Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"The guard drilled his finger and knuckle into his cheek quite hard and he said 'Is this funny?'" (CTV News to choose not to lose...)

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yo b-dizzle, good seein' you man, thanks for comin' thru and supporting my boy, i hope you had a good time. FYI - i pumped this off to my boyz and thought you might feel it, just some mo' ramblin' on my gamblin'... :-)


BONUS: Sneak Preview...

"Black Krishna and TyGuy Productions Present - The Most Dangerous Man In The World Is A Brown Guy With A Backpack - Coming Soon to a Theatre of War For Your Mind Near You!"

(intro hard voice)


It's on...


(flip it up)

C'mon everybody!

It's time to celebrate!

We know what's going on!

And we ain't gonna let it last long!


C'mon! C'mon! C'mon!

Black Krishna and TyGuy Productions!

C'mon! C'mon!


I see Nazi's, Nazi's, everywhere,
Don't tell me what to wear,
Or how to wear my hair,
If you don't dare share?
Or dare to stare and care?
Then you a Nazi,
You probably wasn't even aware!
I mean, how did you buy?
The Big Scare?
When most of the Middle-East?
Wants to send their kids here?
For a college education,
And a lifestyle change,
Coming back with blue jeans,
And a brand new Range,
So outta the way!
Ya slowin' down the fast lane of progress,
Keep gettin' it messed,
We'll never get to the projects!
My messianic complex,
Is coming back with context,
Now it's no contest,
I'm calm, they' stressed...


Nazi's, Nazi's, everywhere,
Don't tell me what to wear,
Or how to wear my hair,
If you don't dare share?
Or dare to stare and care?
Then you a Nazi,
You probably wasn't even aware!

(x2) - 1:25


I'll never say that again...


Then again...

Why not?

See, back in the day,
When they thought, we had a way,
They spent all day,
Pointing us, the other way,
And everyone who say,
That it's gotta be this way,
Has gotta be dismayed,
When they see who's gettin' paid,
Who's lurkin' in the shade,
As "The Money Masters" made,
A killing off the Nazi's'n'Commies'n'weapons grade,
Now we steppin' to the plate with weapons home-made,
And we reppin' it for freedom in every single way,
And every single day we gotta say we're okay,
A mother-sister-father-brother tryin' to make it their way...

You's a mother-sister-father-brother tryin' to make it yo' way...


Nazi's, Nazi's, everywhere,
Don't tell me what to wear,
Or how to wear my hair,
If you don't dare share?
Or dare to stare and care?
Then you a Nazi,
You probably wasn't even aware!

(x2) - 2:29






Beware... (2:50)

I can see you over there/over here,
I overhear convos,
I overhear-fear, like-you-facin' Shaq and Alonzo,
My flow is so Gonzo,
Like Hunter S. Thom, so fear is what I loath,
I'd rather know who bombed those,
Towers, that fell, so easily,
While the government, acted, so sleazily,
What's keepin' it real to me,
Is having the guts to admit,
That since they still torture people,
We're in some deep...
Sit down and relax,
The media's got the facts,
But they're ignoring the Left,
Like they've been ignoring the Blacks,
That's why I write my little raps,
To help us out of Iraq,
So don't act like a Nazi,
'Cause they're already back...


Nazi's, Nazi's, everywhere,
Don't tell me what to wear,
Or how to wear my hair,
If you don't dare share?
Or dare to stare and care?
Then you a Nazi,
You probably wasn't even aware!

(x2) - 3:44

- Black Krishna, "Nazi's, Nazi's, Everywhere"

hey bk,

couldn't get back to ya sooner as i was attending at your old stomping grounds. yeah, i had good time wed. you know that i love the beats and it's refreshing to hear some witty lyrics on top of them. your track is fine but i had a difficult time trying to decipher what was actually being said given its sound quality. [NOTE: the song has only been recorded once on my MP3 player as soon as i finished it to quickly send it to the beat's producer before i had to bounce, it hasn't been to the studio and i haven't completely completed it yet - Ed.] maybe you'll fill in the blanks some time. on a more cautious note, be careful about readily tossing around a word that is so value-laden. it was good to see ya. keep in touch.


yo b-real,

thanks for the props, the lyrics and beat are at the bottom of this email string [See above - Ed.], as for caution... what can i say, there's enough Lefties being cautious when our chief target is torturing people, and that's enough for me to brand them "Nazi's" of our modern age.

i can't think of anything worse than being held and tortured for years without trial, so ta-daa, there be yer New (Neo?) Nazi's, and here be us nice lil' Germans trusting our torturing and war-mongering governments to save us...



glad that you provided the lyrics cuz i thought that i was listening to something else. knowing the true intention of your verse i agree. governments, with the complacent nod from their societies, are subjecting cats to some crazy treatment at a higher frequency and intensity then ever before. you're right about callin' a spade a spade. yet, i gotta wonder if we identify and critique the misguided foreign policy of democratically elected organs using history's loaded terms then how will the vile and truly evil elements in this supposed clash of civilizations capitalize and use such a label as "nazi" to only aggravate the situation in the discursive and ideological warfare? that being said, i dig what you're saying and am not trying to dissuade your critique. brothers gotta work it out and a sincere effort starts with wha'cha doing.


yo b-dillinjah,

i'm witcha meng - i want this to work, but as you suggested we've gotta call a spade a spade: they're acting like Nazi's.

and what's worse: so are we.

that's really my point, as the word "Nazi's" is so scary that we assume a nation of 40 million Germans (or whatever) were all completely evil. they weren't, they were just duped into supporting a completely evil government that scared the shit out of 'em. we're in that boat right now, as we're taking a people who we've allowed to be detained and tortured for years and demonizing them - which is easy when you've let them be detained and tortured for years.

so, cats'll say what they say, but i know f'shizzle that the same money and forces behind the last significant fascists are essentially "back". none of these forces can truly grow and succeed in a world where people want to generally act good and mind their own business without massive financial and institutional support, they're getting it, and we've got to figure that out and why.

it's cool man, i'm just not going to let any institutions tell me what words i can and cannot use - they're the same ones who say we shouldn't talk about politics or religion at a party. i've had some great convos at parties about the same, and frankly if more of us did in that relaxed and convivial a setting we could probably realize more solutions and work to implement them - or demand our leaders do. right now it's just "watch the news for an hour at 6pm" or "check your Yahoo! News" and then shut the hell up - it's just not polite to discuss it and put anyone else in a bad mood - the world's just that messed up.

hey, what can i say, i see nazi's, nazi's, everywhere... ;-)


p.s. let me know if i can blog this exchange, i'm emailing a lot and it's an either or with limited time, and i like both your question and my answer. you can pick an alias (or nickname) or i can think of one for you, let me know, i'm easy either way and have a massive convo with Corialanus coming up...


you are digging for some gems while simultaneously entertaining a topic that could get you burnt. and i don't mean officially by any government. nor am i referring to a violent climax. this one is much more entrenched and systematic, which makes it all the more painful.

as you tread through this swamp asking your questions, remember a few things. were the "zonder commandos" just as "duped" as the blond and blue-eyed german outside the walls or were they exploiting the situation for their own personal self-interest (breathing and status) irrespective of some higher, lofty principles of brotherhood, etc...? what about those on the town councils who aided their brethren expeditiously to the chambers only to denounce others for doing the same after 1945? but you can't muse about this jazz out loud and still expect to hold your position or get that promotion. they have better weapons in this modern age. it's the art of "character

" i know f'shizzle that the same money and forces behind the last significant fascists are essentially "back".

man, these forces never left. they merely mutated to fit the new surroundings and norms, practicing their art to protect themselves. without their own home they wandered about infiltrating those of others. even a new deity was established that the indigenous could worship, the mighty market. when the owners of the house began to recognize that they were getting screwed in their own home by the guests they invited in, the visitors decided to change course. the maneuver required a 180 but that was sufficient to keep to hosts subservient for long. hey, of course some benefited from the positive spillover effects that transitions bring. but at what cost?

"none of these forces can truly grow and succeed in a world where people want to generally act good and mind their own business without massive financial and institutional support, they're getting it, and we've got to figure that out and why."

damn skippy! but whose going to bite the hand that feeds them for this elusive thing called the truth? if you got a mortgage to pay and 3 mouths to feed are you going to risk being a hero? and for what? so this huge machine, which has honed its art for centuries, can label you with ufo or jfk junkies? sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut.


p.s. sure, if you wanna post this go ahead. just give me some wicked alias.

[b-dot - Ed.] connecting all the dots, i guess my take on this issue of unlawful detainments and preposterous propaganda is that lurking behind the southern, texan drawl is a very powerful lobby group that is never completely internally cohesive but extermely so externally.

yo b-doggy dogg, you know it's funny, the excuses for inaction are far more developed than the ones for action, so basically i'm evening the score for everyone to choose from. with respect to the "cohesion" of secret groups, let's just say that our excuses for how they probably don't "cohese" are more developed than the ones that suggest they do - in oxymoronic proportion to the available facts. over the last 50 years these folks have been getting progressively richer and consolidating their wealth in mergers and acquisitions while 3 billion people live on less than $2 a day. this is sold as circumstance or inevitability, when in reality it's willful malice by a small group of people in control. we speak about the uber-rich being evil as obvious, and yet see the evidence as unbelievable.

on your previous email, i don't get most of the former, it sounds like you're working out a problem and haven't come to a solution yet. but, the end i get, and i agree - sometimes it is. for a while. but, according to congressman bernie ebbers (an independent), the average american is working longer hours for less wages than they did 25 years ago - and has absolutely no idea why.

so, it catches up to you.

and, in a time when the world is moving faster than ever, well, it's just gonna catch up faster than ever...

CTV News / Prison

Terror suspects subjected to 'torture' lawyers News | June 13 2006

A Brampton, Ontario justice of the peace has imposed a publication ban on the proceedings against 17 terror suspects, just hours after lawyers for the suspects said their clients endured "cruel and unusual punishment" behind bars which amounted to "torture."

"That torture includes being kept in a room that's lit 24 hours a day, being woken up every half-hour, being beaten by the guards, on and on and on," said lawyer Rocco Galati outside the court.

Lawyers for the suspects also seemed to believe that the publication ban comes too late.

"They want to close the restaurant after they've had the buffet," Galati told reporters.

He also said in the 48 hours after the arrests, a lot of the information in the case was released to the media.

Defence lawyer Arif Raza expressed a similar sentiment, saying he sees no need for a ban now that much of the information has been released to the public.

"Rather than have speculation in the press, I think that justice would be better served by accurately reporting what precisely had happened in the court rather than speculate," said Raza.

Ahmad Shehab, a Muslim counsellor, called it a "publication scam."

"If you accuse people you might as well show things, clear, transparent, due process, crystal clear evidence so the public could see," Shehab said outside the courthouse west of Toronto.

Lawyers for some of the terror suspects appeared outside of the court earlier to discuss their clients' jail stay.

David Kolinsky, lawyer for Zakaria Amara, said his client was pushed down by a guard, who shoved a finger into his cheek.

"My client (said) as he was being searched, the guard touched his ribs and he's ticklish. He giggled a bit and he was pinned down on the ground," Kolinsky told the swarm of reporters.

"The guard drilled his finger and knuckle into his cheek quite hard and he said 'Is this funny?'"

Galati, who represents 21-year-old Ahmad Mustafa Ghany, also alleged mistreatment.

He said the suspects have been forced to sit in a room with a light for 24 hours a day. They have also not been allowed outside for five days straight.

Galati said the men and youths have been subject to "unprecedented" treatment -- and that they have been declared guilty in public by not only Toronto's mayor and some Muslim community leaders, but also Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"Within mere days of the arrests, the prime minister of Canada and the mayor of Toronto publicly declared the guilt of the accused," Galati said outside the courthouse.

Because of this, Galati questioned whether the accused can get a fair trial.

Lawyers have also argued that they are not getting the access to clients that they need.

Galati said he has been denied access to his client "because they are not willing to give access that is not monitored or overheard by guards, which is not acceptable to us as lawyers."


[NOTE: Okay, okay, okay. I have to say something here - and this is very, very important. Either the RCIAMP or CIASIS drove up with 3 tonnes of fertilizer and a warrant, and arrested 17 Muslim guys - many of them teenagers - who used to practice playing paintball and have no history of any crimes (or we would know as part of the propaganda) under the leadership of someone - who is unknown, when usually they love shouting out the "evil" leader of these Muslim Cults of Death: so why not now? Where's the quick ringleader? Why wasn't that among the first 10,000 pieces of information and evidence (and/or hearsay) they released on innocent (until proven guilty - an inevitability it seems...) Canadians and scaring the shit out of us anyway? Also, I don't know why the Skull and Bones "Cult of Death" with their historic "Order of the Death's Head" symbolism is any better, but I know for sure right now they're winning. Anyway, I would've been far less skeptical if the "terrorists" had FedEx'd for the fertilizer themselves, but hey, the next time a cop shows up at your cranky-dissentor house with a big bucket of crack and a warrant - well, you'll know the score. Besides, this makes it hella easier for your buddy to set you up if he's pressed - and there's lots of ways to get pressed - and either put in jail, put in the swamp, or paid off. Now he's just gotta tell the cops where you are. If they want to get you, they can just come on over with whatever they're holding - hell, they can take the gun out of their holster and point it at your head while arresting your for possessing it. And if it's bombs, your buddy (or Fake Muslim Scout Troop Leader) will say: "We wuz gonna blow something up!!! I swear!!!" Of course, you'll look shocked, and say: "What the hell are you talking about?" And the crooked cops - who are there to arrest your "terrorist" ass after threatening your buddy into fake snitching, will look at you like you're resisting arrest and beat your brains in while the worst of the media look away or justifies or minimizes it. Please let your cop friends know what's going on, we need them on our side, and just talk to the cops more in general - they're being turned into a paranoid occupying army, and we've got to remember they're fellow human beings and rescue them while they still have a stake (and homes and families!) in our cities. Who knows? They could stage another terrorist attack, then turn to the hundreds of military bases overseas where soldiers stationed sodomize savages for years - some trained at the (Torture!) "School of the America's", and bring them home to institute martial law on a place where they had no idea what was going on: "Hey, welcome home! We're happy to have you back! And, with absolutely no personal stake in the area you're patroling and the people you're destroying, hell - just do your job soldier, and beat that homeless guy - he used to be a lawyer you know! Ha! Beat him! Beat him like a raghead motherfucker!!!" For God's sakes talk to the soldiers too, they're being broken down by multiple tours and pointless missions that last for days, and being rebuilt as sociopaths who won't feel because if they do they'll cry. So, they'll take their anger over that repressed pain and beat your ass, and those "Support The Troops" banners you admire and respect aren't gonna mean crap to the 19 year old with no legs for no reason. And - oh yeah, right! What I really wanted to say was they're taking "attorney-client" privilege away - right now! If the media doesn't notice this flagrant violation of Canadian (and any sensible legal system's) laws that support the legal due processes we need to find the guilt or innocence of any Canadian citizen with any reasonable certainty in any other way than to mention it, well... we're all screwed if we don't figure it out. I know, I know, you'll never do anything wrong, so you'll never need it. Well, from the simple analysis of the situation offered up by the most reasonable members of the media, this whole thing is fishy anyway: they chose a target (Islamo-Fascists and/or anyone that looks too damned Islamic and is easy enough to brand an Islamo-Fascist in an increasingly racist society and in order to scare us into supporting full-blown fascism), and they're branding everyone who disagrees with them a sympathizer - it's just a marketing strategy, like how Paris Hilton sells perfume. So, if the government does anything you don't like in the near future - and believe me, they will, prepare to get accustomed to the idea that you have to think it's a good idea anyway. Oh yeah, and practice your "Heil Harper!", he was at The Bilderberg Group meeting in 2003, and appears to have said enough nice things for them to make him Prime Minister. So, all things considered considering all the things the Bilderberger's want, it may come in handy sooner than you think... - Ed.]

On Sunday, Raza -- who represents 19-year-old Saad Khalid -- said he has seen a significant improvement in his client's treatment in jail.

"I was actually able to meet him physically, not across a barrier," Raza told The Canadian Press after meeting with his client at the Maplehurst correctional facility in Milton, Ont.

"It's a far superior method of communicating with each other. The environment was much more friendly."

Raza said his client's father was also allowed to visit on the weekend, which made his client smile.

"At least now he has some human contact, which has definitely improved his appearance," Raza said.






Alex Jones' Bilderberg Report

Prison | June 13 2006

Click here to listen to the MP3 summary.


- Canadian immigration officials almost deported Alex's crew on the orders of Bilderberg until the media arrived.

- Agent provocateurs, one apparently operating on behalf of Queen Beatrix, were trying to stir up trouble and provoke peaceful protesters into becoming violent.

- One Dutch individual expressed his desire to kill Freemasons and attack the Bilderberg Group - yards away from police who were waiting to pounce if any of the peaceful protesters and independent media agreed.

- Police intimidated Alex's crew for parking in clearly permitted parking spaces and threatened to arrest them.

- Police attempted to remove protesters from what was shown to be public property.

- Alex was able to bullhorn the Bilderbergers - in his own words "crossing the line" and demanding their attention. Security were figuratively ripping their hair out and staring at Alex with total hatred as his screed loudly echoed across and bounced back off the buildings.

- After his experience Alex is more enlightened to the ultimate agenda of the new world order and he is more energized than ever to oppose it.

Further articles about the Bilderberg expose are coming this week.


Peace by passing it on now, or never...



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