Friday, May 26, 2006

the developing narrative of "true, true, true, true..." the deeper i go only certifies that there are millions of good people working on it too... :)

it's weird meng, you could research a story for 2 weeks and tell me the 411, and i'd say word, that's the 411. i research this stuff for 2 years, and peers still be like: "naw, he ain't on it, he's just into it!", it's fascinating stuff. in fact, the fact that the most cynical people i know default to trusting information from Big Government and Big Corporations more than anyone else - including their friends, is a trip, and it just blows my mind. everyone says the right things: "corporations are corrupt, the gub'mint is corrupt!", but then they say to critics who - while living in the same time-strapped world we all live in, spend countless years breaking down the problems and the lies and the spin and disinformation: "naw, they ain't on it, they just into it!" again, it's fascinating stuff, and the fact that some "conspiracy" crap (i.e. NSA spying on EVERYONE) has floated to the surface and is now "confirmed" as opposed to "conspiracy" is just another red-herring: y'all are still a year or two behind on the "safe" stuff, just wait 'til you discover the FEMA (concentration) camps, i hope it's in the newspaper...

but, it's also a hella problem, fear is the main motivator behind denial whether we admit it or now, and i'm working on some BKaos theory to figure out some solutions. i think we need some nad-inflating shortcuts to accepting the bigger and badder truths that lie beneath the surface, as i'm afraid there really are monsters under the bed - just see what they've done to the rest of the world.

if you'd like, i've got a couple of short links to purview or pass on to the homiez...

1) Classic "conspiracy theorist" work - catching a story EARLY, and before it's disappeared, sanitized, or standardized, and then putting it out there as an example of what's accidentally found by big-time news outlets with their big-time budgets and
big-time location shoots. guys in their boxer shorts surfing the internet and eating cereal have small budgets - we don't actually "find" a lot of our proof first-hand, but we serve a valuable function in repeating stuff we find that's shockingly (and i mean objectively shockingly) never repeated in the (ass) media:

* How to whip up a chocolate Moussaoui! Trust me, you'll be almost as stunned as he is... (MSNBC News)

2) Classic "who do we trust?" work, as a well-respected 25 year vet of investigative journalism speaks in this mini-movie for 8 minutes about pitting his career against the state and the rest of the (ass) media - and losing, for the sake of the truth. it's too bad, but when you look and listen he seems like a genuinely nice guy, and a hard-worker on behalf of the "people" in our defence against the awesome power of the "state". frankly, it's such a shame he's part of a dying breed:

* Gary Webb: In his own words

whatev's dawg, gimme room from the womb to the tomb, and let me rest in peace enjoying the relief of belief. that's how i wanna go out, and the fact that the same money that put the Nazi's'n'Commies in power, the same money that makes sure there's more guns than food in Africa, and the same money that's brainwashing our bitch-asses into forgetting the "history" of money is now coming for us in a major way don't faze
'cept for in phases: we all know things are getting worse, and to deny the guy who figures out why ain't exactly encouraging others to try.

i'm cool though, i ain't mad atcha, i got nuthin' but love for ya, do yo' thing boy... :-)


P.S. yo dawg, Greg Palast oughta put 'em on blast for ya, he's the most important investigative journalist in the world in terms of both investigation (govt. lies, voter fraud, big oil, etc.) and journalistic impact (the BBC, The Guardian UK), and yet can't manage to squeeze his Jahnkee Jaw-droppers into the American media.

on the 2004 voting fraud, he's got Seinfeld co-creator Larry David reading the section describing it for his latest audiobook, and here's a short article extrapolating from his extensive findings:

Spies and Lies: Steal your data, steal your vote

it's just like anything funky that's got lots of peers, peeps'n'proof dawg, if you look into it a bit you'll say: "naw, it ain't true", and if you look a lot more you'll say: "holy shit! it is true! that's why all these mofo's been on it like that!!!"

here's the Official Larry David stuff...


Hear Larry David, auteur of HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," and principal writer of the "Seinfeld" series, and Greg Palast reading Palast's new book, Armed Madhouse, Chapter 4: The Con-Kerry Won. Read the except here.

the bad guys finally have both the technology (internet, DNA, RFID, credit cards, etc.) and our fealty to it to slowly herd all of us into a "cashless society control grid" (Alex Jones), and as the stages become normalized it'll be harder to tell it's happening - the "boiling frog effect" is most effective...

but hey, i ain't trippin', and sifting thru the flotsam and jetsam of concerned conspiratorial querying has only reinforced my faith in people, and now i actually have complete faith in strangers who make sense - especially when it's either them or the proven habitual lies of government and the (big corporate) media - or nuthin'. the shit i'm on won't get me on Oprah, nor The Hour, nor in The Star, but i still gotta say it - and that's why it's (in)credible.

i ain't trippin', and half the people who care know this stuff anyway - i catch Jon Stewart casually slipping in all sorts of crazy shit in his show (he mentioned that Iran's President accused Bush of covering up 9/11 in his 17-page letter - interesting...), and i only catch it as "truth" 'cause i read it elsewhere (i copped the actual text at - he basically said "why haven't you caught anybody? who are you protecting? like all govts. you owe your people their security!") still, we all gotta eat, so even knowing what i know i'm willing to forget i know it to pimp what pays...

i promised you a flick on journalism that i love, i've seen it a few times and it's awesome, you should check:

Orwell Rolls in His Grave

Orwell Rolls in His Grave provides a vital forum for ideas that will never be heard in mainstream media. New York University media professor Mark Crispin Miller says, "These commercial entities now vie with the government for control over our lives. They are not a healthy counterweight to government. Goebbels said that what you want in a media system - he meant the Nazi media system - is to present the ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity." For more information, please visit the film site -

Orwell Rolls in His Grave
Producer: Robert Kane Pappas
Length: 105m 24s


and here's what the critics think of it...

also, they're taking our internet away (boo!), and Moby's gonna stop 'em! (yay!) actually, it's a consortium of big (Google!) and small (Moby!) groups that normally hate each other, but they hate losing the internet more... so what the hell, let's politik. and really, it's too bad about Moby in general, if he'd shut up the media would let us like him again - after the massive success of "Play" his albums should at least be discussed. but for now, the role-model and epitome of safe, harmless dissent is the Almighty Oprah, she who sayeth "what" happens but sayeth not "why"...

hmph. i wonder if they'll "disappear" Kanye next... :(

anyway, i'd read critical stories of "internet 2" a while back, but they've since disappeared from the internet too - so it's good that someone was paying attention to the crumbs of clarity. in fact, i'd wager that all important journalism is based on confirming conspiracy theory, and i'm glad these guys were paying attention to the crew of crazies crying "foul!" in order to try and stop the smackdown. (sigh) yep, the same telco's that gave all of our info to the illegal NSA/CIA/16+ other U.S. intelligence agencies and their spy program are trying to screw us... surprise-surprise. Coalition

The Coalition is an alliance of organizations from across the political spectrum (consumer groups, educators, small businesses and bloggers) that have banded together to protect Internet freedom.

The Coalition has galvanized support from non-traditional sectors including artists, musicians and hundreds of thousands of average citizens to hold Congress accountable on this issue. They have announced their newest initiative, "Artists and Musicians for Internet Freedom," and will call on Congress to preserve the free and open architecture of the Internet, known as Network Neutrality.

You can see video of the interview HERE -

In less than a month, the Coalition has signed up more than 600 groups, gained over 7,000 MySpace friends and signed up almost 700,000 individuals to its Internet freedom petition. You can find them online at

but i digest.

don't mind me, i'm going deeper into it these days to learn the history of how it got this way, and reading "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography" by Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin. it was first published in 1992 and has been reprinted ever since (mine's a 2005 copy), and it's also been dowloaded for free a million times. it's extensively sourced with major footnoting at the end of each chapter, and it's unbelievable how much Dem Bush Boyz been jackin' the world for the last 100 years. back when racism was a publicly acceptable option for drafting public policy, Bush Sr. (and his dad) got a whole bunch of stuff done (the Nazi's, the Nazi-CIA, the IMF/World Bank, forced sterilization and eugenics programs, killing Kennedy, various other cover-ups...) that's still screwing us today in service of his backers. now Dubya's trying to finish the job, and frankly he's worse than any that have come before him - even Hitler didn't publicly brag about torturing people in camps (Alex Jones), and despite the massive exposure of his obvious moral failings he shows absolutely no signs of stopping anything he's doing...

is "Bush" really "Hitler"?


they're very different people...


they'd get along real well...

so don't mind the media's smackdown of him right now, it's just to better prepare Republicans for the mid-term elections this fall 2006. basically they'll run screaming from an unpopular President, they'll criticize what the media says we should all agree is criticizeable (e.g. immigration amnesty) while taking the sting out of Democrats who do the same, and play their "conservative" cards (race, sex, crime, death) to come home while promising to hold the President accountable to their constituents (i.e. "Mr. No-Veto gonna get us some pork!"). just like the last thousand times the mass-media's criticized Bush, this round of attacks will be strong enough to provoke outrage - but safe enough to avoid censure. frankly this tactic is just depressing and confusing enough to work on turning us off from discussing it or learning more... voila, success.

FYI, i copped older copies of "Global Outlook" magazine for free the other day, it's a Cdn. publication, and this issue from last summer breaks down 9/11 in a myriad number of ways, including debunking Popular Science's debunking of 9/11 conspiracy theory. if you want one i can flip it to ya, i'm pimpin'em pro bono wherever and whenever, and this be the copy i got...

anyway, wherever you are or whenever you stopped reading this, i still gotta write'n'fight until it's right. don't worry - i've been at it long enough to benefit from hindsight, and the developing narrative of "true, true, true, true..." the deeper i go only certifies that there are millions of good people working on it too... :)


Peace thru persisting with proof...



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