Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ahh, that's better, my ass is no longer blogstipated, time to talk a little shit...


"Can I talk my shit again?
Can I talk my shit again?
I can't believe I'm back up in this mu'fukka,
I'ma be late tho',
I'm'a figga out what I'm finna wear,

- Kanye West feat. Nas and Really Doe, "We Major"

"Sometimes I scare people,
Without being scary,
I feel like a black guy,
I'm a brown canary,

I'm in a mine shaft,
And we all gettin' shafted,
The military's comin',
And we all gettin' drafted..."

- Black Krishna


"If you, fuck with me,
I will, kill you...
If you, fuck with me,
I will, kill you...
If you, fuck with me,
I will, kill you...


Hey girrrls...


I'm on the 401, 'kay?
It's a hot day,
Well after May,

Traffic's backed up,
So, I just press play,
Quarters-drop, stop,
Gotta re-adjust,
50's yellin': "Hood!"
And, "In Thugs We Trust"...

Got a trunk-
Full of AK's,
Like I blazed j's,
Beat Dre's-
Mind, "Scarface" plays...

Keeps me pressin' rewind,

So I'm first in line,
To hear ya two-track-mind...



If you, fuck with me,
I will, kill you...
If you, fuck with me,
I will, kill you...
If you, fuck with me,
I will, kill you...


Hey girrrls...


I'm down to ride,
But could use some Karma,
I got a soft side,
But don't squeeze the Sharma!

I'm clockin' you girl-
'Til ya toes curl-
And my bro's hurl!

Divin' for the pearl-
Got my scuba gear-

Seen that ass,
Shakin' and bakin',
Like chicken-heads-
Be makin' me fakin'-
Makin' bacon-
Like a brownie-bakin'-

Hope I'm wakin'-
To night-moves makin'...

She still in the sheets?

That ass'll get taken!



If you, fuck with me,
I will, kill you...
If you, fuck with me,
I will, kill you...
If you, fuck with me,
I will, kill you...


Hey girrrls...





The movie: "Goodfellas",
And hood-yellas,
Are nad-swellas!

Just the bling-
In ya pinky ring-
Got my whole house jealous!

Tell us another story,
G-Unit's still doin' it,
Shady and Dre,
Are: "We knew'n" it!

We thought-
They were through-
And it-
Was a lie: know why?

Nine shots through a truck!
And homie ain't die!

Homie ain't lie!

I gotcha Scarborough Crack,
Just give us 12 dope tracks,
And the 'burbs gotcha back...



If you, fuck with me,
I will, kill you...
If you, fuck with me,
I will, kill you...
If you, fuck with me,
I will, kill you...


Hey girrrls...


- Black Krishna, "If U F--k With Me"

[Verse Three]

"Will I quit, will I quit?
They claim that I'm violent, but still I kick!
Representin', never give up, on a good thing,
Wouldn't stop it if we could, it's a hood thing,
And now I'm like a major threat,
Cause I remind you of the things, you were made, to forget,
Bring the noise, to all my boyz,
Know the real, from the bustas and the decoys,
And if ya hustle, like a real G,
Pump ya fists if ya feel me, holler if ya hear me,
Learn to survive, in the nine-tre',
I make rhyme pay, I would make crime pay,
Whatever it takes, to make a stand,
'Cause nobody else'll give a damn,
So we live, like caged beasts,
Waitin for the day, that we can rage free,
Steal me, 'til they kill me,
I love it when they fear me,

Holler if ya hear me..."

- Tupac Shakur, "Holler If Ya Hear Me"


Keanu Reeves Slams Police State As Scanner Lights Up Cannes

Media suggest films show world is in sorry state

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | May 30 2006

Keanu Reeves has slammed the modern day police state and surveillance society, a centerpiece of the upcoming film in which he stars, during promotion for A Scanner Darkly at the Cannes film festival.

In A Scanner Darkly, the government, corporations and the elite conspire together to keep free thinking, free expression, freedom itself on the outside-- to facilitate a perceptive wall confining individuality itself to a realm doomed to the fringes.

The film chronicles how power interests exploit the drug war in order to create unthinking armies of drone servants and erect police state measures to prevent the people from ever glimpsing the dark truth behind a highly mechanized surveillance panopticon.

"Certain personal rights that were protected in the (U.S.) constitution for privacy are being chipped away at under the guise of homeland security without redress, and that's not good," Reeves told Reuters.

Several years ago the media tried to create a stereotype that Keanu Reeves isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, a complete 180 from the truth. Anyone that knows Reeves and has spoken in depth with him comes back with the same impression, that Keanu is a deeply engaged thinker and cares passionately about real issues.

Media reports out of Cannes have focused on the hard-boiled edge of the productions filling the screens this year, which include Aaron Russo's eagerly awaited America: From Freedom to Fascism, saying they represent a mirror for a world in a sorry state.

In reality the overwhelming rush of influential new films tackling topics of war, government control, surveillance and dictatorship are a creative backlash to the tiresome dumbed-down verbal diarrhea dished out by the establishment propagandists.

In a nation where the White House produces fake government PR and packages it as 'news' for the indoctrination of a bewildered US television audience, movies like Scanner are a refreshing challenge to the conformist driven orthodoxy.

The outstanding Scanner Darkly website is continually updated and has a new audio clip of one of Alex's rants from the movie.

Click here for the website and then click 'substance D'.

A Scanner Darkly is set for release on July 7.

Read producer Tommy Pallotta's Cannes blog by clicking here.



REAL SOURCE - http://www.infowars.com/articles/media/scanner_darkly_reeves_slams_police_state.htm

Peace by pushing back...



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Congress is pushing a law that would abandon the Internet's First Amendment -- a principle called Network Neutrality that prevents companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from deciding which Web sites work best for you -- based on what site pays them the most. If the public doesn't speak up now, our elected officials will cave to a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign.