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Get off your ass and watch these soldiers speak, and don't just say shit happens in war, learn what's happened to you...

The short version...


The long version...

This is why I love this site, it breaks down the old game for new players.

RABBIT HOLE - http://www.infowars.com/articles/iraq/fake_soldiers_confession_video_cover_real_slaughter.htm

This is also why people fear the internet, there's fake Left propaganda around.

Nonetheless, it's an old game, and I trust the vets I've seen nail it again and again.

RABBIT HOLE - http://www.infowars.com/articles/iraq/fake_soldiers_confession_video_cover_real_slaughter.htm

It's a pretty spectacular ruse, and if you didn't read about it here you might have a radically different opinion - or be abysmally cynical about the efforts of the anti-fascists who can see this for more than a "hoax". Michelle Malkin is evil, hot, but evil, and that makes her not-hot. She does act like she's speaking to the retarded though (excuse my gauche), or perhaps a group of mean children who enjoy mirthless mocking.

Either way, why isn't anyone investigating this?

I mean, the army's a paranoid motherfucker, they wil' out on random Arabs at Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, Baghram Airbase, and probably a few hundred other "secret prisons" around the world that have their own "worse" even more secret versions of the same - AND they hate it when we talk about it. ("Psst! That means you! Now hush and keep moving, there are Fingermen everywhere!")

You think they'd take someone impersonating a soldier and telling tall-tales of exaggerated violence and U.S. military brutality in the alleged murder of hundreds of innocent Iraqi civilians... and charge them. Or arrest them. Or find them and say "STOP LYING ABOUT THE ACTIONS OF THE U.S. MILITARY IN IRAQ!" and add some appropriate censure or threat.

But instead, the only report from Malkin was the army said "They have no record of a soldier named Jeremy MacBeth at their base", and plus his whole uniform was on wrong.



I was checking out how many people have downloaded and seen the films "9/11: The Road to Tyranny" and "Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State" at:


(It's the second result in a google search of "black krishna", I do that sometimes.)

And on the "9/11:TRTT" page, at:


You can see the last review written on May 21, 2006 as:

Reviewer: dali777 - 5 out of 5 stars - May 21, 2006
Subject: Every American Has To SEE This:

Every American Has To SEE This:




I checked their site and saw the picture of planet earth that Malkin mentions is the only thing left on the site, as it has replaced their earlier excessive celebration of the fake soldier video. I know, I checked it anyway to see if their were "Peace Films" there to see or download. But instead I got nuthin', nuthin' but a picture of the planet. And this was after being on the "9/11:TRTT" free download page, an Alex Jones film, which means it's easy to discredit in some eyes that have never seen any of his stuff. Once you do it sticks to your ribs. And better yet, your brain.


I hadn't heard of any other sites that had mentioned it neither - a soldier coming clean about atrocities would've been a huge story among peace activists had there been any involved in validating it.


I just checked there now, and while you can click the earth to enter what comes next looks. Suspiciously. Shitty.

See for yourself at:


There are no frames, no contact info, just videos of mostly moms and speeches and random links to liberal sites. Most liberals aren't like this. They're nice. They'll say hello, and want you to say hello too.

There's no way to say hello. At all.


I think the Right are putting up fake Left websites as straw-men to burn down with the hot glare of their media control.

Put it this way, if the only place you get your news from is corporate media, you probably think the peaceniks are idiots - either sympathetically or maliciously.

And, beyond controlling the portrayal of "Cindy Sheehan" as "far-Left", why not set up evidence of gross incomptence and willful deception too? I mean, then as the Right-Wing media you don't even have to show your viewers that the "Left" exists, and they'll go the way of the Aboriginal, a once proud people. And, be replaced like the Aboriginals, with images you have no say in, and in fact, find inaccurate and offensive.

I know versions of this tactic have been done before to discredit people's movements, and anarchists who are really government operatives sometimes show up at peace rallies and start crazy shit, breaking shit, throwing shit, and then disappear just before the police wade in to beat everyone else's ass.

So why not this?

I've broken it down for ya yet another complementary way, check it out and you be the judge. It makes sense, and really, because it does, don't you think as part of all the rest of their sufficient calculations of media control and propaganda tactics they'd figure it out? Don't you think they have a tonne of people working on it? Don't you think that's the point?

This is fascism folks.

The natural deterioration of capitalism collapsing under the weight of - NOT greed, but rather CORRUPTION.

Greed is acceptable, it's something we all subscribe to, and that we all learn to feel as a result of living in a conspicuously consumptive society.

So you can't attack "greed" - it just doesn't work.

At least not on enough people.

Everybody knows they're greedy, and everybody would rather be greedy than needy anyway, and given the increasing gap between the two options - hey, so what.

However... CORRUPTION?

Yeah, that'll work...

I mean...

If you wanna know how Bush has not only survived for the last 5 years, but has in (true!) fact immensely increased his power and control to the point that he can do virtually anything he wants - with the worst of it deliberately hidden, it is, upon even a casual analysis, clear evidence of widespread corruption.

And, the various beneficiaries of the same.

Unfortunately, he's got control of the Attorney General and Supreme Court too, so don't expect taking your case to either to mean a whole lot anymore.

I mean, it used to be that the law was a decent recourse - at least for most. Middle-classe white people had it fairly good, everyone else had varying degrees of success. But, you always thought that the CORRUPTION in the legal system was random and being eliminated in the eternal battle, the result of evil or ignorant people accidentally working their way to the top.

This time the evil is in charge.


Centralizing and concentrating power while always insisting on more in combination with both unprecendented secrecy and propaganda.

And the mass media is on side.

They hit Bush hard enough to make us think he was hit hard, and then they let him go and act like nothing happened. Then we all see a couple of months later that the police state not only marched forward - it's broken into a light trot...

And don't think you're not watching Fox.

You are.

The media doesn't like to criticize itself, so when Fox and other Right-Wing media establishments voice a certain opinion, the rest of the corporate "liberal" (really conservative, neutral and/or lazy) media just follows suit. That's why there's such a uniformity.

In fact, Nazi Minister of Communication Joseph Goebbels once said: "what you want in a media system is an ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity".

Brilliant bastard.

That's what we've got.

You can read more at:


But I digest...

The bottom line is here is the article that spark'd this 'ish, and it's a nifty one.

The neo-fascists are cash-laden and clever, and they have the tools to play us all for fools - especially if the internet is taken away (see: savetheinternet.com) and we're unable to entertain the questions that dent the poll numbers.

Save for the true believers nobody likes Bush, but nobody believes anyone else either, so the massive underground efforts are having their effect - kind of like reaching the threshold of no return. If we had another year of stasis, another year of the exact same rights and freedoms we do now, then it's possible that enough people would realize what's going on.

Unfortunately we don't.

They will erode further, and make the revolution much more difficult.

(Isn't seeing the word "revolution" there scary?)


(If it's not needed - who cares? If the government is doing a good job - then why would they care knowing there's no support from the people? If the government is doing a bad job on purpose and wants to shut up anyone trying to expose them - then you should be scared that you read it just now. Checkmate.)

"Here you go, break it down for 'em Paulie, show'em, show'em, show'em, show'em, show'emwhatchagot..."

[Ed note: the original link is highly recommended as it contains YouTube video footage that's an awesome juxtaposition.]


Fake Soldier Confession Video Runs As Cover For Real Slaughter

Dilutes impact of genuine war atrocities like phony rape photos distracted from Abu Ghraib

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | May 30 2006

A widely circulated video in which an army ranger confessed to the brutal indiscriminate murder of Iraqi civilians and its vehement debunking as a hoax has acted as a smokescreen for the very real admission and evidence of US war crimes in Iraq.

Working in this field for five years and scanning news on a day to day basis you quickly develop and hone a bullshit detector that can spot hoaxes, psy-ops and frauds from a mile off. As soon as the MacBeth Marine video hit the Internet I smelt a very large rat.

The alternative media community is plagued by deliberate disinformation specialists and gullible individuals who will act as unwitting conduits for bogus information. This minefield of deception breeds confusion, distraction and lowers the credibility of the truth community.

In the video, MacBeth claims that he was part of a unit that regularly killed innocent Iraqis, their wives and children if they didn't explicitly follow orders.

Proof that the video is a hoax is legion. MacBeth's uniform is totally inconsistent with that of a US army ranger and his claimed medals are not verified by any official record. Army spokesman John Boyce said there was no record of MacBeth ever serving.

“Initial research by the U.S. Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg shows no Soldier with the name of Jesse Macbeth having ever been assigned to the Special Forces or the Army Rangers -- which are, in fact, two separate disciplines."

At its height, the fake video confession was the number 2 clicked news item across the entire Internet.

The video has eclipsed the real evidence of US war crimes in Iraq. The BBC video above carries bona fide testimony from US soldiers who served in Iraq and were party to killing civilians. To emphasize, this video carries accurate, unimpeachable, and legitimate testimony regarding US war crimes in Iraq.

In addition, charges are expected to be brought against Marines after an investigation into the killing of 24 unarmed civilians in the Iraqi town of Haditha in November. Congressman John Murtha said that the slaughter and its subsequent cover-up could do more to harm the US reputation in Iraq than the Abu Ghraib scandal. To emphasize, this event carries accurate, unimpeachable, and legitimate evidence of US war crimes in Iraq.

The hoax video has allowed Neo-Con media government boot-lickers to discredit all claims of US atrocities in Iraq, despite the fact that the army has admitted to them and charges are pending. This is an exercise in bait and switch and it softens the backlash of opinion against the coalition of the killing when true and verified examples of war crimes are brought to the fore. It dilutes the reaction to a growing body of hardcore evidence of ceaseless atrocities committed against innocent Iraqis.

Fox News wasted no time in exploiting the hoax to whitewash the real issue of war crimes and civilian murders in Iraq. Michelle Malkin (who advocates bringing back internment camps for Muslims) also cited the video as an example of anti-war propaganda and used it to dismiss genuine US-led slaughter in Iraq.

Watch below as fawning Neo-Con Malkin revels in debunking "peace propaganda" by comparing MacBeth's words to John Kerry's Vietnam testimony. This is also the only remaining record of the MacBeth video as all other postings of it have been removed.

News Hounds hit the nail on the head in assessing the consequences of this hoax.

"This segment serves a two-fold purpose. It plants in viewers heads the seed of doubt about stories of atrocities and murder of civilians, just as the Haditha story seems poised to break and expose exactly the kind of behavior dismissed here. For many of FOX's true believers, the Haditha story will be a conspiracy of the liberal media to hurt Bush because they hate him, and this discredited story will bolster their position of denial."

Fox were able to spin the hoax video and offer it as evidence of their ridiculous claim that the turmoil in Iraq is a US media creation and that we really are there to liberate everyone.

In considering the timing of the hoax confession tape it is pertinent to recall a similar instance of bait and switch which occurred at the beginning of the Abu Ghraib scandal.

Two days after the Abu Ghraib torture photos were released, the Internet was flooded with fake rape photos taken from porn websites. So when the actual military report stated that rape did take place at Abu Ghraib, the Neo-Con media junta could discredit and deny it. The Boston Globe inexplicably published these photos days after they were known to be a hoax and then staged-managed an apology, which garnered great attention. Printing the photos and then apologizing was a theatrical set-up to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of the body politic for future release of new photos and allegations.

In addition, staged photos of British soldiers urinating on and beating Iraqis were leaked to the Mirror newspaper in Britain. Despite numerous military eyewitnesses coming forward to say that beatings had taken place, the circus revolved around these few photos which were admitted hoaxes. The public was left with the impression that stories about British troops mistreating Iraqis were fraudulent, even though other cases of abuse had been admitted.

Though the news cycle moves far too quickly to immediately identify a story as a hoax, we should remain guarded in precisely what items we choose to inflate and circulate to a wider audience. Otherwise we're nearly as bad as the White House itself, which produces fake government PR and packages it as 'news' for the indoctrination of a bewildered US television audience.

But you won't see Fox News or Michelle Malkin kick up any fuss about that.



REAL SOURCE - http://www.infowars.com/articles/iraq/fake_soldiers_confession_video_cover_real_slaughter.htm

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