry kissinger a nobel peace prize in 1973 right after he illegally and immorally carpet-bombed cambodia too, so you have to ask why it's hot.

we might lose, because...

we should be smart enough to to understand and steal "better" explanations every day, but our egos in the face of shrinking-balls syndrome ensure we don't, so we can never "improve" our opinions.


we defend any random corporate-crap we stumble upon regardless of anything better we hear, leading to collective schizophrenia.


we get paranoid and don't trust each other to help decode it. then we only have the fights we're taught to have, feel threatened by others, and give up on thinking for ourselves.

this the global version of "i have a right to my opinion - and - bush = jesus!" and just as true, and we can believe in the "easter bunny" and defend it the same way too.

corporations and foundations (mass and indie media) are publishing GW crap everywhere, so everyone always finds new tidbits, and we feel happy that - even though we hardly pay attention to "politics" - we always find new "global warming" trivia showing what "might contribute!" to global warming.

whether it does or not, we don't care, and mindlessly argue about what "might be...!" without proving anything of any value, wasting time and getting stupid.

we're supposed continue "contributing" our own hot-air to conversations we shouldn't be having, forget the lies, and "believe" we're more guilty than really guilty people recycling the useless "maybe this is bad!" trivia for years who dumb us down, poison us and steal our stuff.

anway, this was probably too much txt, which is a bad sign we won't be able to "explain" things anymore, mainly because we're threatened by explanations that take 5 minutes to read despite being able to play 5 hours of videogames.

soon we'll mindlessly force each other to accept anything we're sold by getting mad, and claiming our feelings are hurt, and acting like an angry mob in "lord of the flies" cuckooville.

still, if you can it's best to avoid wasting time on this crap unless you're exposing it, and it's the most dangerous fraud in history for reasons most don't understand - the above being one of them.

i've got a manifesto coming in a minit, stay tuned, and stay up... :-)



GLOBAL WARMING - Black Krishna & Prof. Tim Ball Explain - 1

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THE AARON JAMES STORY: A Special Live Rude Awakening on CKLN Radio Interview




Hey John34673,

I feel ya, and I feel bad for Aaron James, he contacted me upset about the first 3 comments he saw, and I cleared it up for him:

Don't worry, they're just spooks.

Mr. James is a courageous canary in a coalmine we need to hear and protect, his story is well-researched, documented and terrifying, and because it could wake up and help people, mindless-snitches will quickly try and kill it, and convince us it's not important with cheap slander instead of analysis.

Don't worry, they're just spooks.

You can see brainwashed monkeys peppering YouTube and message boards who spend all their time tearing people down, and you can see that "normal" people have better things to do, like looking for stuff they like instead of wasting their precious free-time on stuff they (pretend to) hate.

Don't worry, they're just spooks.

Their job is to warp our minds by aggressively convincing us that's what we think (I told Mr. James to ignore their rubbish), to get us to accept "profiling" and other racist crap as "normal" instead of respecting our questions, and to destroy our natural compassion.

Don't worry, they're just spooks.

PEP posts useless and forgettable info while throwing wrenches at me, I'm one of her assignments, if she works for NASA it doesn't surprise me, and neither does her threat of using the "Flaming Policy" on you.

Don't worry, they're just spooks.

They've got a crappy job to do to pay the bills, so we have to mock their craptastic tactics until they don't work anymore, and until treasonous jobs don't exist regardless of how much it pays to sell your soul.

Peace, (NOW!!!)



Tuesday, February 14, 2006; Page A13
Washington Post

How much is good press worth? To the Bush administration, about $1.6 billion.

That's how much seven federal departments spent from 2003 through the second quarter of 2005 on 343 contracts with public relations firms, advertising agencies, media organizations and individuals, according to a new Government Accountability Office report.

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Official Endgame Trailer

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