Thursday, October 13, 2005

Another Day, Another Holler...

Holler If Ya Hear Me...

"Ah yeah...


Holler If Ya Hear Me...


Here we go,
Turn it up,
Let's start,
From block ta block,
We're snatchin' hearts,
And jackin' marks!
And tha punk police, can't fade me,
And maybe,
We can have peace, someday, 'G',
But right now, I got my mind, set-up,
Lookin down tha barrell, of my 9,
Get up!
Cause it's time to make tha pay back phat,
To my brothers on tha block,
Better stay strapped, black!
And accept no substitutes,
I bring truth to tha youth,
Tear tha roof, off tha ol' school!

Oh no,
I won't turn tha other cheek,
In case ya can't see us-
While we burn the other week!
Now we gotta make it smash,
How long will it last?
'Til tha po' get mo' cash?
Until then-
Raise up!
Tell my young black males to-
Blaze up!
Lifes a mess, don't stress,
I'm givin'-
But be careful, that ya livin', blessed!
Much love, to my brothers in tha pen:
See ya, when I free ya,
If not, when they shut me in!
Once again, we goin' all out strapped,
Keep ya hands on ya gat,
Now ya boys watch ya back,
Cause in tha alleys out in Cali, I'm'a tell ya,
Mess with tha best, and tha vest couldn't help ya,

Scream, if ya feel me?
See it clearly?
You' too near me?

Holler If Ya Hear Me!!!


Holler If Ya Hear Me!
(Tellin' you to hear it, the rebel!)

Holler If Ya Hear Me!
(Tellin' you to hear it, the rebel!)

Holler If Ya Hear Me!
(Tellin' you to hear it, the rebel!)

Pump ya fists like this,
Hollar if ya hear me:
Pump-pump if ya pissed!
To tha sell-outs, livin' it up,
One way or another you'll be givin it up!
I guess, cause I'm black born,
I'm supposed to say, "Peace"?
Sing songs?
And get capped on?
But it's time for tha new plan, BAM!
I'll be singin' like a one man, Klan!
Here we go,
Turn it up,
Don't stop,
To my homies on tha block,
Gettin' dropped, by cops,
I'm still around, for ya,
Keepin' my sound-
Underground, for ya!
And I'm'a throw a change-up,
Quayle, you'll wish you never brought my name up!
Now my homies in tha backstreets,
Tha blackstreets,
They feel me-
When they rollin' in they phat jeeps!
This ain't just a rap song,
A black song,
Tellin all my brothers get they strap on,

And look for me, in tha struggle...
Hustlin' 'til other brotha's bubble...

Holler If Ya Hear Me!!!


Holler If Ya Hear Me!
(Tellin' you to hear it, the rebel!)

Holler If Ya Hear Me!
(Tellin' you to hear it, the rebel!)

Holler If Ya Hear Me!
(Tellin' you to hear it, the rebel!)

Will I quit? Will I quit?
They claim that I'm violent:
But still I kick!
Never give up, on a good thing,
Wouldn't stop it if we could-
It's a hood thing!
And now I'm like a major threat,
'Cause I remind you,
Of the things,
You were made,
To forget!
Bring tha noise,
To all my boyz,
Know tha real,
From tha bustas, and the decoys!
And if ya hustle like a real 'G',
Pump ya fists if ya feel me,
Holler If Ya Hear Me!
Learn to survive, in tha nine-tre,
I make rhyme pay:
I would make crime pay!
Whatever it takes, to make a stand,
Cause nobody else'll give a damn!
So we live, like caged beasts,
Waitin' for tha day, that we can rage, free,

Steal me, 'til they kill me...
I love it when they fear me...

Holler If Ya Hear Me...


Holler If Ya Hear Me!
(Tellin' you to hear it, the rebel!)

Holler If Ya Hear Me!
(Tellin' you to hear it, the rebel!)

Holler If Ya Hear Me!
(Tellin' you to hear it, the rebel!)

- 2Pac, "Holler If Ya Hear Me"


Pentagon Plans to Beef Up Domestic Rapid-Response Forces

Washington Post | October 13, 2005

By Ann Scott Tyson

The U.S. military is planning a more rapid, robust role for active-duty forces in responding to catastrophic disasters or terrorist attacks, a senior Pentagon official said yesterday, describing the demand for large-scale military resources in such cases as "inevitable."

Paul McHale, assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense, stressed, however, that the expanded active-duty military response would be limited to rare, mass calamities or attacks in which thousands of lives were at risk -- such as a category 4 hurricane, or a terrorist strike involving chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

Federal troops might also play a role in enforcing a quarantine in the case of a pandemic outbreak of avian flu or other disease, McHale said, although initially that job would fall to National Guard forces under the command of state governors.

"We are looking at a wide range of contingencies potentially involving Title 10 forces [federal troops] if a pandemic outbreak of a biological threat were to occur," said McHale.

In contrast, the Pentagon does not intend to take the lead in responding to the dozens of "major disasters" such as floods declared every year, McHale said. And even in catastrophic events, the Pentagon's goal would be to provide a rapid, early response and then to quickly transfer responsibilities to civilian authorities, he said.

The planning for an expanded Pentagon role in domestic catastrophes comes amid escalating demands on U.S. forces, which today not only are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan but are also carrying out disaster-relief missions in Pakistan, Guatemala, and domestically along the Gulf Coast.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, at a conference with Central American defense ministers in Florida, yesterday advocated closer military cooperation as a way to better address threats from terrorists and drug traffickers, as well as natural disasters.

The Pentagon is drafting recommendations for improving the military's response to devastating attacks or disasters as part of a government-wide review of "lessons learned" from Hurricane Katrina.

"It is almost inevitable that the Department of Defense will play a very substantial role in providing resources, equipment, command and control, and other capabilities in response to a catastrophic event," McHale said. Only the Pentagon can "marshal such resources and deploy them as quickly . . . during a time in which thousands of American lives may be at risk."

One major focus will involve identifying a larger active-duty force that will be organized and trained to respond immediately -- along with the National Guard -- to a domestic crisis, McHale said. Advance planning between the active-duty personnel and the Guard is vital -- in contrast to the cooperation that he said unfolded during Katrina "on the fly" -- albeit by "superb leaders."


BONUS: And if you feel like talkin' shit about homie, check this first, and then don't...

Tupacumentary: Living How You Want To Live

November 28, 2003


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