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Major New 9/11 Truth Symposium Coming To L.A. (...maybe we'll make you "Minister of the Fence" and you can hold it down for your cynical homiez... ;-)


Major New 9/11 Truth Symposium Coming To L.A.

Features Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Jim Fetzer, Former Star Wars Head Bob Bowman, Dylan Avery, Professor Steven Jones & Others

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet.com | May 6 2006

In June 2006 researchers, scholars, journalists, media personalities, and average folks will come together from all over the USA to gather in Los Angeles to invite the rest of the world to examine the facts of 9/11.

Through powerful & insightful presentations from prominent guest speakers & riveting documentary screenings we will examine the Neo-Con Agenda and 9/11 as the pretext for the brutal on-going war in Iraq as well as the establishment's future plans.

This event can be billed as "Two Days Of Truth" and it is a challenge to the establish mouthpiece media that resolutely defends the government fairy tale version of what happened on that fateful day.

The conference will witness the premiere of Alex Jones' newest and most powerful film which largely focuses on the 7/7 London bombings and how the British government ran and exploited the attacks to accelerate big brother's control grid and cashless society.

Jones has been quietly working on this newest documentary for months in his production studio in Austin, Texas keeping even the title under wraps until the premiere at the American Scholars Symposium conference in June 2006.

Noted speakers included on the roster include Dylan Avery, whose Loose Change 2 film has received critical acclaim across the country, causing a mainstream media backlash seeking to debunk the evidence presented in the documentary. See the evidence for yourself and hear the commentary of talented young producer Avery as he counters the elite attack dogs.

This is guaranteed to be unlike any other conference of its kind - the first one ever presented by Alex Jones, a progenitor of the 9/11 Truth Movement who was the first speak out and challenge the government's official story of what happened on 9/11.

Come and experience the biggest ever 9/11 conference - More highly respected speakers than any other, more amazing films than any other, plus special surprise guests. Come to learn, come to share and come to help each other create new strategies to defend the constitution and save the republic from the grip of its greatest enemy.

Participation in this event is not limited to those who are already awake to the truth of 9/11, but is open to all who have questions about the official story. We also invite the mainstream media to join us as fellow truth seekers and face the facts about the events surrounding September 11th, 2001.

The conference will be held in the Sheraton's Grand Ballroom capable of accommodating up to 1000 attendees. The hotel is also adjacent to a modern shopping center full of shops and restaurants.

If you ever only attend one 9/11 event, make sure this is it.

Click here to visit the conference website.

Click here to purchase tickets right now.


REAL SOURCE - http://www.infowars.com/articles/sept11/conference_major_new_911_truth_symposium_la.htm


no worries mate, i've known this crap for a year or two and still couldn't bring myself to believe it or say it much to you guys, and now i'm looking for shortcuts to bring others up to speed. if you drunkenly and disagreeably disagree, that's cool, i understand what it's like for your world to turn into jello - it happened to me! :)

oddly enuff a friend is taking a course for work in the U.S., and they spoke to a woman at the course who does recruiting for the pentagon, who said - beyond pentagon morale being incredibly low and everyone looking to jump ship, that she personally saw absolutely zero evidence of any plane wreckage at the site of the alleged crash near her office.

she didn't go any further, and neither did my friend nor the 3rd person in the convo (a good mixed company call), but really, i think we all know they're lying, and now the questions are: "why?" and "about what?"


p.s. a short BBC Bonus! :P

Sunday, 23 September, 2001, 12:30 GMT 13:30 UK

Hijack 'suspects' alive and well



i feel ya, but i'm a bit too worried about a police state to chill out over it, and hell - even sandra day o'connor is warning us about the Republican meddling in the judiciary leading to "fascism" - and she was among the Reagan/Bush Sr. GOP appointees who illegally put Bush in the White House! :(


when the people that did this (attack, brainwashing, etc.) to "us" are in charge, who knows what they'll do next? i'm afraid fence-sitting is only comfortable until they shoot you off it, and really, one side obviously has the better morals and principles to back. we're pretty damn close to something bad, and while many of us in the middle-class don't mind paying a little more for "water", "food", "gas" and other essentials to fund the military, we will when it's a lot more...

so many groups focus on their particular area alone without tying it into others, and that's why i love the work of alex jones: he makes claims that seem outrageous - i thought he was nuts too, but the more you look into it the more you find he's right, and that's the sad scary part. most people dismiss his stuff on principle since it's so far from their understanding of the world, but the only reason he's been saying the same things for 10 years and consistently growing his fan base is he's right about all the stuff you'd care to double-check. to wit: if you look at his proof or parallel proofs, they meet the standards of proof you'd accept on a daily basis - albeit with more sinister conclusions. basically it boils down to tracking back the
money, and once we understand who profits we can easily establish motive and means.

there's too many variables to accurately predict the future, but i'm trying and trying to change it. no worries, i know your keen intellect will come in handy, and i'll have a big comfy easy chair ready for you at the revolution's house of parliament...

... and who knows?

maybe we'll even make you "Minister of the Fence", and you can hold it down for your cynical homiez... ;-)



Peace, (NOW!!!)



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P.S. If you haven't Googled and watched "Loose Change - 2nd Edition" yet, then what are you waiting for...

FLASHBACK: Thursday, May 04, 2006

An astonishing, wonderful, spectacular - or, dare I say it, "Colberrific" act of sedition... (MUST SEE VIDEO!!! :-)



Yahoo! News

C-Span Asks Web Sites to Pull Colbert Clip

By NATASHA T. METZLER, Associated Press Writer Mon May 8, 8:56 PM ET

WASHINGTON - Political comedy often is intended to stir controversy, but this doesn't usually involve broadcasting rights and the public affairs network C-SPAN.

The cable network asked two Internet video providers, YouTube and IFILM, to pull clips of Stephen Colbert's April 29 performance at the White House Correspondents Association dinner from their Web sites.

C-SPAN said it contacted the companies because the copyrighted material was posted online without its permission.

Both YouTube and IFILM complied with the request.

Colbert hosts a satirical current events show on Comedy Central and performed his comedy routine at the correspondent's dinner.

YouTube posted the Colbert video shortly after the dinner ended and received the letter to remove it May 3, according to Julie Supan, senior director of marketing. The Colbert video was viewed 2.7 million times in less than 48 hours, she said.

"Our community was really passionate about it," Supan said.

After removing the video, YouTube received a large number of e-mails asking about the missing clip, Supan said. A misconception that C-SPAN is funded by the government led viewers to complain that the Colbert video should be in the public domain, Supan said.

IFILM declined to comment.

C-SPAN is a private, nonprofit company and holds the copyright on the entire correspondent's dinner.

On May 5, two days after YouTube received C-SPAN's letter, the Colbert video was publicly available through an agreement with Google Video.

Google had been talking with C-SPAN about a partnership before the dinner, according to Jennifer Feikin, director of video and multimedia search partnerships.

C-SPAN said it chose Google as a partner because it agreed to post video of the entire dinner, and to include a link to C-SPAN's Web site.


On the Net:

Google video of correspondent's dinner: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid-4973617448770513925

C-SPAN: http://cspan.org

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SOURCE - http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060509/ap_on_go_ot/colbert_video


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