Thursday, October 11, 2007

BIG DEALS: Big Government vs. Big Pharmacide


hey [redacted],

no worries, i only disagree because i looked into it a lot more for years, and i know the media lies to give us a false reality designed to confuse and depress us.

it wasn't so bad before they stepped-up their de-industrialization and control campaign since 9/11, but now we can't "afford" to believe the fake stuff selling us global warming taxes (what are they actually "doing" with your money to clean up the world?), increasing police state policies (no-fly lists?), and our country being bought by foreign interests.

we don't know what this means, but you can ask the third world, and they'll tell you that foreign owners don't treat you any better than your own rich people, and in many cases they'll treat us worse.

i just read in the globe and mail how india's being pushed hard to "open" and "de-regulate" and "privatize" their markets, all code-words for selling more of their assets to the foreign (anglo-american elite) owners of the world, and remove any measures to protect sovereignty or jobs.

the whole thing is based on GDP, or "stock prices", which can be inflated on-demand, and they don't result in better quality of life for anyone actually living in the country or employed there. GMP, or "gross mean product" is a better measure of how the majority of people are doing according to ben fulford, the former forbes magazine asia-pacific bureau chief who knows economics is a total crock of crap, and he used to sell the hell out of it.

lots of retired economics professors have come out and said it's nonsense too, just like retired generals come out and say war is awful - but say nothing while they're still working on their pensions. things like the "dot-com boom and bust" and others show it's more about perception-management until they pull the plug than anything else, and about grabbing greedy-investors money before they devalue their shares.

jesus said "the love of money is the root of all evil" too, he was right, and we're being taught to love money more and more today to destroy our values and depress us with a recession.

i also trust my hopes and not my fears, including not being afraid to find out what's really going on instead of just guessing things will be fine based on trying to figure out what the lies are. that only leads to us having a schizophrenic set of realities that make conversations impossible, and arguments inevitable. this is also by-design, and when people can't agree on reality they certainly can't control it.

it was easier in india in the 1920's when people could agree that the british-rule was a problem and differ on solutions, but until we agree on the problems we'll never find the solutions, and until we trust people like me more than the corporate media, we'll never figure out our real problems.

the corporations who own the media have trillions of dollars riding on fooling us into accepting a psychopathic system that's lead to 3 billion people living on less than $2 a day, and the media works hard to earn their chunk of cash. there are some good people who work there, but they are fooled into believing their own nonsense even more than we are.

bush is a stupid puppet who's destroying the u.s. presidency, and he and the iraq war will wrongly be blamed for america's collapse instead of the people behind him. that's why he's there, and that's why he's un-opposed by the stupid democrat puppets who fool us with hope until the media distracts us again like dopes. bush is doing a magnificent job of convincing us the u.s president can't and won't do anything good anymore, which also ruins america's reputation worldwide.

the fact is america was the only "free" country in history for a while, "democracy" in a "republic" with guaranteed rights and freedoms was seen as a big problem by the historical oligarchy, and there's been a process of stripping away those freedoms for the last 100 years run by the british "royal institute for international affairs" and their american branch, the "council on foreign relations", with the help of a few evil friends.

that's right, the british empire still runs the world, they never stopped, and if you think about it, they wouldn't give it all up that easily anymore than any other evil empire would.

the queen of england isn't a doddering old-fool, she's the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century, and her handiwork can be seen everywhere. once they take down america they can destroy the u.s. constitution and implement a new one for the north american union, and that'll be that. they've already merged europe and are merging asia, and centralizing power only makes it easier to centralize control the three trading blocks under one united nations-run bureaucracy.

there's more, but that'll do, and the important thing is we know enough to stop it.



hey [redacted],

i'm afraid his response doesn't sound very "educated" to me, just passionate, and like vioxx, merck-frosst will take it off the market in a year and semi-apologize for destroying a bunch of lives while the media semi-ignores it.

there are real "people" or "parents" behind these concerns ignored by the media, their stories are worth hearing, and they have no reason to lie unlike big pharmacide making $300 a pop off multiple shots.

read your email again and you'll see what i mean, it's not your fault, but it's all generic stuff despite being sold by guys in white coats who sniff each other's farts instead of double-checking for stink like many at the top of the economic food chain, and unlike telemarketers who bitch about and question their jobs every day.

the fact they're all cooperating doesn't mean they're right, for example:

how can doctors and scientist let "questions remain" for years about mercury in vaccines causing autism in babies without rushing like mad to finally answer them? and how can parents who wouldn't buy "questionable" car-tires ignore these "questions" and still vaccinate their babies anyway?

that's nuts, and like a lot of nutty stuff in history, that's the power of propaganda.

a friend just got knocked-up too, and when i brought it up she said "it hasn't been proven", which means she's heard of the "questions" and knows they haven't gone away and it hasn't been "disproven", which means why the hell won't these million-dollar monkeys just settle this matter once and for all?

unquestioned arguments that appeal to authority make no sense when authority has repeatedly proven incompetent and corrupt, but i guess they're still authorities, so...


we're used to getting un-finished sentences from the media, like "the glaciers are melting!" (how much?), "the polar bears are dying!" (how many?) and so on, so we learn to talk and listen that way until we don't need "details" anymore.

if you listen to people who finish sentences you'll get details, i was even reading the damn globe and mail today, and it's chock full of that un-finished nonsense selling us generic business baby-talk.

if you'd like i'll show the tricks they use, i'm used to getting better and looking until i find it. once you compare specifics you'll see it too, and much like a chair anyone would sit on, it's obvious to anyone who chooses to look.

you can ignore the side i'm telling you about, but there's a reason i don't, and it isn't like i sound dumber each time i see people again.

if that was the case i wouldn't believe me either, but since it's not...


p.s. oh, what the heck, i did 2 minutes of googling just for you... :-)

here's the 1637 serious reactions to gardasil from judicial watch including each report:

here's a cbs news story downplaying early-returns:

here's one of the makers of the drug, diane harper, saying it's not safe:

here's the now 500 reported reactions a month - and no one makes money off reporting them:



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